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134Re: [snbwickerpark] possible venue change

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  • Megan L. Casey
    Mar 9, 2007
      Ok, I've had a couple cocktails so I'm feeling pretty catty - I mean chatty.
      Wow! You're all so nice regarding Alliance. I'm absolutely amazed that it's still in business.
      I love a good local, non-chain joint, but it's a dive. A dive is great if the lights are dim and the booze is good, but it's not not what I like in a coffee shop/bakery.
      I  know I don't get out too often, but I'm ready to move on!
      Ok, I've settled down now.

      shannon haase <haasettfn@...> wrote:
      Works for me. I actually noticed this place last week
      (I parked right next door). It looks/sounds cool.
      --- cabasaan <cabasaan@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > As per Anne's suggestion, I have just checked out
      > blend, a new cafe
      > that just opened across from Alliance as a new
      > venue. I talked to the
      > manager, and they would be really delighted to host
      > us.
      > Advantages:
      > *they have a huge loft upstairs with tons of seating
      > *the loft is really well lit
      > *full menu with sandwiches and real food
      > *the owner/manager is a male model (hot!!!)
      > *across the street from current venue
      > Disadvantages
      > *Venue change
      > here is the metromix review:
      http://metromix. chicagotribune. com/dining/ 118375,0, 7443744.venue
      > what do you all think?

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