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Fw: [NEFAC NEWS] End of Year Communiqué from NEFAC: Solidarity with Protesters Against Neoliberalism

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    ... From: Open City, NEFAC General Secretariat To: news@nefac.net Sent: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 12:34:12 -0500 Subject: [NEFAC NEWS] End of Year
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      Subject: [NEFAC NEWS] End of Year Communiqué from NEFAC: Solidarity with Protesters Against Neoliberalism

      End of Year Communiqué from NEFAC: Solidarity with Protesters
      Against Neoliberalism

      With the close of the old year comes word that a U.S. federal
      judge has ruled invalid the mass arrest of 150 people during the
      historic 'Battle of Seattle' against the 1999 meeting of the
      World Trade Organization. District Judge Marsha Pechman found
      that police violated the constitutional mandate which states
      arrests can be made only when probable cause exists to believe a
      crime has been committed. [See Seattle Post Intelligencer,
      Wednesday, December 31, 2003, "Judge rules mass arrests in WTO
      invalid."] This news, as well as the possibility that the people
      of Seattle themselves might be liable for damages in a lawsuit
      filed by the arrestees, should surprise no one.

      The pattern established during the WTO protests of police abuse,
      subsequent reversal of charges, and the placement of an enormous
      financial millstone squarely on the shoulders of an already
      abraded public for crimes committed by the state has become all
      too common in the four years of widespread protest in the United
      States against neoliberalism. The pattern can be followed
      across the country, from upheaval to upheaval, from Los Angeles
      to New York, down the eastern coast to Miami, where, this past
      November 2003, protesters against the Free Trade Agreement of
      the Americas talks, especially people of color, women, queer and
      transgendered comrades, had their fundamental rights to free
      speech and due process violated, were brutalized, isolated, and
      targeted for physical and sexual assault in the prison system
      after grossly false arrest. For this reason, the North-Eastern
      Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) expresses our continued
      solidarity with our comrades in struggle.

      Like the equivalent policies put forth by the WTO, the FTAA is an
      effort to reorganize capitalist trade in the Western hemisphere
      in the interests of the most powerful US-based businesses. We
      are proud that some of our members were part of the thousands of
      people, from all walks of life--students, retirees, union members
      and others--who demonstrated against the FTAA. We are delighted
      that the demonstrators received popular support while in Miami,
      from working class people and prisoners. These demonstrations
      contributed to the failure of the Miami talks, as they had to the
      previous Cancun talks, as they had to talks that can be traced
      back to Seattle. But we are furious, though not surprised, at
      the extent of repression which the state rained down on the

      Thousands of dollars were spent to hire eight thousand
      militarized police under the direction of John Timoney whose
      notorious resume has included brutally battling the public since
      1988, when he directed the New York City police force to attack
      the homeless, housing activists, squatters and massive numbers of
      their Tent City supporters in Tompkins Square Park. Timoney
      further honed his reputation for repression and assault as
      Philadelphia's police commissioner during the 2000 Republican
      National Convention. In Timoney's Miami, peaceful gatherings and
      marches were assaulted by police armed with clubs, tasers, pepper
      spray and repeat-firing rubber bullets. Injuries were widespread
      among the demonstrators. Plain clothes provocateurs, scattered
      throughout the demonstrations, attacked real protesters.
      Numerous people reported police holding guns with live bullets to
      their heads, making threats. The FBI admits to spying on
      the protest organizers. Hundreds were arrested, in spite of
      these being among the most nonviolent demonstrations held in the
      United States.

      This is the face of the State. This IS capitalist democracy.
      When the ruling elite feels that its limited democratic
      procedures or its lying propaganda are not enough to maintain
      control, it resorts to the club and the gun. In this way, they
      assaulted the nonviolent civil rights demonstrations of Dr. King
      and others. In this way, they assaulted student antiwar
      protesters, like those at Kent State. In this way, they attacked
      striking workers, from the thirties to this very day.

      We support and reiterate the demands of the Miami Activist
      Defense. Those threatened with fines and legal action need help
      in gathering money, with the on-going goal for all charges to be
      dropped. An independent, civilian investigation panel, with the
      power to compel police testimony and to enforce departmental
      policy changes, should be convened. Charges of misconduct and
      abuse must be investigated, with all officers being held
      accountable for their actions. John Timoney should be fired from
      the Miami Police Force and should be prevented from ever working
      in a similar capacity. The local Miami "Parade and Assembly"
      ordinances and the Florida and Federal Patriot Acts should be
      repealed. Down with John Ashcroft!

      The struggle for global justice will not go away. It is only one
      aspect of the class war. So, goodbye to the old year. Welcome
      to the new. In 2004, from July 26 - 29 in Boston and from
      August 29 - September 4 in New York, the Democrats and the
      Republicans will hold their national conventions in two of our
      organizing areas. These arch proponents of capitalism have
      afflicted us with wars, a wrecked economy, an insensible social
      system, and a damaged planet. They put our children and our
      future in peril. We will continue to struggle, harder and
      smarter, and we intend to win, in Boston, New York and beyond.

      General Secretariat, NEFAC
      North-Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists



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