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282Re: [snbwickerpark] Why Kerri won't be at SNB on Tuesday

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  • Rachael Cabasaan
    Apr 11, 2008
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      Congrats!!! And the pics look so cute! How is the baby
      doing?! How are you doing?
      --- kskrudland <threedogmom@...> wrote:

      > Benjamin Daniel Gross was born at 1:25 p.m. on
      > Thursday after a
      > lightning-fast labor. He had a very low blood sugar
      > level an hour
      > after he was born, so he was sent to the special
      > care nursery in the
      > NICU, where he remains. He is slowly improving, and
      > has no other
      > problems like respiration or maintaining his body
      > temperature,
      > although he is borderline for jaundice. Our best
      > case scenario to take
      > him home is Thursday, so it's not what we were
      > planning, but since he
      > was so early (36 weeks), that's the best we can hope
      > for.
      > Oliver's mom has got us all a suite at the Courtyard
      > by Marriott a few
      > blocks from the hospital, so after they kicked me
      > out last night (I
      > feel great, except for the case that my baby is
      > still in the
      > hospital), we moved in there. I have been pumping
      > and breastfeeding
      > regularly (how exhausting!), so he'll get the best
      > start I can give him.
      > I'll try to post a couple photos in our group's
      > photo area since this
      > post has no attach option, but please excuse me if I
      > botch it. I've
      > had a cumulative less than 24 hours of sleep since
      > Wednesday.
      > Kerri (Mom)
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