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Luis Guerra & Int'l Peace Brigades

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      Subject: International Peace Meeting in Tamera

      To all peace workers and friends of Tamera,

      for current reasons we want to inform you about a tragic event in our
      network before you read our invitation below. Luis Guerra, leader of
      the well-known
      peace community San José de Apartadó has been brutally murdered -
      together with
      other people, among them women and children. Gloria Cuartas, peace
      activist in
      Colombia and participant of many Tamera Summer Universities is now
      together with Peace Brigades International and other initiatives, for
      an in-depth
      investigation. We want to express our deep compassion and our
      solidarity with the
      people of San José who now have to cope with their pain - not for the
      first time.
      Since it began the village has faced many brutal attacks. We also
      want to express
      our deep respect for people who, in one of the most violent areas of
      Colombia, took
      such a deep decision for peace as the inhabitants of San José have

      May our meeting in May also take place in the name of these
      and many other victims
      - for a future in which there will no longer be such victims. Further
      about the events in San José can be found at:

      Information about the further 2005 schedule in Tamera can be
      found at the end of
      this mail.

      The co-workers of Tamera

      Preventing War - Creating Perspectives for Peace
      International Meeting for Peace Workers and
      Interested People for the Experiment "Monte Cerro" in

      15 May - 11 June 2005

      The US are planning a war against Iran. Even though they try
      to make it look
      harmless they will continue to follow their programme "Greater Middle
      East", i.e. a
      Free Trade Zone from Morocco to Pakistan. They will also not refrain
      from the next
      war if there will be enough money and soldiers. How do we connect our
      work to a
      Ring of Power which is able to prevent such wars? How could a
      worldwide cooperative
      for a future without war be developed?

      From spring 2006 on a large experiment in Tamera for the
      building up of a global
      Peace Village will begin. The model will serve the building up of
      further Peace
      Villages on the earth. The preliminary name for this time of research
      is "Monte
      Cerro". A central element of this work will be the building up of
      a "Solar Village"
      - an interdisciplinary project which connects solar technology,
      ecology and social design. For "Monte Cerro" we are looking for
      further co-workers,
      particularly in the areas of crafts, ecology, and technology.

      In May we would like to present the meaning and the goal of
      the experiment "Monte
      Cerro" and the plan of the Healing Biotopes as part of a global
      strategy for peace,
      and create a fix cooperation axle with you even if we work on
      different places with
      different focuses. We would like to support the ecological,
      technological and
      social, political and spiritual healing and peacework to work
      together more
      efficiently and direct their activities by the common basic ideas.
      musicians, IT experts and authors are also welcome.

      Our common direction could be:

      * The globalisation of violence must be followed by
      the globalisation of peace.
      * Resistance is necessary but not enough. Those who
      are against war need a vision
      for peace.
      * To make peace possible concrete models must be built
      in which peace can be learnt.
      * Peace needs strategies. The high tech which enabled
      the globalisation of
      exploitation and violence needs a corresponding response in the peace

      With regard to the above themes we invite you to the
      following events. We will
      partly work all together, partly in the individual groups:

      May 15 - June 11: Basic Course
      The Basic Course is for all those who contemplate
      participating in the experiment
      "Monte Cerro" and want to get to know Tamera and its work profoundly
      for this
      purpose. Belonging to this is the study of the basic ideas, practical
      in community building and preparatory work on the terrain for
      the "Solar Village".
      Facilitation: Barbara Kovats and Phoebe Andrea Regelmann,
      Price: 800 , Youth Price:
      400 Euro, please apply

      May 15 - May 29: International Meeting of Young Peace Workers
      For young people who have already become active in peacework
      themselves, for people
      who have collaborated in existing projects, or initiated own
      projects. The goal is
      the building up of an international network of engaged people who
      link their
      knowledge and their work - for the ending of the war and for the
      healing of the
      Earth; for a "Movement for a Free Earth".
      Facilitation: Katja Long and Amélie Weimar, Price: 400 Euro/,
      Youth Price: 200
      Euro, please apply

      May 15 - May 29: Peace Village Middle East - the Next Steps
      to its Realisation
      A group of active peace workers from Israel and Palestine
      with whom we have been
      cooperating for a while will continue to work on the concept and the
      preparation of
      a planned Peace Village ("Peace Research Village") in the Middle East.
      Facilitation: Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn,
      Vera Kleinhammes, Kate
      Bunney, please apply

      Interested youth: Please contact Juliane Eckmann from the
      Youth School Global
      email: juliane.eckmann@...

      Further Information and Application: Tamera - Monte do Cerro -
      P-7630 Colos, Portugal
      Phone: + 351-283 635 306 - email: tamera@...

      Please take a note:

      * July 25 to August 04, 2005: International Summer
      University in Tamera
      * October/November 2005: Political Pilgrimage in the
      Middle East with the theatre
      play "We Refuse to be Enemies".

      Regarding the schedule 2005:
      The guest season in Tamera will look slightly different
      this year than before.
      We won't have a continual guest time, instead there will be an
      invitation to
      seminars on specific themes. We will concentrate on necessary basic
      for the preparation of the experiment "Monte Cerro". It mainly
      includes the
      training of the current newest co-workers and participants in
      preparation for
      the building up of community and a mental and spiritual life prxis;
      belonging to this are the first construction phase of the Solar Power
      technology, the installation of food biotopes, experiments with water
      purification, clay construction and other techniques for the building
      up of a
      more stable economy.
      Our two main events are the peace meeting in May/June and
      the large
      International Summer Universiy. All friends and all interested people
      warmly invited. It is still open as to when there will be other
      occasions to
      visit Tamera. Please stay in contact with us or inform yourself at
      our website:
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