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"Our Culture, Our Resistance" is Out!

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  • Ernesto
    Our Culture, Our Resistance: People of Color Speak Out on Anarchism, Race, Class and Gender, the APOC book project started last year, is complete... and then
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2004
      "Our Culture, Our Resistance: People of Color Speak Out on Anarchism,
      Race, Class and Gender," the APOC book project started last year, is
      complete... and then some.

      The book chronicles writings by people of color on the aforementioned
      issues, as well as the Anarchist People of Color movement. It is
      being made available to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to download,
      print and sell/distribute the entire book locally. I request that
      everyone who distributes it charge fairly for the book, as no
      contributor or worker on it is getting paid. However, by all means,
      everyone is encouraged to print and share copies, and make it
      sustainable; the letter-sized pages are formatted for you to easily
      make booklets.

      This book represents a lot of things, but one great thing is it's the
      first big printed means of starting conversations about anarchism and
      race. It's something you can give to others, start discussions with,
      and whatever your creativity can support. Due to wanting to make
      copying easier for underground distributors, the book is limited to
      92 half-pages (23 letter-sized, double-sided pages). However, Volume
      2 (also 92 pages) is being released simultaneously, so to share all
      the extended pieces. Not everyone got published, including some
      fantastic poetry and articles, due to time and space and not as a
      statement on the quality of any piece. All submissions should end up
      online at http://www.illegalvoices.org/apoc/ in the coming weeks.

      Download your copy and hit the print shop now!

      "Our Culture, Our Resistance"

      "Our Culture, Our Resistance, Volume 2"

      The table of contents for "Our Culture, Our Resistance" is:

      * Introduction by Ashanti Alston
      * "Experiencing Anarchism" by Sara Ramirez Galindo
      * "Hearts Spark Arson" by Heather Ajani
      * "Puppets, Pageantry and Protest Politics: White People and the Anti-
      War Movement" by Tiffany King
      * "On Competition and Solidarity" by Soo Na
      * "The End of Idealism: Honest Conversations about Race, Class, Self-
      Determination and Anarchist People of Color" by Ernesto Aguilar
      * "Raising Children of Color in White Anarchist Circles" by Victoria
      * "Love and Respect: Parenting and Identity with Rivka Gewirtz Little
      and Bruce Little"
      * "The War of Art: A Conversation between Walidah Imarisha and
      * "No Way As A Way: An Interview with Greg Lewis"

      The table of contents for "Our Culture, Our Resistance, Volume 2" is:

      * "Culture Clashes Among American Anarchists" by Victoria Law
      * "Pencils like Daggers" by Tomás Moniz
      * "Strong Hearts and Poisoned Waters: Exclusion and the Reproductive
      Rights Movement in the U.S." by Puck
      * "A Critique of Gangsta Culture" by Suneel Mubayi
      * "Free the Land: Social Justice and the Environmental Movement" by
      Ewuare Osayande
      * "Sheep Dreams and Kitten Memes" by Shawn McDougal
      * "Race, Gender, Class: Structure of the Global Elite and World
      Capitalism" by Kapila
      * "Epliogue: Ricardo Flores Magon is Alive in All of Us" by
      Ramiro "Ramsey" Muniz

      Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts, support, efforts and

      Ernesto Aguilar
      editor, "Our Culture, Our Resistance" [1 and 2]
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