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Eleven Wounded in West Bank Barrier Protest (Three Stories)

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  • Dan Clore
    News for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo Eleven Wounded in West Bank Barrier Protest, including an Israeli, a Swedish
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      News for Anarchists & Activists:

      Eleven Wounded in West Bank Barrier Protest, including an
      Israeli, a Swedish parliamentarian arrested
      Wed December31 ,05 2003 : 34AM ET

      RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) -- Israeli troops on Wednesday
      shot and wounded at least 10 Palestinians and one Israeli
      involved in a protest at a construction site for Israel's
      controversial barrier in the West Bank, a witness said.
      Military sources said one border policeman was lightly
      wounded after protesters threw stones and interrupted
      building work on the barrier. They said soldiers used
      "non-lethal means" to disperse the protesters and did not
      use live ammunition.

      The incident, outside the Palestinian village of Budrus near
      Ramallah, was the second time in five days that the army
      fired at demonstrators gathered by the barrier. On December
      26, troops shot and wounded a young Israeli and an American
      with live fire.

      Jonathan Pollak, a member of the Israeli Anarchists against
      the Wall group, said soldiers fired toward around 500
      Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters near
      bulldozers turning over ground for an extension of the barrier.

      He said 10 Palestinians were hit and taken to hospital while
      an Israeli woman was slightly wounded in the leg.

      Ted Querbath, a US protester from New York, told Reuters:

      "I saw six people who were wounded when the army started
      shooting rubber bullets and tear gas. A Palestinian woman
      was severely beaten up and bleeding on her head."

      Querbath said three Israelis, two Swedes (one of them a
      member of the Swedish Parliament) and an American were among
      those arrested. Protesters involved in the lengthy
      demonstration blocked army vehicles and chanted "God is
      greatest" before being sprayed by tear gas.

      Palestinian medics said 20 Palestinians were hit by rubber
      bullets and taken to hospital while an Israeli woman was
      slightly wounded in the leg.

      Israel's vast barrier cuts off land from West Bank territory
      Palestinians see as part of a future state. Israel says the
      barrier is needed to keep out suicide bombers.

      Pollak said the foreign protesters included members of the
      pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement and the
      International Women's Peace Service group.


      Khaleej Times Online
      Dozen injured in West Bank security fence protest
      31 December 2003

      OCCUPIED JERUSALEM -- Around 10 demonstrators and two
      Israeli border policemen were injured on Wednesday morning
      in a clash, which broke out after a group of Palestinian,
      foreign and Israeli activists tried to disrupt the building
      of Israel’s security barrier near Ramallah.

      The protestors threw rocks at Israeli security forces
      guarding work on the fence near the village of Budrus, west
      of Ramallah on the borderline separating the West Bank from
      Israel. The force responded by firing tear gas and rubber

      Four Palestinians and four foreign nationals, including one
      who identified himself as Gustav Fridolin, 20, a member of
      the Swedish parliament for the Green party, were arrested,
      Israeli Police Spokesman Gil Kleiman told DPA.

      They were being questioned in a police station in the
      central Israeli village of Beit Arieh about entering a
      closed military zone, he said. Police were checking whether
      the four foreigners would be released or deported from the

      Fridolin complained he was beaten on the back with a police

      "It was a non-violent demonstration. We were just standing
      and talking when suddenly, without warning, bullets were
      fired at us. Afterwards we understood they were rubber
      bullets," he told Israeli media.

      The demonstrators included members of several
      pro-Palestinian movements, including the International
      Solidarity Movement (ISM) and Grassroots International and
      Anarchists against Fences.

      Paramedics of the Palestinian Red Crescent said all 10
      protesters injured were Palestinians, who suffered slight
      injuries. They were treated on the spot, except for one who
      was evacuated to hospital as a precaution after being hit in
      the head by a rubber bullet.

      They said the injuries were mostly from tear gas and that no
      live ammunition was used.

      In a similar demonstration against the fence Friday in the
      northern region of the West Bank, Israeli troops fired live
      ammunition at demonstrators who were trying to destroy the
      fence, seriously wounding an Israeli citizen.

      The army is investigating the shooting, which led to an
      outcry in Israel as the troops apparently violated orders by
      firing live ammunition when their lives were not in danger.

      "The army is shooting at civilians and the prime minister is
      doing nothing," legislator Yuli Tamir, of the opposition
      Labour Party, charged.

      The Israeli government decided to build the controversial
      barrier along the West Bank border in June 2002, after an
      unprecedented wave of suicide bombings launched from the
      West Bank, in order to make it more difficult for militants
      to enter Israel.

      But the barrier has sparked fierce protests and
      condemnation, in part because it deviates from the
      borderline in several places, incorporating swathes of
      Palestinian-owned land behind it and placing 11,700
      Palestinians on the Israeli side.


      JNW News
      Violent fence protestors wound police officers
      By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff
      December 31, 2003

      Jerusalem (http://www.jnewwire.com ) -- A mob of
      Palestinians, anarchist Israelis and extremist foreign
      activists attacked Israeli security forces with stones at a
      construction site for the country's security fence Wednesday

      The rioters wounded two Border Police officers. IDF soldiers
      responded by dispersing the demonstrators with tear gas and
      rubber bullets.

      Violent protest

      Some 500 Palestinian, anarchist Israeli and extremist
      foreign protestors clashed with IDF soldiers Wednesday
      morning at a site near Ramallah where a new segment of
      Israel's security fence is under construction.

      The rioters reportedly hurled stones at the security forces,
      wounding two Border Police officers. Soldiers then used tear
      gas and rubber bullets to disperse the threatening mob.

      Six of the rioters were wounded in the clash and another
      eight arrested, Israel Radio reported. One of them is
      reportedly a member of the Swedish parliament.

      Not an isolated incident

      Wednesday's clash was not an isolated incident. Gangs of
      hooligans have attempted to damage the fence in numerous
      places in past weeks.

      Last Friday, a similar group confronted IDF troops guarding
      an already completed section of the fence near the town of

      On that occasion, soldiers fired several rounds of live fire
      at the legs of the aggressive protestors, wounding an
      Israeli man and a foreign woman.

      An initial investigation into the shooting indicated the
      soldiers had feared the large crowd -- many of whom were
      dressed in the manner of Palestinian terrorists -- would
      break through the barrier and attack them.

      The soldiers involved were cleared Wednesday of any wrong
      doing, after it was determined they acted in accordance with
      standing military guidelines.

      Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim demanded Wednesday that
      the wounded Israeli, identified as a leader within the mob,
      be put on trial for knowingly attempting to sabotage a
      security installation.

      Both violent demonstrations were initiated by the so-called
      Anarchists Against the Wall -- a small, largely unknown
      group of extremist Jews -- and the International Solidarity
      Movement -- an outfit known for obstructing IDF soldiers
      trying to carry out their orders in the war on terror.


      The great majority of Israelis support construction of the
      fence, and Jerusalem insists the barrier is needed to keep
      Palestinian jihadist bombers from reaching Israeli
      population centers.

      Dan Clore

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