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228Please don't let the city make me get rid of my chickens

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  • lnellett
    Nov 21, 2007
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      Like me, I know some of you have been trying to eat more local foods
      and change to a healthier, fresher diet. I'm lucky enough to own a
      house with a backyard, so this past summer I got 3 pet hens to
      provide fresh eggs. Now I may have to get rid of my pets if a
      proposed change to an ordinance gets passed at next month's city
      council meeting.

      The change to ordinance 7-12-387 would extend the ban on keeping
      pigeons in residential neighborhoods to include chickens. This
      proposal was presented at the last Committee on Health meeting
      yesterday -- a meeting which provided only the bare minimum of 3
      business days public notice. I didn't find out about the meeting
      until AFTER it had taken place, and so I lost my opportunity to
      speak to my city government and tell them about the positive aspects
      of keeping chickens in the city: reducing fuel spent to truck eggs
      in from factory farms, supporting local food security,
      promoting "green" living through better cycling of food (hens eat
      kitchen scraps and their droppings are great for the compost pile).

      If you support living in a greener city, then please tell your
      alderman to recommend this proposed change to ordinance 7-12-387 be
      deferred and posted for public comment. That way, more folks will
      have the opportunity to speak out and have a meaningful discussion
      or debate on the issues.

      Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have questions. You
      can email me through Yahoo Groups.

      Best regards,