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IDF Shoots Unarmed Peace Activists (Yet More Stories)

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  • Dan Clore
    News for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo [Some predictable flak.--DC] Jerusalam Post Dec. 30, 2003 Fence-building anarchists
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 30, 2003
      News for Anarchists & Activists:

      [Some predictable flak.--DC]

      Jerusalam Post
      Dec. 30, 2003
      Fence-building anarchists

      Yesterday this newspaper ran a picture of Chief of General
      Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon being lectured to by wounded
      anarchist and former paratrooper Gil Na'amati from his
      hospital bed.

      The picture of our highest-ranking officer patiently
      listening to a young man who may still be charged with
      sabotaging the security fence speaks volumes both regarding
      the nature of Israeli democracy and the bizarre turns we
      must take to defend ourselves.

      Na'amati was in a group of protesters who were allegedly
      shaking and cutting the chain-link security fence. There
      were reportedly only four soldiers opposite a much larger
      group of agitators, some of them masked, who seemed to be
      trying to break through the fence and cross to the Israeli
      side. After shouting and firing warning shots in the air,
      the soldiers reportedly asked and received permission to
      fire at the legs of the would-be infiltrators.

      Much attention has been paid to the question of whether the
      soldiers knew they were firing at Israelis or not. This
      question would seem to imply that if the protesters were
      Palestinians, shooting at them would be more acceptable.

      We must be clear: Deadly force should not be used against
      peaceful protesters, be they Israelis or Palestinians. That
      said, it is not always possible for a soldier to know who is
      a terrorist and who is an unarmed demonstrator. And
      breaching a border fence is hardly a legally protected form
      of free speech.

      One soldier who was there said, "I will tell you the truth:
      I was afraid . . . We were terrified that they would throw
      grenades at us."

      The IDF judge advocate-general has ordered a full
      investigation into the incident, and Na'amati has already
      been questioned under warning. We encourage these
      investigations and are confident that whoever violated
      orders or the law will be punished.

      The other question being raised is why the soldiers were not
      equipped with riot gear. In retrospect, they should have
      been. But it should also be recognized that a border,
      temporary or not, in a time of terrorism is a dangerous place.

      Many Palestinians have been killed trying to breach the
      fence around the Gaza Strip. Some of them were armed
      terrorists, some were hapless laborers looking for work in

      Even if the IDF's training and equipment are improved, it is
      not realistic to expect a perfect ability to distinguish
      between deadly terrorists, jobless migrants, and violent
      anarchists or other political grandstanders. Protesters who
      choose battle zones as their venue are taking a risk that
      cannot be eliminated and is at least partly their

      At the same time, we must remember that those who sympathize
      with terrorism against us or oppose even our non-violent
      means of self-defense, such as a fence, both expect to be
      protected by Israeli democratic values and are attempting to
      stretch those values to the breaking point.

      Groups like Na'amati's "Anarchists Against the Wall" will
      always take advantage of the fact that democracies believe
      in the right to protest. You won't see them protesting in
      Ramallah or Gaza in opposition to suicide bombings against
      Israel, either because they support terrorism, or because
      the Palestinian Authority would never permit such a protest.

      It is ironic, of course, that "anarchists" would feel closer
      to a police state than to a democracy. But the protesters
      are misdirected even on their own terms, that is, even if
      they only care about Palestinians and not Israelis.

      It is true that the current war is causing all kinds of
      hardships for the Palestinians, including those born of
      security measures that affect Palestinians in general, not
      just the terrorists who attack us or the regime that
      oppresses them. The security fence and assorted road blocks
      are obvious examples.

      Yet the complaint of the Palestinians and their fellow
      travelers generally boils down to "it all started when he
      hit me back." Want to help the Palestinians? Tell them to
      stop attacking Israel, and the record shows that Israel will
      quickly reciprocate by easing its onerous security measures.

      Indeed, if the Palestinians were to implement the road map
      rather than torpedo it, and drop their claim of a right to
      live in Israel (the "right of return"), there could be
      final-status negotiations that would obviate the need for a
      temporary fence unilaterally imposed by Israel. In the
      meantime, it is Palestinian terrorism that is building the
      fence, with the help of its supposed friends.


      The Beautiful People Who Support Terrorists
      By Steven Plaut
      December 30, 2003

      That the media gets its facts wrong when reporting the
      Middle East is hardly news, but the ways in which the media
      reports its mistaken statistics tells us a lot about their
      bias. For example, you will hear the media say that 904
      Israelis have died since the beginning of the (misnamed)
      "al-Aqsa Intifada," but that count is intentionally
      deflated. The media begins the count in September 2000,
      seven years after the Oslo carnage actually began. This is
      yet another effort by the media to lead people to believe
      the entire bloodbath was caused by Ariel Sharon going for a
      stroll on the Temple Mount in September 2000, a stroll
      almost as provocative as would have been a similar stroll in
      the Vatican by an Italian politician.

      The victims of the Oslo Peace Bloodbath should be counted
      beginning at the time of the handshake on the White House
      lawn. That event marked the signing of the Oslo Agreement by
      Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres with Yasser Arafat in 1993.
      The actual number of Israeli dead is 1,261 as of today, not
      the 904 (and counting) that is being reported. A much better
      accounting can be found here.
      [No link provided in original.--DC]

      I have long suspected that the deflation of the number of
      Israeli victims of Palestinian terror is done to obscure the
      fact that the carnage was caused by the imposition of the
      Oslo "peace process" on Israel by its domestic Left and by
      hostile forces overseas.

      Those hostile forces were at work again this past weekend.
      The college students (and professors, and other domestic
      liberals), the "beautiful people" who support terror against
      Jews, went on the warpath against Israel's "security fence."
      A group of members from the International Solidarity
      Movement (ISM) joined some Palestinians and Israeli
      far-leftists in physically attacking a portion of the fence
      in the West Bank.

      One wag suggested that ISM really stands for "I Support
      Murderers." But the Left responds, reflexively, by relying
      on their eyesight, rather than their insight. They cannot
      understand the charges leveled against their fellow
      leftists. They say, "But they are the beautiful people: They
      love peace. They pet cats. They sing Joan Baez songs and
      believe in the brotherhood of 'humankind.' How dare you
      slander them?"

      All this ignores that fact that ISM members were on the West
      Bank to show their solidarity with mass murderers and
      suicide bombers. They understand that the security fence
      Israel is building is designed to make it harder for the
      terrorists the ISM supports to enter Israel and murder
      Jewish children and other civilians. And that is precisely
      why they believe it must come down.

      The ISM marched on Saturday, gathering by a part of the
      Security Fence, a segment that is still chain link and has
      not yet been turned into towering concrete walls. There they
      attacked the fence, sabotaged it, vandalized it and ripped
      pieces from it (possibly including its electronic sensors).
      You see, they think the terrorists should be allowed to
      enter Israel to protest Israel's occupation of Palestinian
      lands, by which they also mean Tel Aviv and Haifa. They
      oppose anything Israel tries to do to protect its citizens,
      indeed, anything short of total capitulation to the
      progressive demands of the Palestinian fascists.

      So it is predictable that their group got violent and tried
      to cut through the Israeli security barrier outside the
      Palestinian village of Masha near Qalqilya. And yes of
      course they admit that they were trying to damage the
      barrier of razor-wire fences, concrete walls and trenches
      that Israel says it needs to stop infiltrations by
      Palestinian suicide bombers.

      One of the protesters described the mob's actions thus: "We
      began cutting the fence and shaking it."

      "The Israeli army was waiting for us and shot live bullets
      directly at us," Liad Kantorowicz, one of the Israeli
      protesters, who described themselves as anarchists, told
      Reuters. They used wire cutters to destroy this segment of
      the fence.

      The crowd included the usual international provocateurs from
      the ISM, the International Solidarity Movement, the group
      that actively opposes Israeli anti-terrorism initiatives.
      Rachel Corrie, the young supporter of terror from Washington
      State who played a fatal game of chicken with an Israeli
      bulldozer (which could not see her), had been one of these.

      In short, these are people who believe that 1,300 murdered
      Israelis are not enough. They will not tolerate any attempt
      by Israel to defend its children. And that is why they
      violently attacked the security fence Saturday.

      Yet the international Left cries in horror, "How dare those
      soldiers shoot one of these pro-terror vandals in his leg?
      So what if he was wearing a mask while valdalizing the
      fence? And how dare they injure one of the ISM provocateurs
      from overseas showing her support for terrorism? So what if
      she was using wire cutters at the time on the fence? So what
      if the crowd would have been mowed down with gunfire had
      they been trying to use wirecutters on, say, the fence of
      any U.S. military facility on earth? So what if the ISM
      people injured had signed a contract promising not even to
      enter the West Bank if allowed to disembark in Israel? So
      what if Israel's Police Minister described the 'protesters'
      as 'collaborators with terrorism,' and so what if parliament
      member Yuri Stern described them as 'barbaric criminals'?"

      No, the international Left now demands an investigation --
      of the Israelis! The Left wants to arrest all those who
      cheered the troops who fired at these "demonstrators," who
      suggested that the troops be awarded medals, who suggested
      an official commission of investigation be set up to see why
      only one hooligan was shot and charge them with incitement.
      And maybe libel.

      But it is only the law-abiding who must play by the rules in
      the Left's universe. It is only the orderly, staving off
      attacks on innocent women and children -- on Western
      civilization itself -- who must be investigated,
      interrogated, harassed and forced to recant their ways.
      After all, if leftists had to obey laws, then how would they
      ever take power? Instead, they take it one chain-link at a time.

      Dan Clore

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