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  • lnellett
    Feb 5, 2009
      Hey, all! I'll post this in the Ravelry group, too so you may see it

      I attended a cool even last night put on by WBEZ, our local public
      radio station. At the event, I was introduced to a new talk radio
      initiative sponsored by WBEZ called Vocalo (www.vocalo.org)

      Content on Vocalo is user generated, and they even will help people
      create their audio pieces. Visit their website to find out more about
      their free workshops and open nights at the WBEZ facilities.

      Vocalo is on-air at 89.5 FM, streams through their website, and is also
      available through podcast.

      Think of the possibilities....you can tell your story about knitting,
      about your quirky family, about...well, whatever you want!