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51Re: beginning knitters

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  • lnellett
    Sep 8, 2006
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      Taking a class is definately a great way to learn.

      Most of the folks at Stitch n Bitch come to socialize and enhance
      their knowledge of knitting. We typically don't get raw beginners
      who have never cast on a stitch, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't
      welcome one.

      If you need help giving knitting a try before you decide to put down
      the bucks for a class, then one of us would be glad to show you how
      to get started. You'll need to bring some needles and yarn. If you
      don't have any, if you give us a heads up one of us can bring some
      spare needles and yarn so you can try it out.

      Most people learn best hands on, but if you're one of the lucky ones
      who can pick up something easily from a book, then you can give that
      a try. (My first attempts at knitting were all from books and were
      utter failures; once a friend showed me, I learned the basics really
      quickly, though.)


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      > Take a class! If you want a good strong understanding that would
      be the way
      > to go. I just so happen to teach at Lill Street Studio.
      > Jamie
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      > >Hi,
      > >
      > >I have never knitted, but would like to learn, along
      > >with my best friend. Is a Stitch n Bitch group a good
      > >way to get started? Or would you all recommend another
      > >way?
      > >Thanks so much,
      > >Tari
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