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    This is my last post to this list at this address. Progressive movements begin with you. They are like-minded people, like you who join together and motivate,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2004
      This is my last post to this list at this address.

      Progressive movements begin with you. They are like-minded people, like
      you who join together and motivate, strategize, and proactively


      There isn't a lot of time left. And I am not JUST referring to the
      fraudulent election - and this travesty they call democracy. There are
      efforts to determine just how extensive vote fraud was just like in 2000
      and it didn't do us any good then and won't do us any good now. And the
      same right wing nuts will accuse the left of sour grapes and continue to
      spew their anti-gay, anti-left, anti-abortion, anti-social vitriol and
      people will continue to get their information from the conservative
      networks, especially FOX and from talk show demagogues.

      Sure, there was voter suppression. This is Amerikkka. But was Kerry so
      much better? He was just what we didn't need, another WAR president.

      The election was a joke and the they got the last laugh so far. The joke
      was on us. The scam was on those who put their hopes on Kerry.

      The battles would have been the same and still are: for national health
      care, for living wages, for affordable meds, for equal access, to save the
      environment, equal opportunities and equal distribution of privilege, etc.

      We are embroiled in a cultural backlash - a populist, anti-intellectualism
      and anti-modernist civil war which is about _values_ (and less about
      economic personal self-interest): abortion {and a woman's right to
      choice}, capital punishment, gay marriage, gun control, evolution vs
      creationism, prayers and religious symbols in schools, and on and on and
      on, etc, at times crossing party lines. There is a rapidly growing
      hysteria and fear, not unlike those emotions which also fueled fascism in
      the 30s. We are at the cross-roads and if we don't stop this right wing
      march now, we will see the world change in the very worst way imaginable.
      It has already started and if we are to salvage any of the gains made by
      progressives for the past 100 years we must act now.

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      It is the system, not the candidate nor the party.

      Reading what Clinton said and did you might think you are reading about
      George W. Bush, but this was Bill Clinton who dropped the bombs on
      civilians and it was Bill Clinton who told Americans that terrorists
      target the United States "because of what we stand for." It was Bill
      Clinton who acted as if he had a divine mandate to kill Muslims. Nothing
      much changes. Only the party and the players, but the game stays exactly
      the same and will be the same until the left realizes you can't reform a
      systemically flawed system. We must change it.

      * The emperor can burn down villages, but the people are forbidden to even
      light a candle


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