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Fw: Election fraud

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  • TK Wilson
    I can t say I believe a Kerry win would have resulted in less Fascism in the US or the third world affected by US policies and warmongering; never the less,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2004
      I can't say I believe a Kerry win would have resulted in less Fascism in the
      US or the "third world" affected by US policies and warmongering; never the
      this president has supposedly gotten a mandate from a group I find
      especially repulsive, right wing Christians (sic). I find the idea of
      causing as much trouble for these people, as possible, to be extremely

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      Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 1:33 PM
      Subject: Election fraud

      Kerry Can Win Ohio
      By the International Labor Communications Association

      The media has collapsed and Kerry has conceded, but we don't have to.

      According to CNN, Bush is ahead in the count in Ohio by 136,221. According
      to the Toledo Blade, Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has said the
      number of provisional ballots could be about 175,000. Blackwell also told
      the Blade that in the last election 90 percent of the provisional ballots
      ended up being declared valid and being counted, a figure also reported by
      CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen.

      There is good reason to believe that the provisional ballots are
      disproportionately for Kerry. This is because many of them are the result
      of Republicans challenging voters at the polls.

      Therefore, Kerry can win, and we need to demand that every vote be counted.

      The provisional ballots are expected to be counted in 10 days. Meanwhile,
      state law allows Republican and Democratic challengers to examine the
      envelopes and to challenge their eligibility to be counted.

      We need massive public pressure in Columbus, Ohio, to demand a fair count.
      If you can't go to Ohio, call the Democratic National Committee at
      202-863-8000 and tell them that you want the count monitored.

      Send them an Email on this page:

      Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers.

      Call your local radio and television stations.

      Write or call your Congress Members and other elected officials.

      Tell them all we want an accurate count.

      In addition, numerous possible cases of Republican wrongdoing in Ohio are
      being investigated, and we must be prepared to act quickly and in great
      numbers. Various such cases in Florida four years ago were discovered too

      There are numerous complaints from Ohio of lines at the polls being longer
      in heavily Democratic precincts, also a result of Republican challengers
      and part of the Republicans' plan. Other complaints include rejected
      registrations, polls not open on time, and voters turned away. See:

      Also watch for a related release later today from the Institute for Public

      We may also need to demand investigation of the voting machines in Ohio. A
      year ago the head of Diebold, the company that produced the machines,
      boasted of his intent to help Bush carry Ohio.

      Remember what happened in Florida in 2000:

      For updates, watch http://ILCAonline.org

      For questions or information, contact:
      David Swanson
      ILCA Media Coordinator

      Pass this on - get out to other forums, blogs and indymedia sites. Go over
      to the forum on the Labor Media site and post encouragement for this
      message. And thank David!
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