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191Fireworks this tuesday

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  • cabasaan
    Jul 1, 2007
      Here's the skinny for those of us who want to brave the crowds:

      I will be staking out a spot at the Petrillo Music Shell at around
      3:30, for those interested in seeing the fireworks and hearing the
      live symphony. It will be very crowded, so I would like an RSVP from
      anyone who is interested. Also, if someone else wants to come early
      and help stake out the space, please let me know! It's also a great
      way to enjoy taste, because you can rest between taste forays.

      My cell phone is 773-512-6596, if you are coming. Call or text me, and
      I will tell you where I'm at. I will be grabbing a space at one of the
      numbered light poles for ease of meeting.

      There is also another group that will be meeting at the museum campus
      in front of the Shedd. That venue will be less crowded, and has an
      amazing city view of the fireworks (but no orchestra, Taste, or
      convenient portapotties. My favs). Shannon D, sunniedee2003@...,
      is the organizer of that group, so please email her for the information.

      Let me know if you need anything more!!