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311Re: Anyone coming this week?

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  • lnellett
    Jun 17, 2008
      Hey, everyone!

      I've been pretty buried with work the past few weeks AND I'm one of
      those folks that is seriously inconvenienced by the move to
      Letizia's. Yes, the munchies are better and when the weather is fine
      it's nice to sit outside. However, I just don't have the extra
      energy to schlep me and my stuff another 5-6 long blocks to get to
      and from Letizia's and the Milwaukee/Ashland/Division intersection.
      It adds/subtracts (depends how you look at it) another 20 minutes
      from my stichin' and bitchin' time.

      As much as I love to see all you folks, the extra hassle of the new
      location is too much for me at this point. In the few times I made
      it to Letizia's I hadn't seen very many people there, anyway. Is it
      worth the change in location?

      *sigh* I wish there was a decent cafe we could meet in that was
      close to the el.


      --- In snbwickerpark@yahoogroups.com, Anne Howard
      <anne_e_howard@...> wrote:
      > Is anyone planning on coming to SNB this week? We have been a
      small group the past several weeks, and tomorrow is guild, which
      draws away a few regulars. As much as I like Letizia's, I would
      feel lame sitting there by myself. Anyone care to join me?
      > Anne
      > snbwickerpark@yahoogroups.com
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