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  • Hayduke
    Once again we enter that silly season in the lives of Americans when numbers, oratory and brightly colored balloons substitute for thought, probity and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2003
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      Once again we enter that silly season in the lives of Americans when
      numbers, oratory and brightly colored balloons substitute for thought,
      probity and rational discourse. The political convention epitomizes this
      circus approach to choosing those we laughingly and unthinkingly refer to as

      Whether we need leaders or not is never up for discussion. Politics is
      as American as, well, bakshish in Istanbul. We never think about it, we

      Our relative lack of public participation in the great panoply is not
      due to apathy or the decline of our national moral fiber. Rather, we send a
      clear signal to those who would lead that they are unwanted, unneeded and
      worse, they're keeping us from achieving true democracy. The children's game
      of Follow the Leader is unsuitable for such important decisions as keeping
      our air and water clean, preserving essential non-human habitat and
      protecting at least a representative sample of wilderness, our true home.

      Our leaders follow their noses, firmly affixed with corporate nose
      rings, attached to the long tether of "campaign financing." The fix has been
      in for a century or so, the entire process carefully crafted to guarantee
      that those elected to "high" office are well controlled, documented,
      indoctrinated and disciplined. They have a heavy responsibility, insuring
      the continuance of corporate domination in the United States and all of its
      imperialist conquests. The world must be made safe for hypocrisy.

      Rather than continuing this quadrennial spasm of false and servile
      patriotism, let's throw the whole mess into a cocked hat and return to the
      big D Democracy of our greatest statesman, citizen and thinker, Thomas
      Jefferson. To hell with national politics, what do we need a national
      government for anyway; to make lives miserable for people thousands of miles
      away in the desert?

      Let's practice democracy where it does the most good: in our homes, our
      neighborhoods, our communities and villages. Let's make decisions about
      things that matter: the education of our children, the blaring of ground
      penetrating sound systems set on stun, our local branch libraries, clean
      water, fresh air and preservation of the wild.

      If we must, and only when absolutely necessary, we can choose delegates
      to deal with our neighbors over yonder hill, when they get too uppity and
      disrespectful. We can form ad-hoc groups of intelligent citizens to deal
      with those few problems that transcend local juris-diction (talking about
      rules) and disband them when no longer needed, so as to return to more
      productive pastimes at home.

      No need for standing armies, militarized constabularies, domestic spies
      and national regulators. These are tools of the tyrant and have no place in
      a democracy where the people rule their own lives.

      Yes, this will take some time. Once domesticated, a species is long in
      returning to its basic feral nature. It will take one generation living in
      freedom to forget the whip and the chains of central rule, once those chains
      have been broken and the whip forever unraveled.

      Now would be a good time to start, when the puerile posturing of our
      national "leader" is laid bare for all to see. There's no mistaking now how
      the United States government works, who guides the ship of state, and where
      they are taking us, in tow. It's time to cut our lines, cast ourselves
      adrift and set our own course.

      Democracy starts between the ears.


      "Capitalism: Nothing so mean could be right. Greed is the ugliest of the
      capital sins." Ed Abbey
    • Joseph Luigi
      The only democratic country on this planet is Switzerland. It is a direct +democracy, because that is what a democracy is, direct. It has no record, in its
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 11, 2003
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        The only democratic country on this planet is Switzerland.
        It is a "direct" +democracy, because that is
        what a democracy is, direct.

        It has no record, in its long history,
        of totalitarianism, McCarthyism etc. even though some
        referendums have covered very controversial issues.

        Democracy is about voting on issues.

        There seems to be a strange myth that votng
        for an official is democratic.

        The root of the word is in "kratos",
        which according to Chambers means strength.

        We've had aristocracies, theocracies,
        and we have now plutocracies.
        Or, better said maybe, mediacracies.

        Find out where the "strength" is in the law-making process,
        and you will have discovered what type of Cracy we have.

        But a democracy it cetainly ain't.

        Any time the people voted for something against the wish of the wealthy,
        there was a coup in some form or other.

        Wasn't it Kissinger who, when asked about the overthrow of Allende,
        said that people should NOT (!!!) be able to vote for ANYTHING they like....?

        Yes, REAL democracy is anarchy.

        By the way, one does not *need time* to achieve it,
        you can start by taking away power from the centre and bring
        it back to the states and the community - now.

        Read the swiss constitution (googling on "swiss constitution" works fine).

        And let's forget the idea that voting for representatives
        has anything to do with real democracy.
        In that process we should only be appointing
        civil servants (by popular vote) to carry out routine
        administrative functions (government)
        - but not to decide on "issues" - that is the peoples' responsibiliy.

        The best way to regard politicians is as butlers -
        they may have a lot of know-how and can
        *maybe* give good advice -
        but basically their job is just to keep the household running
        - any policy decisions are to be made by their masters
        on an issue-by-issue basis.

        The USA is no model for democracy - Switzerland IS.

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