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Fwd: France Invades U.S.- an anology

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  • dave williams
    Great Analogy!!!!!!! -Dave Williams ... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6028.htm ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo!
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2004
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      Great Analogy!!!!!!!
      -Dave Williams

      --- "Mirza A. Beg" <mbeg@...> wrote:
      > From: "Mirza A. Beg" <mbeg@...>
      > To: "Rashid Fehmi" <rfehmi@...>,
      > "Mirza A. Beg" <mbeg@...>
      > Subject: France Invades U.S.- an anology
      > Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:18:08 -0500
      > Friends:
      > Suppose France invaded US for the WMD and
      > threatening attitude towards France.
      > enjoy
      > Mirza
      > France Invades U.S.
      > Jerry Ghinelli
      > April 11 2004 "ICH" -- After months of build up,
      > the French government, led
      > by Jacques Chirac, launched a preemptive attack on
      > the United States of
      > America.
      > .
      > Declaring the US "a rogue nation in violation of
      > international law and in
      > defiance of UN resolution 1441," France launched a
      > major ground offensive to
      > overturn what they called "the illegitimate regime
      > of George W. Bush."
      > Citing the 2000 election as proof of an unlawful
      > government, the French
      > claimed they are invading the US to bring democracy
      > to the American people.
      > Termed Operation American Freedom, Jacques Chirac
      > declared on French
      > National TV: "the failure of the US to disarm and
      > the threats against France
      > by the unelected president has created the need to
      > invade America in order
      > to protect us against the inevitable aggression by
      > the US along with Bush's
      > stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction. The US,
      > he declared, was part of
      > an axis of evil along with the United Kingdom and
      > Israel.
      > After a relentless bombing campaign termed "Le Shock
      > e Le Awe," French along
      > with a German coalition forces captured Washington
      > DC and surrounding areas.
      > German troops controlled territory from North
      > Carolina to Florida.
      > Chirac appointed Dominique de Villepin as interim
      > president and established
      > a governing council of Americans. The complete
      > transition to the American
      > leadership is scheduled to occur on June 30 2004.
      > Made up of African
      > Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, and
      > a few white
      > "Conservatives," this council will govern the newly
      > liberated US beginning
      > on July 1, 2004.
      > Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush has been
      > arrested after a tip led
      > to his capture in a "spider hole" just outside of
      > Crawford, Texas. Bush was
      > met by French soldiers with the greeting: "Jacques
      > Chirac sends his
      > regards." The American informant received 25 million
      > Euros for the
      > information and was given French citizenship and a
      > change of identity. The
      > former undisclosed American citizen who revealed
      > "W's" whereabouts was
      > hailed as a hero by the French media. George W. Bush
      > was in good health and
      > seen on TV with a beard, long hair and his trademark
      > cowboy hat. His
      > daughters vanished and his wife's whereabouts are
      > unknown. President Bush
      > has vowed his innocence and declared the French
      > invasion illegal.
      > Meanwhile American Insurgents have fought the French
      > army using guerrilla
      > tactics and terrorist strikes. According to Chirac,
      > these terrorists "hate
      > freedom and will not succeed in our desire to bring
      > peace, security and
      > democracy to America." Chirac, when told of the
      > upsurge in American
      > resistance said: "Le' bring em on."
      > In a recent event, American insurgents attacked an
      > SUV carrying four French
      > Foreign Legion Mercenaries. Dragged from their
      > vehicle, the four Frenchmen
      > were executed and dragged through the streets of
      > Arlington, Virginia. Burned
      > and hacked the French "contractors" were despicably
      > hung from a bridge over
      > the Potomac. The French government promised to
      > "pacify" the American
      > terrorists "at a time and place of our choosing."
      > The French forces, equipped with helicopters,
      > missiles and advanced
      > weaponry, attacked Arlington, Virginia inflicting
      > 490 American deaths and
      > over 1000 injuries. Called operation Vigilant
      > Resolve, the government of
      > Jacques Chirac claimed the action was justified to
      > avenge the killing and
      > humiliation of the so-called French "contractors".
      > Terrorism, Chirac
      > declared, must be fought at all costs and France
      > will never accept the
      > approval of the anyone to protect it's citizens."
      > Meanwhile back in the US , American insurgents have
      > retaken Charlotte,
      > Savannah and Jacksonville. Chirac, declared these
      > terrorists will be
      > defeated and the will of the French people is
      > unshakable. Chirac, after
      > landing on the French Aircraft Carrier Napoleon, and
      > declaring, "Mission
      > Accomplished," has admitted over 500 French soldiers
      > have been killed and
      > 3000 were wounded by the criminals and terrorists of
      > "freedom hating"
      > Americans.
      > A spokesman for the Chirac announced today that
      > Donald Rumsfeld has been
      > captured but his detention remains classified.
      > Donald Rumsfeld, the Ace of
      > Diamonds in the Chirac's deck of cards, was the
      > former Defense Secretary
      > under the brutal undemocratic administration of
      > George W. Bush. Rumsfeld,
      > according to Chirac, was wanted "dead or alive".
      > "The world today is a safer
      > place with Rumsfeld in custody, "said Chirac.
      > With the French death toll now surpassing 650 and
      > the American death toll in
      > the tens of thousands, according to Chirac, "all
      > human life is precious,
      > even sometimes American, but such is the price of
      > freedom and democracy."
      > In an extraordinary event, "High Priest" and former
      > presidential candidate
      > Pat Robertson declared today "Christian Jihad"
      > against what he called the
      > French "Atheists". Citing, "better to die as a
      > martyr," Robertson appealed
      > to all Christians to expel the French invaders and
      > return the US to it's
      > Christian traditions. Robertson has issued a "Fatwa"
      > declaring the French
      > "Atheists" as illegal invaders and to attack them
      > with passion. "Jesus is
      > Great," declared Robertson. The French government
      > met in Paris this morning
      > and declared Robertson an enemy of the American
      > people and issued a warrant
      > for his arrest.
      > In a stunning new development, the French government
      > announced an estimated
      > 10,000 Americans have been detained by French,
      > German, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
      > and Polish coalition forces in newly built
      > "rehabilitation" camp in West
      > Virginia. Branded as "terrorists" these detainees,
      > according to interim
      > president de Villepin, are treated in accordance
      > with Geneva Convention
      > rules. However, he has denied the Red Cross or any
      > human rights groups
      > access to inspect living conditions in the West
      > Virginia "rehabilitation"
      > camp.
      > Today Chirac and Schroeder issued a communiqu�
      > announcing their scheduled
      > meeting in Paris later this week to discuss the ever
      > increasing terrorist
      > violence in the the US. Chirac and Schroeder will
      > discuss the transfer of
      > power the American council on June 30 and how to
      > combat the growing American
      > insurgency.
      > Chirac and Schroeder concluded their communiqu�
      > stating: Vive la France and
      > Deutschland Uber Alles.
      > Copyright: Jerry Ghinelli
      > jerryghinelli@...
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