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Radio APPO Under Heavy Attack!

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      Subject: [oaxaca] Radio APPO Under Heavy Attack!


      People resist a huge attack by federal forces, the situation is critical

      By Radio Zapote

      This day a violent attack is about to make the University and its radio fall under government forces.

      November 2nd, 2006, Oaxaca, Mèxico

      During the whole morning, Radio Universidad, has been under attack from the Federal Police (PFP). Barricades have been falling one after another by this repressive force. Many have been injured and others have been detained. Reports are coming in constantly of how police have been using tear gas, many have been injured and detained. The announcer at Radio Universidad keeps calling for calm and to resist in a pacific way.

      Thousands of police corps are closing in. Helicopters have been removing people detained by police. Helicopters are throwing gas grenades. Incoming calls to the station are from desperate people reporting from the front lines. Riot tanks are reportedly being used in this offensive. Many of these reports have been confirmed by Indymedia reporters on the site. Right now gas is falling on the radio station thrown from helicopters.

      Sports installations have already fallen under the control of police, which violates the University's autonomy. Riot tanks are already breaking in. Police are placing fire arms inside the University for making false accusations.

      If this radio falls, the movement will be hit in the most important strategic point, and information flow from Oaxaca will be cut off.

      The call in the city is to reinforce Ciudad Uiversitaria. For the outside the call is for mobilizing and to protest.

      source: http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2006/11/78619.html


      Mexican PFP Assaulting University of Oaxaca, Radio APPO, Right Now: Minute By Minute Update

      11/02 | Major assault underway on autonomous university; radio reports helicopters landing inside campus.

      By in Oaxaca

      The Federal Police have entered the university campus, violating university autonomy. They are using tear gas on the students on the university campus. They have detained the staff of Radio Universidad who reporting the events.

      9:35 Otros 200 policías de la PFP se suman al operativo contra ciudad Universitaria de Oaxaca. Hay colonos solidarizándose, saliendo desde las colonias aledañas. Se está escuchando la campana de cinco señores, alguien logró que saliera de su enmudecimiento. La gente grita consignas y está pacificamente.

      9:35am- Another 200 police from the PRP have joined the operative against the University of Oaxaca. There are towns people coming from far away communities coming to the aid of the others at the university clashing with police. The church-bells of the "Five Lords" are ringing- someone has it to start ringing to alarm. Chants and being yelled and are being passive.

      9:56 El rector de la Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez declara al aire."la universidad no merece un allamiento de esta naturaleza, es una universidad pobre, marginada por el gobierno federal, es una universidad de donde han salido grandes hombres, grandes científicos, personas valerosas." "Retírense de ahí, por que están atentando contra la historia."

      9:56am The director of the Autonomous Univeristy Benito Juarez (U of Oaxaca) declares" the University does not deserve this type of raid, it is a poor university, marginalized by the federal government- it is a university that has graduted great people (men), great scientist, valorous people- Leave this place (to the police), you are attacking history"

      10:05 La APPO llama a retroceder uno o dos metros, ahí donde la población se mantiene frente a frente con la PFP, defendiendo pacíficamente la Universidad de Oaxaca. Ello para evitar la confrontación, pues hay grupos de priistas paramilitares y provocadores que podrían generar un enfrentamiento.

      10:05 APPO has called to retreate one or two meters where the people are maintaining a front against the PFP. Defending peacefully the University of Oaxaca. They're doing this to avoid a confrontation with PRIista paramilitary groups and provocatures that could start a conflict.

      10:07 Reportan que en el crucero de cinco señores en Oaxaca la PFP agredió severamente a la población. Se reportan en algunas colonias de la ciudad a los priistas lanzando tiros de armas de fuego al aire para evitar que la gente salga a solidarizarse con la Radio Universidad de Oaxaca.

      10:07 It's being reported that the PFP is severely repressing the people of APPO at the "Five Señores" intersection. It's also being reported that PRIistas in their controlled barrios are firing gun shots in the air to discourage people from coming out and going to the Oaxaca University to help defend it.

      10:09 El rector de la Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca el Dr. Felipe Martínez hace presencia en la barricada de Cinco Señores, para apoyar la resistencia pacífica de los ciudadanos que se manifiestan en contra de la entrada de la Policía Federal Preventiva y los paramilitares a la Universidad y a Radio Universidad de Oaxaca.

      10:09 The director of Oaxaca Autonomous University Benito Juarez, Dr. Felipe Martinez is at the barricade of the Five Señores to help the passive resistance of the APPO folks that are impeding the entrance of the PFP and the paramilitaries into the university and University Radio of Oaxaca.

      10:12 Retén en Ocotlán por el basurero general. Están revisando a la gente, desnudándola incluso.

      10:12 The Ocatlán military base near the local trash dump, are detaining people and doing strip seaches

      10:13 La PFP detiene a un adulto y tres niños frente a Radio Universidad de Oaxaca. Al adulto se le conoce como Conejo, tiene 28 años, tiene un gaban azul tipo jerga, tiene una mano quemada. Tambien detienen a 3 menores de edad, 2 de quince años y uno de 12 años a quien llaman Marcelo.

      10:13 The PFP has detained an adult and three children in front of University Radio of Oaxaca. The adult is known as "Conejo", 28 years old, he's wearing a blue wool sweater, and his hand is burnt. They have also detained 3 minors- 2 of 15 years of age and the other of 12 years of age and his name is Marcelo.

      10:29 En la línea de la PFP están quitando otra barricada. Por el lado de la barricada de soriana están avanzando camionetas de la policía ministerial y camionetas, así como camiones de volteo, que han estado recogiendo material de las barricadas.

      10:29 On the PFP line, they are taking down another barricade. On the other side of the Soriana Barricade, police trucks and dump trucks anr advancing picking up barricade materials.

      10:31 Siguen saliendo marchas de personas solidarias en Oaxaca, que van en dirección hacia Radio Universidad de Oaxaca.

      10:31 There are still hordes of people coming out in solidarity in Oaxaca and heading in the direction of University Radio of Oaxaca

      10:34 La PFP llega a soriana en Oaxaca. A las afueras de la Universidad de Oaxaca siguen llegando personas solidarias.

      10:34 The PFP have made it to the Soriana in Oaxaca- and are outside of the Oaxaca University- People in solidarity are still arriving 10:37 The PFP has entered into the science education Institue of Oaxaca (oart of the U of Oaxaca) There are violating the university autonomy, plus other diverse local and federal laws- They are launching tear gas from the university plaza.

      10:39 The people that are being arrested are being taking to a temporary detantion center at the airport. There are reports of 15 people that have been detained at the entrance of the Universty of Oaxaca

      10:45 The PFP are shooting tear-gas in the back side of the Autonomous University of Oaxaca Benito Juarez. In the "claws of war" tear-gas is illegal. However in "times of peace" the Mexican government is launching tear-gas at peaceful demonstrators.

      10:55 Reposts on the University Radio of Oaxaca- peole are calling in with report of police shooting tear-gas. A helicopter has landed at the Five Se?ores and at the admin building of the University of Oaxaca

      10:57 Two track loads of assailants are roving around the city streets detaining and taking people coming to help the University Radio. Tear-gas is still being shot at the entrance of the University of Oaxaca.

      11:03 A helicopter is flying/hovering over the University Radio of Oaxaca.

      11:06 Tear-gas still being launched at the U of Oaxaca- Reports coming in that university people are defending and pushing back the advance of the PFP at the entrance of the Science Education Institute. Over the radio people calling in by telephone can be heard screaming and coughing due to the tear-gas in the air.

      11:07 People are being asked to continue ringing there alarm bells and car alarms in protest to the police attacks.

      11:08 Medical help is being asked for. There are many wounded- the PFP are shooting tear-gas canisters shooting directly at peoles bodies. This was the same way the PFP shot and killed a "non-lethal" weapon a university student in San Salvador de Atenco, according to reports by the National Commission on Human Rights and many other national and international human rights organizations. Its being reported the Red Cross is on the side of the PFP and isn't

      11:15 Radio Universidad in Oaxaca is calling to NOT confront the PFP- "We are confronting the PFP, but we do not want more deaths"

      11:20 3 Helicopters have landed near by Radio Universidad Oaxaca.

      11:23 Shots are still being heard. Tear-gas bombs are being dropped onto Radio Universidad. People are bring asked to form a human barrier. There is a bombardment of tear-gas and there are more wounded by tear-gas shots. They are violating the autonomy of the university of Oaxaca. Helicopters can be heard above in the air. The PFP are entering the University with tanks moving toward Radio Universidad. The PFP are marching toward Radio University. A camouflage pa

      11:28 PFP tanks are at the admin building of the U of Oaxaca.

      11:31 A heicopter has landed at the Faculty of Ontology in the U of Oaxaca

      11:32 The PFP is shooting tear-gas from their helicopters at unarmed peaceful protester. Just like in Atenco, there have been many shots that have been taken with tear-gas guns- shoting to kill.

      11:36 Near the Oaxacan Technological Institute (AFI), 20 Federal Investigation Agency trucks are advancing.

      source: http://publish.nyc.indymedia.org/en/2006/11/78609.html


      Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Thursday, November 2nd


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