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It's Election Eve, What do you want to do about the Republican mess?

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  • C Hamilton
    Bush Republican record. Starting and losing two illegal unnecessary wars. Have you had enough yet? http://www.blah3.com/article.php?story=20061105141924899 A
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
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      Bush Republican record. Starting and losing two illegal unnecessary
      wars. Have you had enough yet?

      A report card for your representatives in Congress
      If they voted against the rule of law (for the Military Commissions Act)
      you will want to see that they are not elected again as they are no
      friend of your freedoms.
      Bush says they hate us for our freedoms.
      Republican response: take away our freedoms.

      Republican record on homeland security:
      They ignored threats prior to 9-11. They did not follow normal
      extradition processes to get Bin Laden from Afthanistan, but attacked
      the whole defenseless country which was not responsible for 9-11. This
      was not authorized by the UN, making it illegal under international law.
      Other countries like Spain, UK and India have demonstrated how to treat
      terrorist acts as criminal acts to be dealt with using police methods
      and the courts. Then Bush started a second illegal unnecessary war
      against defenseless Iraq which had nothing to do with 9-11. The UN
      inspectors on the ground in Iraq for the four months prior to the
      pre-emptive agressive invasion of Iraq were reporting no WMD found, no
      stockpiles, no active weapons programs. Bush knew Iraq was no threat.
      The inspectors were pulled out so Bush could start the "shock and awe:
      bombing of Iraq, which was defenseless. There was no US national
      interest served by this unnecessary war which was not supported by the
      UN and the invasion of Iraq is a war crime under international law.

      Five years after 9-11 the borders are not secure. The ports are not
      secure. Cargo is not inspected on airplanes. Millions of illegals are
      in the country, any one of which could be a terrorist. Terror is a
      tactic, a war on a tactic has no end and identifies no enemy so Bush has
      created a never ending war as justification to taking unprecedented
      presidential powers and nullifying Congress with 800+ signing statements
      which nullify the very laws he signs. Congress has abrogated oversight
      in favor of having all their pork and earmark spending bills approved.
      The separation of powers and the rule of law are all broken. And the
      neo-cons and theo-cons have allowed money to buy legislation and
      developed into the culture of corruption, and have polluted politics and
      science with fundamentalist religion. The only vetos by Bush have been
      for faith-based reasons, not valid science.

      Meanwhile thousands of lives and billions of dollars have been wasted in
      Iraq. Millions of US citizens have no health insurance, and our gulf
      coast needs rebuilding. All the reasons Bush gave for the war on Iraq
      have proved to be false or illegal. We knew before the invasion that
      Iraq was no threat. In the name of the misguided "war on terror", Bush
      has with the help of the Republican Congress managed to subvert the
      Constitution and remove basic rights. The Federal Court and the Supreme
      Court ruled that Bush policies were unconstitutional and violated US and
      International Law. The Republican Congress wrote those unconstitional
      provisions into new laws, particularly the Military Commissions Act. If
      your Congress-person voted for that act and against the rule of law they
      have proved they should not be re-elected as they are not in favor of
      basic human rights. We need to return to the balance of powers and rule
      of law.
      --Carter Hamilton


      It's Election Eve, Do You Know Where Your Country Is?
      by Dave Lindorff
      November 6, 2006

      When you go into the voting booth tomorrow, here are a few things you
      need to think about.

      First of all, this is not a local election, whatever your candidates for
      Congress and even for statehouse have been telling you. We have just
      lived through six years of one-party government, and we've seen the
      damage that can do. Congress under Republican leadership has ceased to
      function as an independent branch challenging and investigating the
      actions of the president, and has instead become an enabler of
      presidential abuse of power and of the undermining of the Constitution
      and the Bill of Rights. That means we have to restore at least some
      measure of opposition in the Congress for the sake of saving the country
      from a slide into one-party dictatorship, and that means voting for the
      Democrats, even Democrats who are worse than their Republican opponent.
      I'd say different if your district had a third-party candidate with a
      chance of winning, since that person could be expected to vote against
      Republican rule too, once in office, but aside from Vermont's Bernie
      Sanders, I don't know of any such cases, such is the sad condition of
      third party politics in America.

      It's equally important to vote Democratic for state legislative
      candidates and for governor, because the legislatures, in almost all
      states, are where congressional district lines get drawn up. We saw last
      year how the Republicans have used their power in state legislatures,
      particularly in Texas, to eliminate Democratic districts and replace
      them with Republican ones. In that state, such gerrymandering gave the
      Republicans five extra House seats before an election was even held.

      Second, think about the big issues: human survival on the earth, mass
      murder in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, the bankrupting and
      deindustrialization of the U.S. economy, the destruction of American
      constitutional democracy and the reversal of a 230-year history of
      expanding liberty.

      Human Survival: It is increasingly clear that the earth is facing a
      catastrophe because of rampant use of fossil fuels, and the prime
      offender is the United States. There is only a narrow window of
      opportunity to at least moderate this threat to humanity and to life on
      the planet, yet the Bush administration and the Republican Congress have
      refused to even acknowledge the threat, and have squandered six years
      that could have made a huge difference. (Isn't it kind of ludicrous to
      worry about aborted fetuses and stem cells when government policies are
      currently threatening the survival of the human race?)

      Mass Murder: Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq--a nation that clearly
      posed no immediate threat to the U.S. or its own neighbors in
      2003--was the worst of war crimes, a "Crime against Peace" under the
      Nuremburg Charter, and a crime under US law because it was based upon
      lies, fraud and deception. It has led to the unnecessary and criminal
      deaths of nearly 2900 American troops, the maiming of another 25,000,
      and the deaths of as many as 650,000 innocent Iraqi civilians--largely
      at the hands of U.S. weapons. Many of those weapons, like the illegal
      white phosphorus and napalm bombs used in Fallujah and elsewhere, The
      thousands of tons of depleted uranium shells and bombs, the millions of
      rounds of anti-personnel bombs and shells, and the helicopter and
      fixed-wing gunships that spray wide areas indiscriminately with
      saturation fire, are the very "weapons of mass destruction" which we
      claimed we were going to war to prevent. The same weapons have been
      widely used in Afghanistan against the people of one of the most
      primitive societies in the world. These are massive crimes, and they
      won't stop until the Congress brings them to a halt--and calls the
      criminal in the White House who initiated them to account. (Remember,
      neither one of these wars is doing a thing to challenge or defend
      against terrorism.)

      Economy: In six short years, this president has turned the national
      budget from a surplus into six years of record deficits, by ramming
      through the Republican Congress tax breaks that primarily benefit oil
      companies and the richest 1 percent of Americans. As for trade policy,
      thanks to Bush and the Republican-led Congress, which has made exporting
      jobs and boosting imports the centerpiece of its economic policy, the
      U.S. now owes more than $1 trillion to our rival, China, and is shipping
      more than that annually to Middle Eastern dictatorships like Libya,
      Saudi Arabia and Iran to buy oil for vehicles that get 12 miles per
      gallon or less. Sure there are plenty of Democrats sucking at the
      corporate teat who are voting for those same policies, but with
      Republicans in total control, the issues aren't even being raised. We
      need only to look at the unprecedented corruption that has swept over
      the Republican Congress, and seeped under the doors of the White House,
      into the Oval office, the Vice President's office, and the office of
      Karl Rove, the president's closest adviser, to see why this is
      happening, and what needs to be done. (Any token tax break you got from
      Bush and the Republicans was long ago eaten up by the higher gas prices
      caused by the Iraq War and by higher interest rates caused by their
      budget and trade deficits.)

      Freedom and Democracy: President Bush has claimed for himself the right
      to ignore laws passed by Congress, which he erases with the stroke of a
      pen in what he calls "signing statements" saying that as commander in
      chief he is above the law and the courts. He has used his rubber-stamp
      Republican Congress to ram through laws eliminating the right to trial
      and the right to a lawyer, has given himself the power to declare any
      American to be a unlawful combatant" and supporter of terrorism, with no
      rights whatsoever, has approved the use of torture and immunized himself
      and his gang of conspirators from prosecution for past torture. He has
      even slipped through a measure making it easy for him to declare martial
      law anywhere in the nation he deems there to be "public disorder." With
      these laws and these crimes unchallenged, we no longer live in a
      democracy--only the hollow husk of a former democracy, which could be
      crushed in a moment. Only a revived Congress, led by a revitalized
      opposition party, can challenge this dire threat to our freedoms and
      traditional tripartite government. (The country you learned about in
      your junior high civics class barely exists anymore, and won't if you
      don't stand up for liberty and democracy now, and stop buying the scare
      stories about fighting terrorism. Remember Ben Franklin, who warned that
      those who surrender liberty to seek security "will end up with

      This election is a turning point.

      If we turn out Republicans from the leadership of the Congress, there is
      at least a chance that, with a strong public campaign of pressure, we
      can rouse timid and somnolent Democrats to protect liberty, restore
      Democracy, impeach the president, take back the government, start
      rescuing the economy, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and start
      seriously confronting global warming. If we don't, we may not get
      another chance. Republicans, having brought us this close to fascism and
      ruin, are not going to let the public get this close to unhorsing them
      again if they manage to hang on to power.

      None of this is to suggest that having Democrats win this election, even
      by a significant margin, will fix things. Too many Democrats over the
      last six years, or even the last 14 years, have been fully complicit in
      too many of the above crimes and atrocities and attacks on freedom and
      the Constitution. It's going to take constant struggle and constant
      pressure to make them act like a true party of opposition, and like the
      party of the people that the Democrats once claimed to be.

      But we can't even begin that difficult struggle unless we toss out the
      Republicans from Congress.

      So think about all this when you vote Tuesday.

      And make sure you know how to vote on the new computer screen systems
      that are being foisted on most of us.

      Don't let the bastards steal this one!


      FOCUS | William Rivers Pitt: The Rat Pack
      William Rivers Pitt writes: "Ken Adelman, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney
      and Richard Perle have spent many years waiting for the opportunity to
      road-test their wild ideas about how to deal with the world, and with
      the installation of the Bush administration, they finally got their big
      chance. Now that the wheels are coming off, however, they are trying to
      pretend that none of this has anything to do with them."

      VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: Bush Owes Troops Apology, Not Kerry
      "There is no line this president has not crossed - or will not cross -
      to keep one political party in power," says Keith Olbermann. "He has
      spread any and every fear among us in a desperate effort to avoid that
      which he most fears - some check, some balance against what has become
      not an imperial, but a unilateral presidency."

      David Olive | End of the Neo-Cons
      David Olive writes: "Whether or not the Republicans lose control of one
      or both houses of the US Congress on Tuesday, the neo-conservative
      vision that has guided American foreign policy since 2001 has run its
      course. The neo-cons' grand design lies in ruins, having accomplished
      nothing other than to shrink America's stature in the world."

      Robert Fisk | This Was a Guilty Verdict on America as Well
      Robert Fisk writes: "So America's one-time ally has been sentenced to
      death for war crimes he committed when he was Washington's best friend
      in the Arab world. America knew all about his atrocities and even
      supplied the gas - along with the British, of course - yet there we were
      yesterday declaring it to be, in the White House's words, another 'great
      day for Iraq.'"

      War Simulation in 1999 Pointed Out Iraq Invasion Problems
      A series of secret US war games in 1999 showed that an invasion and
      post-war administration of Iraq would require 400,000 troops, nearly
      three times the number there now. And even then, the games showed, the
      country still had a chance of dissolving into chaos.

      Robert Parry | Bush Will Say Anything
      Robert Parry writes, "The November 7 elections are shaping up as not
      just a choice between Republicans and Democrats, but a test of how
      gullible - and how divorced from reality - the American people have

      Bush Lies... and Knows He's Lying
      By Robert Parry
      October 31, 2006

      No Republican deserves to be elected based on their record
      The Difference Two Years Made
      A New York Times editorial said: "On Tuesday, when this page runs the
      list of people it has endorsed for election, we will include no
      Republican Congressional candidates for the first time in our memory.
      The Republican majority that has run the House - and for the most part,
      the Senate - during President Bush's tenure has done a terrible job on
      the basics."

      Analysis of political ads by Fiore

      Dissent is sedition, resistance to lawful authority.
      Telling the truth which is not government policy is considered dissent,
      material support for the enemy. Bush says you are either with us are
      you are for the terrorists.

      Rumsfeld on the illegal unnecessary war on Iraq which has nothing
      to do with the response to 9-11.

      Olbermann Addresses the Military Commissions Act in a Special Comment
      http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/101906L.shtml (video link)
      "A government more dangerous to our liberty than is the enemy it claims
      to protect us from," says Keith Olbermann. "We have accepted that the
      only way to stop the terrorists is to let the government become...like
      the terrorists."

      When you have no habeas corpus rights, the government can disappear you
      This could be you or your daughter.

      When your daughter becomes a detainee...


      NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security
      Agency (NSA) and FISA laws may have been ignored, and this email read
      and placed in your file without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do
      this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no
      recourse, nor protection from this intrusion on your personal freedoms.
      You may not review your file which is secret. The President reserves the
      right to use "signing statements" to give himself permission to ignore
      the law, as he is above accountability. As Nixon said, "If the president
      does it, it is not illegal." If you are not with us, you are for the
      terrorists; be aware that dissent is considered sedition: resistance to
      lawful authority. It may be considered treason to question authority; as
      it is un-American and unpatriotic to criticize the actions of your
      President. You could be designated as giving material support to the
      enemy, subject to indefinite incarceration without charges or trial,
      under Republican law.

      Note: a Federal court has ordered the Bush administration to stop the
      illegal warrentless spying, handing down 30 felony convictions. The
      illegal activity continues during an appeal, Bush says he has the right
      to ignore US and International laws. Note: The Supreme Court has ruled
      that Bush policies violated US and International laws. That could mean
      a trial for war crimes if justice follows that verdict. Note: the
      Republican Congress has passed a law to allow torture, and retroactively
      clear Bush of war crimes. The Congress has not held Bush accountable
      for starting and losing two illegal unnecessary wars.

      George Soros interview on Fox...(video links)
      War on Terror is doing more harm than good...

      C Hamilton
      a moderator of
      adult humor/opinion/pictures

      If you want to change what your government is doing,
      contact those who are acting in your name:
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