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Photographer for the SNC Spring Show Hello All, I just confirmed with Tamara Torti aka "Tamara with the Camera" that she will be at our SNC Spring show next weekend.
stacee collier
Apr 15
April Show Entries Close 04/18 Just a reminder, show entries for our first chapter sponsored show close on Friday, April 18th! Show information may be found at our chapter website,
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Apr 14
Attn all Trainers! Hello everyone, The Board has decided to award a "Trainers Award" this year. We will be presenting it at the Annual Awards Party. How it will work is we will
stacee collier
Apr 13
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Chapter meeting TONIGHT! MONDAY NIGHT Hi, Our monthly meeting is TONIGHT, MONDAY, APRIL 7th at 6:30PM at Susan Ward's home in Reno. We had to move the meeting up a week as our first show is
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Apr 7
Good Luck to SN Chapter members! Good Luck and safe travel to our SN Chapter members heading over the hill this week to compete in the Golden State Dressage and CDI show at MEC! All of those
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Apr 2
Re: April Show I used Equestrian Entries for our shows all lat year also.... it's SO easy, scan all your documents and the software picks up other memberships automatically
Mar 26
April Show So I was just checking for a chapter member if you are able to enter our shows on Equestrian Entries. And yes you are!! So if you want to enter any of our
stacee collier
Mar 26
Re: 2015 And the Judges and TDs for 2015 are: April 25-26 2015: Judge- Mike Osinski TD- Cathy Naugle July 18-19 2015: Judge- Janet Foy TD- Patty Littmann
stacee collier
Mar 26
2015 A big THANK YOU goes out to SN Board Member Sarah Silva for already booking judges and TD's for our 2015 chapter hosted shows! Thank you Sarah!
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 26
Volunteers needed for the SN Chapter April Show Hi, it is that time of year when we start organizing the volunteers for our first chapter show of the season. We need volunteers for every position. If you are
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 23
Awards for SNC shows Hello all, Show season is fast approaching. Please make sure you have read the rules for year end awards if you want to participate in that.
stacee collier
Mar 20
Fw: Meeting Minutes 02/10/14 & 03/10/14 I forgot to add one piece of info: The chapter will apply to host either the 2015 CDS AA clinic, 2015 CDS Jr/Yr clinic, and the CDS Annual Meeting. Stacee will
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 11
Meeting Minutes 02/10/14 & 03/10/14 SN Chapter meeting February 10, 2014 In Attendance: Beth Coffey Curle, Joan Wright, Leslie Ayers, Jocelyn Hamann, Stacee Collier, Susan Ward, Jen Smith, Cyd
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 11
Now Accepting Applications For L Program Participants The VO L Program is now accepting applications for the L Program - information at this link: http://www.valleyoaks-cds.org/usdf-l-program-information.html We
Mar 10
SN Meeting Reminder - Lamp Post Pizza 6:30 PM Just a reminder! Our monthly SN Chapter meeting will be held Monday, March 10th at 6:30PM at Lamp Post Pizza 1141 Steamboat Pkwy #930, Reno, NV 89521. We hope
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 9
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SN Meeting at Lamp Post Pizza! Our next SN Chapter meeting will be held at Lamp Post Pizza on Monday, March 10th at 6:30 PM. Lamp Post Pizza is located at 1141 Steamboat Pkwy #930, Reno, NV
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Mar 6
Canceled! *Non-SNC Event* Chelsey Sibley Clinic March 1-2 We canceled this Chelsey Sibley clinic this weekend due to weather, in case anyone was thinking about braving it for auditing. Thanks Stacee To:
stacee collier
Feb 28
L Program Approved Hello everyone, just thought I'd send you an update on our Valley Oaks L Program. Again, I apologize since it isn't a SNC event, but it is a reasonable drive
Feb 26
JR/YR Clinic Hello all, I just got notice from CDS that we have to have the names in for the Junior clinic by May 1st. So we will be selecting the rider and alternate at
stacee collier
Feb 25
What a Wonderful Party! Thank you to everyone that contributed to the success of last evening's SN Chapter Year End Awards and Stacy Berry Memorial Dressage Scholarship Silent Auction
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Feb 23
Silent auction update for 2/22 Just a reminder about the silent auction to benefit the Stacy Berry memorial education scholarship for SNC-CDS. Please bring your checkbooks/cash!! So many
Susan Ward
Feb 18
Awards Party and Silent Auction this weekend Hello All, I hope everyone will be able to join us this Saturday February 22nd at 6pm for the Awards Party and Stacey Berry Silent Auction. The Party and
stacee collier
Feb 17
Re: Some Exciting up coming events! This isn't an SNC event, but I thought I'd throw it out to put on your calendars. Valley Oaks CDS just sent in an application to USDF to run an L Program
Feb 15
Some Exciting up coming events! Please join us for these upcoming events! February 22 SNC Awards Party and Silent Auction March 1-2 *Non SNC event* Chelsey Sibley Clinic March 10th
stacee collier
Feb 13
JR/YR and AA Clinic info Hello All, The JR/YR clinic and AA clinic are fast approaching! If you would like to be considered to represent the Chapter in one of these clinics, please
stacee collier
Feb 13
SN Chapter monthly meeting is tonight! Just a reminder, the SN Chapter is meeting tonight, Monday, February 10th at 6:30 PM at Susan Ward's home in Reno. We are finishing up the plans for the
Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
Feb 10
Chapter Meeting February 10th 6:30pm Please join us for the Chapter Meeting Monday February 10th at 6:30pm at Susan Wards home in Reno, email sw4horses@... for directions. Items on the
stacee collier
Feb 5
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USDF Clinics Hello All, Some fun clinics any member of USDF can Apply for: For Junior and Young Riders http://www.usdf.org/education/clinics/jryr/dates-locations.asp For
stacee collier
Feb 4
SN Chapter Year End Award Party & Silent Auction Scholarship Fundrai Attached is your invitation to the Sierra NV Chapter 2013 Year End award party and Stacey Berry Memorial Dressage Scholarship Silent Auction fundraiser. The
    Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
    Feb 4
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    Local Riders Earn Top USDF Recognition! The USDF just posted the 2013 Year Book and local riders Charlotte Jorst and Jocelyn Hamann are listed as top competitors at their respectful levels! USDF FEI
    Elizabeth Coffey-Curle
    Jan 31
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