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Fwd: [f_shadi] Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines Apr 18, 2004 ~

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      > From: Shadi Fadda <f_shadi@...>
      > Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 22:12:46 +0100 (BST)
      > Subject: [f_shadi] Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines
      > Apr 18, 2004 ~
      > Israeli soldiers shoot dead another Palestinian
      > unarmed protester
      > The surgeon, Dr. Huwwari reported that the bullet
      > had passed near De�yaa�s heart causing cardiac
      > arrest and fragmenting one of his lungs, before
      > exiting. A couple of hours after coming out of
      > surgery and appearing to be stable, De�yaa died.
      > De�yaa Abdul Kareem was in the olive groves located
      > approximately 500 meters from the worksite of
      > Israeli bulldozers when he was hit by a live bullet
      > shot by an Israeli army sniper.
      > Occupation Forces Shoot Three in Biddu
      > As soon as the Occupation soldiers appeared, the
      > demonstrators met them by throwing stones,
      > attempting to drive them out of the village, and
      > stop the work on the Wall. Occupation soldiers
      > immediately began firing a combination of live, and
      > rubber bullets, severly injuring three.
      > http://stopthewall.org/latestnews/482.shtml
      > Villagers from Northwest Jerusalem Protest PA
      > Inaction
      > Palestinians from the villages northwest of
      > Jerusalem protested today in Ramallah against The
      > Palestinian Authority and what the people perceive
      > as it's inaction against stopping the Apartheid
      > Wall.
      > http://stopthewall.org/photos/481.shtml
      > 5-year-old girl injured by Israeli tank fire
      > He saw an Israeli tank in the road ahead of him. He
      > turned to the right, onto his street. His five year
      > old daughter, Batool, turned around to watch the
      > tank. The tank fired several shots which went
      > through his car, the car seat and into his
      > daughter�s chest. He kept driving to the hospital.
      > An ambulance was in the area; the tank smashed it,
      > crumpling its wheels.
      > Separation wall to be completed before Gaza pullout:
      > Sharon
      > His announcement at a cabinet meeting was regarded
      > as bowing to Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as
      > this was one of the Netanyahu's conditions for
      > supporting Sharon's disengagement plan. Netanyahu is
      > expected to announce his formal support for Sharon's
      > disengagement plan, Israel Army Radio reported on
      > Sunday.
      > Israeli tanks shell Khan Younis, 9 Palestinians
      > wounded
      > Israeli tanks shelled overnight Palestinians' houses
      > in the southern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Khan
      > Younis, injuring at least nine Palestinians, local
      > security sources reported Sunday. Among the nine
      > Palestinians injured, two of them were children aged
      > nine and seven and in critical conditions...
      > Israeli Troops Take it Out on Children and Wound
      > Three, Two Critically
      > The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) violently
      > confronted with the demonstrations that erupted
      > after the extrajudicial execution of Hamas leader
      > Dr. Abdel Aziz Al Rantisi, shooting three children
      > and wounding them, two of them critically.
      > Child Wounded in Nablus
      > Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers stormed Barqa
      > village of Nablus, opened fire at civilians and
      > schoolchildren, injuring Mohammed Daghlas 13, with a
      > rubber bullet in the head.
      > Fatah armed wing claims responsibility for attacking
      > Israeli jeep
      > Al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of the Fatah
      > movement said on Sunday that the Palestinian who was
      > killed overnight near the southern Gaza Strip Jewish
      > settlement of Kissufim was one of its members.
      > Rantisi chose open defiance rather than a life in
      > hiding
      > Rantisi refused to go into hiding, despite the
      > assassination of Sheikh Yassin. "It's death, whether
      > by killing or by cancer. Nothing will change. If by
      > Apache or by cardiac arrest, I prefer Apache," he
      > said last month.
      > Hamas vows "volcano of revenge" after Rantissi
      > assassination, Sharon defiant
      > Hamas threatened a "volcano of revenge" against
      > Israel as some 200,000 Palestinians packed the
      > streets of Gaza... His killing late Saturday
      > prompted a chorus of international condemnation,
      > except in the United States, and sparked
      > anti-Israeli and anti-US protests in Arab countries
      > such as Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait and
      > Tunisia.
      > Quraya seeks world's help on Sharon plan
      > Quraya on Sunday accused the United States of
      > breaking international law by making "concessions"
      > in support of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's
      > plan to evacuate the Gaza Strip.
      > Mashal says Rantisi's killing will not weaken group
      > "What Bush told Sharon in the White House three days
      > ago is the clearest green light and cover for
      > Sharon's crimes and for what has happened to Dr.
      > Abdel Aziz Rantisi," Mashal said. "Thus, it (the
      > United States) is the one responsible for this
      > crime."
      > http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/416695.html
      > Moussa calls for joint Arab action against Israel
      > Moussa emphasized that it is necessary to face
      > "Israel's criminal policies," which he said has
      > "reached its limits", with a serious Arab stance.
      > Asked about growing public demands to boycott Israel
      > and the United States, Moussa said such expression
      > of public opinion mirrors the "frustration towards
      > what is happening."
      > Annan condemns Israel's assassination of Hamas
      > leader Abdelaziz Rantissi
      > United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has
      > condemned Israel's assassination of Hamas leader
      > Abdelaziz Rantissi and called on the country to end
      > the practice of extrajudicial killngs, which violate
      > international law.
      > Kuwaiti government condemns assasination of Rantisi
      > Kuwaiti Council of Ministers, during its weekly
      > cabinet session, reiterated Kuwait's strong
      > condemnation of the terrorist action that the
      > Israeli government committed against Rantisi, Kuwait
      > News Agency reported.
      > U.S. declines to condemn Rantisi assassination
      > The White House early Sunday declined to criticize
      > Israel's assassination of Hamas leader Abdel Raziz
      > Rantisi, saying instead that Israel "has the right
      > to defend itself from terrorist attacks" and urging
      > restraint in the region.
      > EU condemns Rantissi killing, insists peace talks
      > must return to fore
      > "He once again reminded the Israeli government that
      > extra-judicial killings are contrary to
      > international law and pointed out that respect for
      > international law should mark an important
      > distinction between democratically elected
      > governments and terrorist groups," the statement
      > added.
      > http://www.eubusiness.com/afp/040418141352.odgq8lz4
      > Japanese Government Condemns Assassination of
      > Rantissi
      > Yoriko Kawaguchi, the Japanese foreign minister,
      > said in a statement today that the assassination was
      > a thoughtless and unjustifiable act, giving no
      > consideration of its consequences.
      > Mashal: Arab nations abandoning Palestinians
      > Khaled Mashal, head of the Hamas political bureau,
      > on Sunday lashed out at the Arab countries for
      > failing to support... The Palestinians are deeply
      > disappointed with the Arab leaders for failing to
      > hold a summit to discuss the latest developments in
      > the Arab world.
      > Hamas appoints new leader after Rantisi's
      > assassination
      > Meanwhile, Israel's Army Radio said the successor to
      > Rantisi is Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas leader
      > who escaped an Israeli assassination attempt last
      > year. But Hamas refused to comment on the report.
      > Assassinating Rantisi a result of Sharon's visit to
      > US: PNA
      > "We are starting to feel serious concern and danger,
      > especially after this visit and US president George
      > W. Bush's statements legalized the resumption of the
      > Israeli aggressions carried out against
      > Palestinians," Al-Khatib said.
      > Israeli Minister Sees Annexation of West Bank Blocs
      > Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday
      > Israel had received approval from the United States
      > for a future Israeli annexation of West Bank
      > settlement blocs under a unilateral disengagement
      > plan from the Palestinians.
      > Arafat urged to step down
      > Independent deputy Azmi Al Shuwaibi, at a
      > parliamentary meeting in this West Bank town,
      > proposed that Arafat follow the example of the late
      > Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. Nasser quit
      > following the Arab defeat in the 1967 Middle East
      > war.
      > Background / Articulate Rantisi rivaled Arafat
      > When he returned to the territories, Rantisi was
      > arrested and imprisoned numerous times by the PA.
      > His popularity increased continually during the
      > present intifada; a poll taken in the territories
      > just before the killing of Ahmed Yassin put Rantisi
      > second in popularity only to Yasser Arafat.
      > http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/416419.html
      > Sharon's Skin and Bush's Spots - by Uri Avnery
      > "It is said that Bush is the most pro-Israeli
      > American president there ever was. I think that the
      > opposite is true. I believe that he is the most
      > anti-Israeli American president there ever was,
      > because the Sharon-Bush plan is blocking the way to
      > Israeli-Palestinian peace, our only hope for a
      > normal life."
      > http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/6314/
      > Assassination of Hamas Leader Lays Bare
      > Anglo-American Rift
      > The UK again condemned �targeted assassinations�
      > while the US backed Israel�s �right to defend
      > itself�. The timing was particularly embarrassing
      > for Tony Blair coming so close Washington talks with
      > US President George Bush.
      > http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=2798439
      > Spanish PM gives order for pullout of troops from
      > Iraq
      > U.S. President George Bush has urged Spain and other
      > allies in Iraq to stick with Washington. "According
      > to the information we have...it is not likely that a
      > UN resolution will be adopted that will meet the
      > conditions we have set for our presence in Iraq,"
      > Zapatero said.
      > http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/416730.html
      > 11 US soldiers killed in one day in Iraq
      > an eleventh soldier died in a tank rollover accident
      > occurred also on Saturday. Since April 1, some 104
      > US soldiers have been killed in Iraq. About 700 US
      > soldiers have died in combat and non combat actions
      > in Iraq since the war began in March 2003, it was
      > reported.
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