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"Radical Problems" (Anti-Anarchist Scare Story)

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  • Dan Clore
    News & Views for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo Boston Herald Radical problem: Anarchists may target DNC with violent protests By
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      News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

      Boston Herald
      Radical problem: Anarchists may target DNC with violent protests
      By Dave Wedge
      Thursday, April 8, 2004

      Wary of increasingly violent radical groups, authorities are
      bracing for a possible invasion of unruly party crashers at
      this summer's Democratic National Convention, including some
      underground extremists who endorse rioting and mayhem.

      "What we're hearing from some groups is to direct violence
      at persons, including law enforcement," FBI spokeswoman Gail
      Marcinkiewicz said yesterday.
      [Odd how they fail to name these groups.--DC]

      The Hub-based anarchist network BAAM has been hosting
      regular meetings at MIT "to plan out resistance to the DNC."
      The group's name refers to "the pleasant sound of
      authoritarianism being smashed," according to its Web site.

      Anti-war and anti-capitalism, BAAM promotes rioting on the
      site, urging members to "ALWAYS cover your face (bandanas
      and hats work great)."

      The group also issues veiled threats against the police, the
      FBI, the IRS and locally based corporate giants like
      Fidelity, Citibank and Fleet.

      "In event of war . . . attack the real enemy," the site
      states, alluding to bombing and providing addresses of
      Boston businesses and government agencies.

      Another Hub-based anarchist cell, the Bl(A)ck Tea Society
      calls for "direct actions to confront the Democratic
      National Convention in Boston." The group's rallying cry,
      according to their Web site is: "No DNC: finish the american
      [What, couldn't find anything that could be misrepresented
      as a call to violence?--DC]

      Increasingly violent and organized national extremist groups
      that could show up at the DNC -- such as the Animal
      Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front -- are known
      to wear full riot gear, lock themselves to buildings, use
      slingshots to shoot flames, bleach and feces and call in
      bomb threats.
      [Remarckable lack of documentation for these implausible

      "People are welcome to come here and express themselves, but
      they are not welcome to come here and destroy property or
      put anyone in harm's way," Boston police spokeswoman
      Mariellen Burns said.
      [So the police won't be welcome there, then?--DC]

      Also in the planning stages is a march of anarchists,
      anti-globalization activists and other fringe groups from
      the DNC to the Republican National Convention in New York
      City, which is a month after the July 26-29 Boston event.
      [Oh my god, a march! How violent!!--DC]

      Hub authorities are preparing based on violent clashes at
      past high-security events, including the 1999 WTO riots in
      Seattle and the 2000 RNC and DNC in Philadelphia and Los
      Angeles respectively. Both 2000 conventions saw sporadic
      unrest and hundreds of arrests.
      [And practically no convictions.--DC]

      In Philadelphia, the violence was more widespread with
      protesters reportedly using urine- and acid-filled Super
      Soaker guns on police, lighting fires and blocking traffic.
      [Again with hundreds of arrests and practically no



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