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91Rent My Dog!

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  • Jamie
    Dec 5, 2006
      Well really I need a dogsitter. Bella is a 12 lb italian greyhound with
      some special needs. She would be great in your holiday photos (she
      looks like a little deer), she also makes a great hot water bottle to
      keep you warm when you sleep at night. Overall she's a good little
      doggy but needs to wear diapers when alone because she has a tendancy
      to mark. She's trained to use washable puppy pads when she just can't
      get out in time. You can play dress up with her with her many outfits
      and look very trendy when walking her too. I'm looking for someone to
      either keep her at your house or visit mine, I live in Bucktown.
      Looking for a sitter from the friday evening before x-mas to the
      tuesday after. Other details can be discussed later, but I would be
      open to letting the sitter dive into my stash.