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A 'Police Plot' to Discredit Anarchism and Create a European-Wide Anti-Anarchist

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  • comrade_blackberry
    A Police Plot to Discredit Anarchism and Create a European-Wide Anti-Anarchist Force? By Dimitrov Kyriakov (myself). Italy s Interior Ministry on the 5th of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
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      A 'Police Plot' to Discredit Anarchism and Create a European-Wide
      Anti-Anarchist Force?

      By Dimitrov Kyriakov (myself).

      Italy's Interior Ministry on the 5th of January announced the creation
      of a European task force to combat 'anarchist insurrection' over a
      letter bomb campaign over the last few weeks against European Union
      leaders, apparently launched from Italy.

      The force will gather data for two months on the 'phenomenon of
      anarchist insurrection' -- the term Italy has used to describe those
      behind the letter bombs. Italy will coordinate the task force, which
      is to help future 'anti-terror' operations.

      A group calling itself the 'Informal Anarchist Federation' ('FAI') has
      claimed responsibility in a letter printed in an Italian newspaper.
      Although no known Italian anarchist groups have ever heard of this
      association, the acronym matches exactly that of another above-ground,
      revolutionary organisation in Bologna: the Italian Anarchist
      Federation (FAI). They have been quick to denounce the bombing
      campaign, claiming no knowledge of those involved in the incidents,
      and have denounced the violent tactics in a recent communique.

      '[The FAI] denounces the serious and infamous nature of attributing
      this kind of facts to initials alluding to the monogram of FAI --
      Italian Anarchist Federation. Whoever points out a group of comrades
      to repression is a police or one that cooperates with them.'

      '[The FAI] asserts...its condemnation of bombs, exploding parcels and
      such devices, that may strike without discrimination, and in any way
      look -- at best -- to be functional to logic of provocation and
      criminalization of dissent through the media, in a moment in which
      anarchists are among the protagonists of social conflicts, from
      strikes, to initiatives against war, etc.'

      So, how exactly could this be a 'police plot'?

      - Some of the letter bombs were actually delivered to the intended
      recipients. They surpassed the usual security checks that members of
      the ruling class use to root out such dangerous packages.

      - The letter bombs have so far failed to injure no-one, even when they
      have exploded into fires in the hands of the recipients. They have
      merely created small, easily extinguishable fires. Surely if the
      senders intended to kill or at least injure, they would have been
      successful in at least one attempt?

      - So far, no evidence has been produced to support the claim that an
      anarchist or anarchist has sent the letters, or anyone else for that
      matter. The authorities have merely been raising suspicion through the
      corporate media, along with the suspicious letter and as always, they
      have produced the results.

      - The 'Informal Anarchist Federation', in its letter to an Italian
      newspaper, claimed that it wanted to target 'the apparatus of control
      that is repressive and leading the democratic show that is the new
      European order.' This in itself is suspicious, as it has actually
      labeled the European Union as 'democratic', even though 'show' has
      been added afterwards. A more anarchist-like description of the EU
      would have been the 'fascist show', or something with similar negative
      connotations, rather than something that has positive connotations,
      where the wording can easily be misinterpreted by those who do not
      understand anarchism or anarchists.

      - There is nothing to gain from such a tactic, other than gain more
      crack downs on dissent by the State. It is questionable whether
      anarchists working in communities of struggle would knowingly place
      their comrades in danger for such imperceptible gains.

      This bombing campaign smells like 'cop'. The suspicions by the real
      FAI seem to be well founded. It appears that the EU are afraid of the
      influence of anarchists in the anti-capitalist movement, and have
      begun to take some 'pro-active' measures to contain anarchist influence.

      The Italian ruling class has attempted to discredit the 'left' before,
      mainly the Leninist Red Brigades. Spies working for the Italian secret
      services who infiltrated the Red Brigades were the masterminds behind
      the kidnapping and murder of the former prime minister Aldo Moro in
      1978, according to one of the group's founders. [1]

      It has been further revealed that US intelligence services instigated
      and abetted rightwing terrorism in Italy during the 1970s, thanks to a
      former Italian secret service general. [2] And a 300-page report by
      the Left Democrat party in Italy, released in June 2000, says that the
      United States was responsible for inspiring those who carried out the
      attacks were rarely caught. This is because 'those massacres, those
      bombs, those military actions had been organised or promoted or
      supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been
      discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of United
      States intelligence'. [3]

      Upon observing past events, the Italian ruling class is not new to
      creating a 'false red scare'. But this new 'red scare' cannot be
      brushed aside by anarchists and others on the left as 'the usual
      red-baiting attempt.' It is a serious attempt to undermine anarchism
      and excuse the creation of an 'anti-terror' force, in order to
      meticulously spy on dissidents and restrict dissent. And any such
      attempt should be viewed upon with much concern. A task force has
      already been created to solely investigate anarchists for two months.

      The possibility remains, however, that such bombings have been carried
      out by self-proclaimed 'anarchists' that are disconnected from groups
      such as the FAI, who struggle to promote autonomy, social and economic
      justice in Italy. The history of in Italy has demonstrated that the
      'strategy of tension' is served equally well by the brash actions of
      'useful idiots,' no matter what their ideology.

      1: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3852325,00.html
      2: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4158945,00.html
      3: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4033098,00.html


      - Comrade James
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