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2005, Drafting all Young Americans

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  • Lord_Rago_Pulse@yahoo.com
    2005, Drafting all Young Americans By Lord Rago Pulse Lord_Rago_Pulse@yahoo.com There is a military draft coming in 2005. All young Americans should be
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2004
      2005, Drafting all Young Americans

      By Lord Rago Pulse

      There is a military draft coming in 2005. All young Americans should
      be alarmed, that their life is at risk like this. The Universal
      Military Training and Service Act of 2001 lays the groundwork for
      this new draft, which could be implemented as early as March 31st,
      2005, and it calls for the draft to be ready for service within a
      period of 75 days. Listen closely. June 15th, 2005 could be the first
      activation of the military draft in over 30 years. Our government has
      already signed a treaty with both Mexico and Canada agreeing that
      they will not harbor draft dodgers, and will ship them back to
      America to be drafted, like sheep being led to slaughter.

      Recently and the latest step in re-instating the military draft,
      Senator Chuck Hagel told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee
      hearing, "Why shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some
      responsibility and pay some price? Those who are serving today and
      dying today are the middle class and lower middle class." Does this
      not sound like the pre-text to the return of the feared draft?

      I am an adolescent, nineteen years of age, who just wants to live.
      That is all. There are many like us all over the world, who just want
      to live a life, free from ignorance, free from violence, free from
      war. Why is this so hard? Why must there always be so much hatred, so
      much chaos, especially on the part of the so-called civilized world,
      and its leaders? Our leaders do not be able to comprehend the fact
      that violence and retaliation is not going to do a single thing, but
      inflame more violence.

      Students, youth, and children alike, this is your rallying cry. This
      is the issue that involves you directly, and by that, I mean quite
      possibly your life. This is grave, and it is a matter of life and
      death. If you cherish your life, your freedom, then it is your duty
      to join the growing out-cry against war, and general fascism that is
      becoming more apparent in our country with each passing day. If you
      value your freedom to live, then you will not ignore this warning.
      You will help spread the message to your friends, to everyone who
      needs to hear this, to wake up and resist the forces of war.

      This government corruption, this fascism, must be resisted. This is a
      mockery of what little freedom we have left in America. This society
      has treated us like slaves, like robots, and we have accepted this
      slavery with a smile on our face. We were all brainwashed into the
      impossible dreams that society has placed in our heads. We have been
      conditioned into ignorance, into blind conformity. Our society has
      attempted to destroy the human spirit. Our society has made a
      disgrace of everything beautiful and sacred.

      Well, the tide is turning. A large number of Americans, especially
      youngsters, have woken up to the lies we have been fed. People are
      waking up, and realizing that our government and society does not
      have the right to tell them how to live their lives, or to blind them
      with ignorance. A great many people are angry. They are angry that
      our system has blinded so many others, and kept them content in their
      own ignorance. They are crying out for freedom, the freedom to simply

      The truth is spreading, and it cannot be stopped. The fascists in
      control of our society may try, but they cannot contain truth, they
      cannot keep the ignorant sheep of America asleep for much longer. Our
      government fears that the majority will awaken, and realize how they
      have been enslaved, both mentally and physically, and this scares
      them. It scares them because they fear losing their power, and only
      god knows what ends they might deem necessary to retain that power.
      Martial law seems like a very likely method. What will you do, how
      will you feel, when you realize that a police state has been in the
      making for years, and you did nothing to stop it?

      In a nation where the poor and old cannot afford health care, where
      the economy is falling apart, where 15 percent of people live below
      the poverty line, where hundreds of thousands are homeless, and where
      the entire mass media system is owned by six mega-media
      conglomerates; in a nation with the world's highest crime rate and
      world's largest prison population; in a nation where half of all
      marriages end in divorce, where 25 percent of kids under 12 live in
      poverty, and where the gulf between the rich and poor is growing
      everyday; in a nation that supports dictatorships in Saudi Arabia,
      Egypt, and Turkey; in a nation where the government is plagued by
      corruption and fascism and 40 percent of the homeless are veterans;
      in a nation with one of the world's highest teen suicide and stress
      rates – you're telling me our biggest problems are terrorism and

      I beg you, members of my generation, to wake up, and to not buy into
      the fascism that is being fed to you as democracy. Refuse to fight,
      refuse to fight for the lies that have blinded you, and blinded that
      of your brothers. Peace is the only answer, in a world gone this mad.
      Violence will do nothing to solve anything. Please, wake up now.
      Realize the truth. Resist. A new worldwide call for freedom is being
      heard. The dawning of a new age is upon us. The spirits of
      enlightment, ecstasy, and life are awakening worldwide. Will you join
      in, or simply remain apathetic, until you yourself are being
      enslaved? The time is now.
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