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    The following is a paper that a friend of mine wrote. Some parts are kinda confusing, so bare with me... Anarchy ... to most it is just a thought, something
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2000
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      The following is a paper that a friend of mine wrote. Some parts are
      kinda confusing, so bare with me...

      " Anarchy ... to most it is just a thought, something that
      could happen and would be horrible for everyone ... they're so afraid
      of change and the thought of not having another higher power in
      control of their lives that they have been convinced that a
      government in necessary ... but is this true?
      The world started in chaos. There was [no structure],
      everything random, constantly changing. From this was formed many
      figures close to such as there are today. From chaos man came
      forth. The problem was that man believes he cannot survive without
      something greater than themselves. Thus they created religion. They
      had a reason to survive and something to look [forward] to. As men
      became more logical, they needed more structure. They created
      rituals and governments for these gods and themselves to have yet
      another higher power. They would rather be suppressed than to decide
      on their own. Over time, the need for religion has diminished, in
      it's place government absorbing the power left from their false
      gods. Their governmental systems grew more powerful and more
      suppressive. The people now unknowing of anything better than what
      they [were raised in] and afraid that it might possibly get worse.
      [They] hold onto their suppressors as their grip on true reality
      [diminishes greatly]. But it is still there, somewhere, lurking.
      It's implanted into the minds of all, only some realize this much.
      It's a feeling, indescribable, that you just know. It's a part of
      everything you do. People say that the world is becoming [more]
      chaotic, that the people are no longer thinking and acting on logic,
      rather on their natural instincts. This is true. It's finally
      coming out of it's hiding, this force that will bring us all back
      [to] where it started, in chaos. This is constant in nature. We're
      the logical beings, why haven't we realized that? Nature is always
      changing. There is no norm. There is no than more cycles of random
      behavior. Chaos. No logic can be used to describe it's patterns
      because it's patterns hold no logic. You cannot explain the
      unexplainable any more than to state that it cannot be explained.
      We are the only creatures that believe we need to think
      logically. We're also the only creatures that destroy everything for
      the good of only ourselves. We demolish other species habitats, we
      kill them for fun and food, we destroy the earth and the air with our
      leftover toxins, and they only creatures that kill each other to
      settle disputes. How does that make us so much more superior [than]
      other creatures? We're inferior. They only way we have any chance
      at surviving in this world hat we're creating for ourselves is to
      revert back to the chaos from which we came [forth] before we destroy
      ourselves. Many people wouldn't want to lose the luxuries of today
      in order to do so. Nobody ever missed the TV before it was
      invented. What do they do for us anyway? THEY CONNECT THE WORLD!
      THEY BRING US TOGETHER! They make us fat, violent, and mess with our
      eyes from constant exposure to microwaves. What do we have to show
      for all this? We're a bunch of really smart lazy people suppressed
      by that which we believe we need, losing our family values in the
      name of greed; all in order to buy more luxuries which make you even
      more lazy and suppressed because the government gets more rich and
      powerful with every dollar you make.
      Many say that this is all caused by the lack of morals and
      [the disbelieve in the Christian God]. No. This is no so. There is
      no God, it was a good book. It was created by a Roman and became
      used by the leaders in the beginning to keep the simple minded in
      order. They think there is this great being that is so great it
      can't even be explained and that will punish you for your sins [or
      lack of belief]. Then the people live in fear of their punishment
      and don't do wrong [things]; making it easier on the government to
      keep them in line. Today, this has lasted, this same religion that
      kept them in line, now does the same for us. Jesus could have even
      been a true person. He probably did exist. He believed in this God
      that inspired all the Bibles writing so much that he created more
      followers and was finally put to death by the Romans in the worst,
      most painful and memorable ways in order to convince others or his
      authenticity as the son of this God. Belief in this God is
      necessary. It was never [conceived] in the first place besides
      another method to suppress.
      Our government was formed in the name of freedom, for which
      our forefathers sacrificed their lives for. If they were to see what
      their own system [that] they set up ... they would have just given
      up. They are trying to control every single aspect of our lives and
      form us to the mold, which many of us do willingly, unknowingly of
      how horrible it really is. But for us that refuse to accept the
      common opinions as our own we become cast aside as nlean and not
      worthy. The 'normal' ones believe this because they [have] become to
      weak to form their own opinions so they believe the ones they are
      given are their own and act upon them as they were wished to do. It
      doesn't matter what's true or not anymore. It's what you are wanted
      to think [is true]. [their] minds are too closed to reality. Where
      does anarchy fit into all of this? It's the solution. It's the only
      way to live truly free. It is the idea that everything in the world
      is chaotic. The world would best survive in a free world than [in a]
      suppressed [world]. We have to release our logic that we grip so
      tightly and act upon our feelings and instincts. Without it, what's
      going to happen to us? We're already polluting our air, water, and
      land, killing off everything in our path, multiplying so we kill
      more, and then multiply and destroy. There will be nothing left. We
      must let natures chaos takes it's course."
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