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Socialist Alliance statement on London bombings

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  • glparramatta
    London bombings – the price of the ``war on terror A statement from the Socialist Alliance (Australia) July 8, 2005 The Socialist Alliance condemns
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2005
      London bombings – the price of the ``war on terror''

      A statement from the Socialist Alliance (Australia)

      July 8, 2005

      The Socialist Alliance condemns outright the horrific bombings in London
      yesterday and expresses our solidarity with all the victims and their
      families and friends.

      The bombings are in no way a blow against imperialist exploitation and
      oppression. The majority of those killed and wounded in London will have
      opposed the imperialist leaders' wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and many
      will have supported the huge protests against world poverty in Scotland
      this week. Meanwhile the G8 leaders were safe behind fortified walls,
      protected by thousands of police and armed forces, plotting how to
      entrench their exploitation of the oppressed peoples of the world.

      For Tony Blair, George Bush, John Howard and Co, the London bombing,
      like those in Bali, Madrid and 9/11 itself, is not a tragedy but an
      opportunity. It is already being used to whip up ``anti-terrorist''
      hysteria and to try to silence the now far-reaching condemnation of the
      imperialists' wars and occupations, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine
      in particular.

      Yesterday’s horrific events reveal yet again that the claims by Blair,
      Bush and Howard that their ``war on terror'' has made the world a safer
      place are entirely false. In fact, the ``coalition of the willing'' has
      created more, not less, terrorism. Since the formal declaration of the
      war there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of major
      terrorist attacks.

      Terrorists are not born with terrorist ideas; they are produced by lives
      of repression, violence, poverty and humiliation. The London tragedy is
      one more reflection of the universal violation of democratic and human
      rights by the imperialist system. For so long as global inequality and
      injustice continue, countless thousands more innocent people will die

      The Socialist Alliance will continue to campaign for the immediate
      withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and for an
      end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. This is the most effective way
      to make the world a safer place.

      Meanwhile, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Middle Eastern
      and Muslim communities against every xenophobic attack and continue to
      campaign for the repeal of all state and federal ``anti-terror'' laws,
      laws which do nothing to reduce the risk of terrorist attack but do
      drastically reduce democratic rights and are being systematically used
      against Middle Eastern and Muslim Australians in particular.

      Socilaist Alliance


      PO Box A2323, Sydney South NSW 1235

      Ph: 02-9690 2508

      Fax: 02-9690 1381

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