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Re: [snbwickerpark] I'm having a Birthday BBQ/Picnic sort of thing June 17th

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  • Karen Jackson
    Hi Valerie, Happy Birthday in advance! I won t be able to make your party since I will be in Wisconsin working. I hope you have a blast! Karen Valerie
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2007
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      Hi Valerie,
      Happy Birthday in advance!
      I won't be able to make your party since I will be in Wisconsin working.
      I hope you have a blast!

      Valerie <anon_nimity@...> wrote:
      I love to play host to my friends and have generally found food to be
      the best way to lure you all to my homestead. So in recognition of
      the beginning of summer, of my desire to serve you yummy food, and of
      yet another year of life I've squandered, I'd like to invite you all
      for a BBQ/Picnic/Eating Fest at my home.

      Please bring along a grillable for yourself and any particular
      grilling skills or supplies you have that might be handy (my vast
      vegetarian cooking skills do not always make for the best BBQ
      skills). I'll have a small charcoal grill and a George Forman grill
      available as well as our two microwaves and a gas stove. If you would
      like to bring a side dish as well, feel free although I will be
      cooking up a few tasty sides to fill you all up as well. I will also
      have a few types of pop and will be mixing up some smoothies to drink.

      Feel free to bring others but let me know how many so I have some
      idea how much food, utensils, etc. to have available. If you are
      bringing any children especially let me know in advance as my house
      is not exactly child-friendly and I have some sculptures about that I
      would want to protect in advance.

      I'll be delighted to have you all here,
      Happy and all full of cheer.
      We'll dance and we'll eat,
      'Til we're stuffed and we're beat,
      Until darkness is drawing quite near.
      Then I'll watch you all part,
      With so much love in my heart,
      Wishing more birthdays than just one a year.

      It will be held SundayJune 17th 3-7pm, email me to be added to Evite
      list for more info.

      ***free shipping***
      on orders $75 or more

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