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Strike! (issue #2) out now!

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    ... Subject: Strike! (issue #2) out now! From: Strike! ... Strike! is a tabloid newspaper covering the ever important struggles of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2004
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      Subject: Strike! (issue #2) out now!
      From: "Strike!" <strike@...>

      Strike! is a tabloid newspaper covering the ever important struggles of
      working people in the Northeast and across the world. From community and
      workplace resistance, to the fights against racism and sexism as well as
      international turmoil, the struggles that rock your world are brought to
      you here with a fresh anarchist-communist perspective.

      In this issue of Strike!, you will find articles on the US elections, a
      message from the late Palestinian political prisoner Farouk Abdel-Huhiti
      (who died recently after 2 years of imprisonment in the USA as an
      immigration detainee), national truckers’ strikes, fighting bosses with
      the Montpelier downtown union, city workers preparing to strike in Philly,
      Providence library workers’ fighting budget cuts, a public harvest and
      meeting house in Tyendinaga (Mohawk territory), the campaign for Mumia
      Abu-Jamal, Immigrant defense in Toronto, “Red Card” - our sports column -
      on Carlos Delgado’s opposition to the Iraq war, an interview with war
      resister Jeremy Hinzmen who deserted the US army and is seeking refugee
      status in Canada, “Carnal Correspondence” - a pro-queer/feminist advice
      column, and much more!

      Strike! is the English-language agitational publication of the
      Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC). We are bilingual
      federation of revolutionaries who identify with the communist tradition in
      anarchism. Our activity in the last few years has focused around
      radicalizing the broad struggles of our class, in the streets, in our
      workplaces, and in our neighborhoods.

      Strike! can be obtained in most large cities in the Northeast US, as well
      as Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City in Canada.

      NEFAC members will be making a special effort to have it
      available in community centers, left bookshops and at picket lines and

      For a listing of locations that carry NEFAC publications please see:

      Bulk orders and subscriptions can be made with the Stelton
      Anarchist Collective: PO BOX 3107 New Brunswick, NJ 08903,
      or contact: strike@...

      For letters to the editor, content questions, submissions, and
      press exchanges, contact Class Action at: classaction@...

      Prices for Strike issues, subscriptions, and bundles are as follows:

      Strike Rates - US

      US Individual Copies(less than 10 copies)

      US 1 Year Subscriptions
      $5(6 issues)

      US Bulk Rates
      10-25 copies - $0.50/copy
      26-50 copies - $0.45/copy
      51-99 copies - $0.40/copy
      100+ copies - $0.35/copy

      Strike Rates Canada (ALL PRICES IN US DOLLARS*)

      Canada Individual Copies(less than 10 copies)


      Canada 1 Year Subscriptions

      Canada Bulk Rates

      10-24 copies - $0.60/copy
      25-49 copies - $0.55/copy
      50-99 copies - $0.50/copy
      100+ copies - $0.40/copy

      *contact strike@... for Canadian/US exchange rate if needed. Also,
      contact strike@... for prices for any orders outside the US and
      Canada. Please include email addresses with any order through the mail.
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