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RCMP defends Actions of Racist 911 operator-Toronto Star

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  • dave williams
    Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit (said very loudly to the RCMP! [Canada s federal police])!! Of course this was racialy motivated! They got a call from a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
      Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit (said very loudly to the
      RCMP! [Canada's federal police])!!
      Of course this was racialy motivated! They got a call
      from a reservation and put the image of a "drunk
      indian" in their head and denied this person health
      care. And who cares if she was drunk??!! Does this
      operator think that if your drunk you should be left
      in pain or possibly left to die?!
      This pisses me off! First the gov't puts these people
      in conditions that are beyond poverty on native
      reserves stashed in some secluded area so people don't
      have to look at them, builds buildings over their
      sacred burial grounds (remember oka), and now our
      federal police are defending the actions of a racist
      911 operator!!
      This makes me wanna ride back home for a bit and burn
      a maple leaf (although I probably wouldn't ever burn
      any flag...but I still feel like doing it!). Canada's
      treatment of Natives in our supposed "tollerant" and
      "peaceful" society makes me feel ashamed of my
      citizenship at times! I wonder if Michael Moore will
      talk about issues like this next time he's putting
      Canada on a pedestal?
      I wouldn't be so ticked if they would admit that this
      was the racist act of 1 operator and fired the idiot.
      But instead they do what my country of birth has done
      it's whole history and whitewashes the racist problem
      directed at natives. This particular incident could've
      proved to be far more harmful that it was.
      What bothers me more is that I'm sure this isn't an
      isolated incident.

      -Dave W

      RCMP sorry for botched 911 call
      Native woman's plea ignored N.B. operators

      to get training


      MONCTON, N.B.�Despite denying that a botched response
      to a 911 call from a native reserve was racially
      motivated, the RCMP has promised to train their
      operators to be more racially sensitive.

      The decision stems from a complaint by Dorothy Sock of
      the Elsipogtog First Nation about her treatment during
      the March 22 incident.

      Sock, 65, called for an ambulance after an elderly
      friend fell and broke her hip.

      Jean Basque, a Fredericton-based 911 operator,
      suggested the friend had been drinking and ended the
      call without dispatching an ambulance.

      The RCMP apologized for Sock's treatment, but the
      native woman refused to accept it, demanding instead a
      meeting between band, provincial and RCMP officials.

      The meeting took place June 21 in Fredericton. In a
      follow-up letter to Sock, J Division Supt. Dan Nugent
      promised the RCMP agreed to her suggestion of
      including First Nations people in ride-along training
      sessions for 911 employees.

      As well, he informed her all 911 operators will have
      to undergo sensitivity training. The letter was
      obtained by the Moncton Times and Transcript through a
      federal access-to-information request.

      "As we discussed, the RCMP maintains that, while our
      standard of service was not met in this instance, this
      was in no way racially motivated," Nugent wrote in a
      letter to Sock. "However, we do recognize there is
      always a benefit from within the law enforcement
      community to learn more about First Nations cultures
      in order for us to improve service."

      Sgt. Gary Cameron, a J Division spokesperson,
      confirmed yesterday that the force is about to
      institute a mandatory, three- to five-day course.

      "We're saying now that this is a prerequisite,"
      Cameron said.

      The force concluded Sock was treated with disrespect,
      but they declined to give details on what, if any,
      action was taken against the 911 operator.

      The RCMP maintains that Basque was confused by
      nuisance calls he took nine minutes prior to Sock's

      After Basque's rebuff, Sock dialed 911 again, and the
      second time her request was successful. The elderly
      woman was taken to hospital in Moncton and treated for
      a broken hip.

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