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6th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair

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  • Clore Daniel C
    News for Anarchists & Activists: http://www.egroups.com/group/smygo February 28, 2001 6th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair Bound Together Books
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      News for Anarchists & Activists:

      February 28, 2001

      6th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair

      Bound Together Books presents:

      6th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair
      Saturday March 24th, 2001, 10am-6pm
      County Fair Building, in Golden Gate Park @ 9th Avenue and
      Lincoln Way
      Free admission.

      Approximately 60 anarchist groups and alternative book,
      magazine, and publishing people will be represented at
      tables selling and distributing materials and examples of
      their work.

      Included are a cafe, films, spoken word presentations, a
      panel discussion and a gallery exhibit. [See below for list
      of speakers (with bios/reviews), and exhibit description.]

      For more info call Bound Together @ 415 431 8355,
      or email akpress@....

      Speakers this year include:


      --Yippie! co-founder; author of 'Psychedelic Trips for the
      Mind'; 'Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut!'; and
      spoken word CDs, 'Sex, Drugs And The Antichrist...', &
      'Campaign In The Ass'

      'Psychedelic Trips for the Mind':
      Sequel to the Firecracker Award-winning Pot Stories for the
      Soul, 'Psychedelic Trips for the Soul' includes funny, wild,
      and illuminating tales by and about such mind-altered
      luminaries as Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Abbie Hoffman,
      Groucho Marx, Jerry Garcia, Eldridge Cleaver, Squeaky
      Fromme, Wavy Gravy, Ken Kesey, Ram Dass, and even
      Hollywood's "million-dollar mermaid" Esther Williams, among
      many others.



      --author, 'Red Dirt: Growing up Okie'; 'Indians of the
      Americas: Human Rights and Self Determination'

      'Red Dirt: Growing up Okie':
      An exquisite memoir of growing up dirt poor in Oklahoma. In
      this exquisite rendering of her childhood in rural Oklahoma,
      from the Dust Bowl days to the end of the Eisenhower era,
      writer and journalist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz bears witness to
      a family and community that still clings to the dream of
      America as a republic of landowners. Drawing deeply on the
      stories, often biblical parables, she heard in her early
      years, Dunbar-Ortiz brings to life one of the least
      understood groups in US history: poor rural whites. They are
      the backbone of the national campaigns against abortion and
      for prayer in school. They are also the soldiers of the
      militia movement. Red Dirt takes us into the minds of these
      people, allowing us to feel both their grievous sense of
      loss and their battered but still-clung-to faith.



      --author, 'Five Hundred Years of Chicano History in
      Pictures'; & (with Angela Davis) 'De Colores Means All of
      Us: Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century';

      'De Colores Means All of Us':
      The unique Chicana voice of Elizabeth Martinez arises from
      more than thirty years of experience in the movements for
      civil rights, women's liberation, and Latina/o empowerment.
      With sections on women's organizing, struggles for economic
      justice, and the Latina/o youth movement, De Colores Means
      All of Us will appeal to readers and activists seeking to
      organize for the future and build new movements for

      "Elizabeth Martnez's work comprises one of the most
      important living histories of progressive activism in the
      contemporary era. . . . [Martnez is] inimitable. . .
      irrepressible. . . indefatigable."-From the foreword by
      Angela Y. Davis. "Elizabeth Martnez is a beautiful and
      courageous person. She is also a writer of great depth,
      power, and compassion, a longtime activist who speaks
      eloquently about class, race, identity, and the problems of
      achieving real 'democracy' today. Her essays in this book
      are perceptive, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and often
      humorous, too. They are fierce and touching and profoundly
      educational. . . . Surely she is one of our great teachers.
      She's certainly been one of mine."-John Nichols, author,
      Milagro Beanfield Wars. "Elizabeth Martinez has played a
      unique and extraordinary role as chronicler of
      Chicana-Chicano history, and De Colores beautifully captures
      her passion, her intelligence, her powerful commitment to
      universal human values. I am very happy this volume exists,
      and hope it will be widely read."-Howard Zinn



      --A leading Native American scholar, writer and researcher.
      Her most recent work examines the ethical and legal
      questions raised by the Human Genome Diversity Project and
      its severe implications for Indigenous Peoples.
      Jaimes-Guerrero exposes the patenting and commodification of
      human life through genetic engineering. She is editor and
      contributor of the 'The State of Native North America:
      Genocide, Colonization, and Resistance' and author of
      'Native Womanism: Blueprint for a Global Revolution' (both
      South End Press). She has worked with Women of All Red
      Nations, the Indigenous Women's Network, and the American
      Indian Anti-Defamation Council. She has taught classes on
      environmental justice, American Indian and Ethnic Studies
      and is currently an associate professor of Women Studies at
      San Francisco State University



      --leader in the No Prisons Movement; 'Critical Resistance';
      'California Prison Focus'; 'Prison Activist Resource
      Center'; 'California Prison Moratorium Project' ; Assistant
      Professor of Geography at the University of California at

      Ruthie Gilmore was catapulted into thinking about the
      politics of race, crime and prison in 1969, when, she says,
      "my cousin was murdered and his wife subsequently arrested
      in the context of the FBI Cointelpro war against the Black
      Panthers." Gilmore's research led her to challenge the
      conventional wisdom that economically depressed areas can't
      resist prison-produced benefits. Her study of the town of
      Corcoran, where two new prisons were built between 1988 and
      1998, demonstrated that the population below the poverty
      level nearly doubled while the town barely grew.

      Prof. Gilmore's main interests include race and gender,
      labor and social movements, uneven development, politics and
      culture, the U.S., California, and the African Diaspora.
      Recent publications include: "'You have dislodged a
      boulder': Mothers and Prisoners in the Post Keynesian
      California Landscape," in Transforming Anthropology (March
      1998); "Public Enemies and Private Intellectuals," in Race
      and Class (1993); "Terror Austerity Race Gender Excess
      Theater," in Reading Rodney King/Reading Urban Uprising; and
      "Decorative Beasts: Dogging the Academy in the Late
      Twentieth Century," in California Sociologist (1991).



      --author, 'The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption
      of One Girl in America'; 'Valencia'

      "Twenty-three-year-old Michelle is too passive to quit her
      many short-lived jobs; she just calls in sick until she's
      fired, then hops to another job. She also bar-hops and
      bed-hops, from place to place, woman to woman, developing
      obsessive and hopeless crushes on unattainable women, loving
      the people who cannot or will not reciprocate her love. She
      likes to get drunk in the middle of the day, admittedly has
      no work ethic, and is delighted to multiply her earnings at
      a courier service by turning to prostitution. Ever the
      well-rounded young woman, she also runs a traveler's check
      scam for good measure. If all of this sounds just too
      self-serving if not mind-numbingly self-indulgent, it can
      be. Yet Tea, who is cofounder of Sister Spit, the traveling
      girl-poetry road show, on occasion manages to lift this
      a-year-lived-in-San-Francisco narrative out of anomie and
      into an edgy, supercharged, supersurreal, reality."

      Valencia is the fast-paced account of one girl's search for
      love and high times in the drama-filled dyke world of San
      Francisco's Mission District. Through a string of narrative
      moments, Tea records a year lived in a world of girls:
      there's knife-wielding Marta, who introduces Michelle to a
      new world of radical sex; Willa, Michelle's tormented
      poet-girlfriend; Iris, the beautiful boy-dyke who ran away
      from the South in a dust cloud of drama; and Iris's ex,
      Magdalena Squalor, to whom Michelle turns when Iris breaks
      her heart. Valencia conveys a blend of youthful urgency and
      apocalyptic apathy.



      --Cindy Milstein is currently on the board and a faculty
      member at the Institute for Social Ecology, where she
      teaches each summer and works with degree students year
      round. Then, too, she is a board member of the Institute for
      Anarchist Studies, a nonprofit organization that provides
      grants to radical writers, and coorganizer of the annual
      Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, which attempts
      to create a scholarly space for a new generation of
      libertarian left theorists. Ms. Milstein also writes for
      antiauthoritarian periodicals, including a regular column in
      Arsenal magazine. An editor and graphic designer as well,
      she put together and wrote for the booklet Bringing
      Democracy Home, which has been widely distributed at recent
      direct actions, and produces the Institute for Social
      Ecology's print promotional materials. Ms. Milstein has long
      been active in a variety of anarchist political
      organizations, counterinstitutions, alternative
      publications, community organizing projects, and social
      movements, including the current one. She has also
      participated in numerous study groups, including one with
      social theorist Murray Bookchin, exploring a range of
      radical theory and revolutionary history, and recently lived
      in Berlin, Germany, for two years studying Nazism and the
      Holocaust, plus attending present-day antifascist
      demonstrations. Alongside her own ongoing studies in
      political and social theory, Ms. Milstein copyedits books as
      a freelancer for Duke University Press for a living.



      [Chairing a panel discussion on anarchism, race, and

      --an anarchist organizer with the Direct Action Network in
      San Francisco and a student at SFSU majoring in "Race,
      Class, Gender and Power Studies". .

      See some of his writings here:


      "Texas Death Row: Executions in the Modern Era"

      Official portraits (mugshots) of all offenders executed by
      the state of Texas since 1982, when the death penalty was
      reinstated after an 18 year hiatus. As of Feb. 15, 2001, 243
      individuals have been executed by the state of Texas. The
      exhibit accompanies the publication of the book "Texas Death
      Row: Executions In The Modern Era". The book present photos
      and factual data form the files of the Texas Department of
      Criminal Justice regarding the first 222 offenders executed
      in Texas since 1982. Each entry includes biographical data,
      the record of what the individual was sentenced to death
      for, last meal, last words, and details of the execution.

      "... Texas Death Row: Executions in the Modern Era is a
      must-read. Edited by the members of the SunRiver Cartel, the
      book contains two hundred and forty-six pages of gruesome
      details recounting the crimes, jail sentences, and last
      moments in the lives of inmates killed on Texas's death row
      since the death penalty was reinstated. In October, the
      local art gallery Projex displayed an exhibit of the
      mugshots of each of these inmates. For those who oppose
      capital punishment, it provides further evidence to support
      the argument that our government is one which exercises its
      legal right in an racist and biased manner. Included are
      records of the last meal requested by each of the inmates
      and any final words muttered before the injection of the
      lethal medication. Also included are the amount of time each
      prisoner spent on death row, the time of death, and the date
      on which each inmate began his or her stay in the Texas
      Prison System. Such records are provided by the files of the
      Texas Department of Criminal Justice, giving what seems to
      be accurate and true representations of the events

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