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Oaxaca Victory! for now...

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  • Richard Myers
    Police and military forces attack with armored cars, helicopters, phalanxes of many hundreds of soldiers with batons and shields, backed up by machine guns and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      Police and military forces attack with armored cars, helicopters, phalanxes of many hundreds of soldiers with batons and shields, backed up by machine guns and possibly, tanks.

      Just watching/listening to this struggle from a distance is exhilirating, exhausting. Much confusing and conflicting information-- the minute by minute news flow is difficult to keep up with-- new details every few seconds. People hurt. Barricades breeched. Tear gas. Ambulances. Military Helicopters landing. Prisoners captured. Tanks and armored cars arrive, water cannons against the people, houses burning. Reports of people arriving by the thousands to force the police out. Then there are cheers, the police are surrounded.

      Radio APPO (also called Radio Universidad) is the voice of the people, and it is based at the University in Oaxaca. The university is autonomous, and by Mexican law, the authorities are supposed to stay away. Today, once again, the authorities violate their own laws. APPO reports the police requesting permission to retreat-- crazy. Suggestion of a circling movement by the people to re-take parts of the city.

      It appears to have been an incredible, brutal struggle, with many people injured, some shot by the police, and many prisoners taken. Corporate news reports police have been injured as well. Trucks and buses burning, tear gas everywhere. The people have no firearms, but they make use of everything else-- barricades, molotov cocktails, stones, slingshots, courage.

      The police retreat, according to one report, all the way to the airport. Radio APPO has momentarily paused the non-stop news, begun playing revolutionary music, Venceremos. The people cheer. Thousands more arrive to people the barricades. One more day of struggle in Oaxaca...

      (Some current reports from people in Oaxaca are at bottom of this email...)


      Brief background:

      The people of Oaxaca are rebelling with the demand that their corrupt governor step down. Officials have been committing murder against the people, lending credence to their demands.

      News excerpt:
      At least eight people have died in the conflict since leftist protesters took over the city five months ago. Among them was activist-journalist Bradley Roland Will, 36, of New York, who died in a gunbattle Friday.

      The state prosecutor's office said Wednesday that two people were in custody and authorities were expected sometime this week to present the suspects to a judge who would decide whether to charge them in connection with Will's death.

      Mayor Manuel Martinez of Santa Lucia del Camino, where Will was killed, said the suspects are officials of the municipality on the outskirts of Oaxaca. They were detained after residents identified them as the people who shot Will, the state prosecutor's office said in a news release.


      You, too, can get minute by minute information from the front lines. A small group of dedicated compas translate furiously into English:


      Refreshes every 20 seconds, newest text at bottom of page.


      Or, for a better method of getting minute by minute info:

      see irc channel #radioappo !
      live translations every second.

      Don''t have IRC chat program?
      Download from mIRC.com or use this page:


      then select radioappo /connect


      Some important links:






      Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Thursday, November 2nd

      Oaxaca solidarity:

      El Enemigo Común (film and news)

      email 'announcement' list

      events and actions

      ANSWER list (may not be current)


      A few current messages:


      Victory! for now...

      The retreat of PFP is opened "all the way to the airport"! Retreating
      PFP is still throwing tear gas in Colonia Aleman. Call for
      reinforcement of barricades in their wake. Call to use this time to
      reorganize. (Announcer is going completely horse).

      Dean Gibson


      More tear gas in La Noria, and saw a few brave souls chucking canisters
      back at the troops. A few minutes later, though, the PFP seemed to be
      gone. Then I heard songs and chants of "el pueblo unido..!", went to the
      roof and could see masses of people walking East on Mata, in the
      direction of the university. I couldn't make a count as I could only see
      part of the street, but it was a continuous thread of people for at
      least ten or fifteen minutes. I assume they're near the Mata/Universidad
      intersection by now.



      Radio U reports the sighting. They see the march approaching.



      Now at 3:00, after broadcasting that the helicopters have been firing tear gas indiscriminately into neighborhoods, the radio suddenly announces that the PFP is surrounded. The APPO refuses to release them

      Then we hear that the explosions are savage firing from helicopters. Houses are on fire in colonias. Then we hear that the APPO demands a total withdrawal and the resignation of URO. Seven are said to be wounded, a boy gravely.

      PRI porros gathered in front of the radio station--which was not invaded, I think because of the national outcry- the porros are provoking the movement supporters. I can hear a helicopter right now circling overhead in center. We are close to Santo Domingo and the APPO may have called for retaking the zocalo -- .

      Seven people were arrested in Cinco Señores, and the APPO demands their release. Many wounded, including women and chidlren.

      This is the Battle of Oaxaca, you read it here first. But I'm going to wait for the real reporters to report in.



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