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The Youth Invades Bishkek

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  • Clore Daniel C
    News for Anarchists & Activists: http://www.egroups.com/group/smygo The Youth Invades Bishkek Russia Today BISHKEK, Dec 5, 2000 -- (Transcaspian Project) It is
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      News for Anarchists & Activists:

      The Youth Invades Bishkek

      Russia Today

      BISHKEK, Dec 5, 2000 -- (Transcaspian Project) It is already
      not the first year when the social situation around the
      Kirghiz capital aggravate.

      Regularly, mostly in autumn, groups of unemployed youth
      which came to the capital from distant regions, seize land
      lots on the outskirts of Bishkek.

      They settle tents there, build earth-houses and sheds: they
      try to build there a small shelter in any possible way. The
      authorities try to stop the illegal self-acquisitions.
      However, they are mostly unable to deal with this huge wave.

      Meanwhile, groups of rebelling youth already unified in a
      political organization called "Intymak" ("Unity"). They have
      their own leaders and ideologists. The "Intymak" leaders
      declare that they were forced to use extreme measures due to
      the increasing poverty, unemployment and the inattention of
      authorities to people.

      "Intymak" have thousands members. Moreover, according to its
      leaders, each day this number increase by 150-200 persons.
      This is not surprising, as no residential apartments are
      built now in Kirgizia. Nevertheless, according to the data
      of the sociologists, there are approximately 100 thousand
      homeless families living in the capital. Add to that the
      crowd of unemployed youth, who permanently come to the
      capital hoping to earn anything so they could survive.

      Therefore, the mood of self-builders is very resolutely and
      even aggressive. "We have nothing to lose" they say, - and
      we shall never recede from our decision. The authorities
      should help us to us to realize our legitimate right of
      having a normal life".

      The government officials, as a rule, submit to the requests
      of the aggressive meetings and pickets near the walls of the
      "White house". Therefore, they sign each year resolutions,
      which order the metropolitan authorities "as an exception"
      to assign some sites, "suitable for house construction", in
      the places demanded by the picketers. The essence of this
      problem is not just in the possibility of building houses on
      the sites invaded by the homeless and unemployed youth, but
      that it is not the first time that Kirgizia faces the
      problem of internal migrants, which aggravate the social
      situation in the capital in a very dangerous way. As long
      ago as the era of independence, similar guys using the same
      anarchist methods have forced the government to take a
      similar resolution allowing them to build houses on the
      outskirts of the city.

      Everything in that period was similar to what is happening
      today. The same requirements of youth, same shy opposition
      of authorities. It was felt then, that "the fathers of the
      republic " are only afraid from an uprising by the groups of
      youth and the population. To prevent massacres and
      disorders, the authorities accepted unprecedented and often
      wrongful concessions. Thousand hectares of prolific
      irrigated grounds that use to supply the capital with
      vegetables, milk and meat were given for house
      constructions. They hoped then that such way will enable
      somehow to prevent a social explosion.

      However, the results were absolutely the contrary of what it
      was expected. First, the Democratic movement of Kirgizia
      (DMK) was formed and got stronger during those meetings. The
      "DMK" was directly responsible for expulsing the communists
      from the power, which they has failed then to defend the
      lawfulness and order. The nationalist party "Asaba" was also
      formed on the fields occupied by the youth for the first

      Secondly, the concessions of government have not resolved
      the housing problems of the homeless. On the contrary, a
      huge wave of unemployed invaded Bishkek after the first wave
      of occupiers. Moreover, the authority being unable anymore
      to control the situation was forced to give new grounds
      again. Today according to the city authorities there are
      more then thirty new districts built around the capital and
      nobody knows how many people live in them.

      Dan Clore

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      -- The Book of Dzyan.
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