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Fw: Pre-Order a 2004 OCAP Calendar

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    Sorry for any repeat / cross posting. ... From: OCAP To: ocap@lists.tao.ca Sent: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 12:48:50 -0500 (EST) Subject: Pre-Order a 2004
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      Sorry for any repeat / cross posting.

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      Sent: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 12:48:50 -0500 (EST)
      Subject: Pre-Order a 2004 OCAP Calendar

      Pre-Order a 2004 OCAP Calendar

      For the last number of years, OCAP has produced an annual calendar as a
      fundraising item. All revenue from calendar sales goes back into the
      daily work we do, from individual advocacy and casework to full-scale
      mobilizations for housing, dignity, and justice. People tell us they like
      the calendar, so we keep making it. The photos are presented as an
      ongoing portrait of continued popular resistance in Ontario.

      This year's calendar has loads of pictures from the demonstration in
      Yorkville this past summer and the Gatekeeper Squat action this Fall,
      among others. It's also filled with short written pieces by a number
      of OCAP members past and present, with accounts of some of the most
      memorable smaller-scale actions we've done in the past - stories you may
      never have heard.

      The calendars will be available hot off the press in a week's time, but
      for those of you who want a calendar by mail, we encourage you to
      pre-order them now.


      Calendars cost $10-$20 sliding scale.
      They can be bought directly from OCAP by writing to the address below.

      The shipping cost for a single calendar is $4. Every extra calendar costs
      $3 each for shipping up to 5 (e.g. shipping costs for 2 calendars = $7,
      3 calendars = $10, 4 calendars = $13).

      For orders of more than 5, e-mail us for shipping prices. Canadians pay
      in $CDN and Americans pay in $USD. We can take cheques or money orders
      made out to "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty".

      Note: We sent out an urgent fundraising appeal three weeks ago, about not
      being able to pay our organizers. The response from this appeal was
      incredible. Your support is crucial and appreciated.

      Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
      NEW ADDRESS!: 10 Britain St. Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R6
      416-925-6939 ocap@... www.ocap.ca
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