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what we must do: Cascadia

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  • some friends call me snowy
    what we must do: Cascadia We need annexation to Canada for now! Why you may ask? Because it would be diplomatically and geopolitically difficult for the Bush
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2004
      what we must do: Cascadia

      We need annexation to Canada for now! Why you may ask? Because it
      would be diplomatically and geopolitically difficult for the Bush
      Fascists to launch a civil war on and former region that is part of a
      fellow NATO member (infact other NATO allies may help stop potential
      attacks from the Fascist Amerikans). We join Canada for now! All the
      blue states from Cascadia (Oregon, Washington and Northern California)
      or as Pacifica (which includes all of California) to the Great Lakes
      and the North East (Altantica?).

      what we must do:

      1.) We MUST this weekend bring the idea of Cascadia and breaking off
      from Fascist Amerika to consciousness of the general population and by
      Monday have it be the only conversation in all of Cascadia. Also we
      must bring the fact that the election was a farce (print out artcles
      or give websites about this like blackboxvoting.org) and this MUST be
      part of this dialogue of Cascadia! I would recommend the same if I was
      in the other "blue" states for their awakening of regional identity
      separate from Bush's Amerika. This should be done with massive
      "spamming" and like ACT (American Coming Together.. and if any are
      reading this well .. you have lists of democrats now who we can bet
      are disenfranchised :))) I would recommend to the less shy to feel
      free to talk to your neighbors or that person in the parking lot with
      a Kerry bumper sticker (this ofcourse should not be limited to
      democrats, but right now they are more visible). Our goal is simple in
      this part "To get it to the forefront of every conversation". The goal
      is the create critical mass. And if you are inclined to put up sighs
      or wave (any of the Cascadian flags) or create pamplets or print out
      leaflets talking of Diebold, secession, Cascadia and Cascadian
      awakening or get on radio talk shows or whatever. The goal is
      dialogue, awareness, education, generating a new paradigm.. an new
      group identity with a new future! If this works then Monday even the
      sold out local media will have to mention it, because everyone will
      have to talk of it.


      a.) becareful of dismissive comments like "it will never work" or "you
      are just have sour grapes" or any the other Phucting dismissive
      onliners comments that the sheeple spit out. Do not let it down and
      ignore the jerk and continue on as if the jerk just passed gas.

      b.) the Fascist might orchastrate a "national" crisis like a terror
      alert or even a terrorist act which MUST NOT stop this conversation of
      Cascadia, secession and election fraud. If this happens the corporate
      media and authorative figures will make lots of appeals about "healing
      the nation". They will dismiss any movement to liberate us from the
      fascists as small and trivial. news personalities will make light of
      Cascadia or joke that they (we) are wackos. If any think is even in
      the corporate media the overly paid fascist mouth-pieces (we call news
      reporters) will end the story with dismissive comments or laughter.

      2.) we need a time and place (while there is the energy and
      motivation... maybe Friday) to have people gather. My idea it a event.
      here is my suggestion "the All Bush flip off". This must be done
      through out all Cascadia from Bellingham to San Fransisco and it must
      be done at the same time. For convience I will use Portland as a
      example ... Cascadian or disenfranchised Portlanders (remember all the
      Kerry supporters on Portland's Waterfront) go to either the Waterfront
      or Pioneer Square and put up a image of Mr Bush (maybe Cheney too) and
      in one big massive group give them "the finger"! And take pictures
      from the images perspective of all gathered flipping the Fascists off
      and send it to the White House. The goal of this is NOT just to give
      them the collective "finger", but the real goal is to get people
      physically together to talk of Cascadia, Cascadians and our future! At
      the same time this should happen in other communities.

      From this we can expnd to bring in more Cascadians and eventually we
      shall march down to Salem or Olympia (for San Fransisco .. I guess you
      declare yourself the new administrative seat of South Cascadia) and we
      demand secession NOW!

      Before such an event happens we need to bring the police and leaders
      into our movement. We MUST find out issues that the police and state
      employees have against the Fascists.. and they do whether they
      recognize it or not. We need to teach them of the budget cuts, union
      busting, veteran cuts, issues related to them not being able to
      effectively do their jobs. We MUST appeal to them as fathers, mothers,
      sisters and brothers who have the same concerns as all of us do over
      education, safety, environment, cost of living and so on and so on.


      a.) do not let the professional politicians nor charasmatic public
      figures usurp OUR movement. Especially DO NOT LET some dump as
      democrat politician tell us that we must "heal" our community or "this
      will take time" or "I promise you this...." or "I am with you..." ...
      this MUST be the PEOPLES movement!!! not a time for local
      celeberties... infact if you see someone who is a public figure look
      beyond them, smile and go hug the unrelated person behind him or her.
      I hate how these personalities (remember we are counted as nobodies
      until they need your vote or buy their product) steal the lime light
      of the people, of causes, of public attention. We have no time for
      them and no need for them. Now if they come to be a "nobody" like the
      rest of us and are honestly there to flip off Fascism and to awaken
      Cascadia.. then they have my blessings.. and I hope yours too.

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