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The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tue, 17 June 2003 -- 7:55 (#792)

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  • Paul Kneisel
    __________________________________________________________________________ The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tuesday, 17 June 2003 Vol. 7, Number 55 (#792)
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      The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tuesday, 17 June 2003
      Vol. 7, Number 55 (#792)

      The Republican Right's Denial of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes:
      01) Introduction
      02) Larry Mefford (FBI: Assistant Director of Counterterrorism),
      "Inside the FBI: FBI's Counterterrorism Unit," Washington Post, 12
      Jun 03
      Conviction and Qcquittal in Migrant Beating Case:
      03) KGTV San Diego, "Gruesome Details Revealed During Migrant-Beating
      Trial," 5 Jun 03
      04) KGTV San Diego, "Verdicts Differ In Migrant-Beating Case," 11 Jun
      Rightwing Qiote of the Week:
      05) Michelle Malkin, "Myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic," 8 Jun
      03 (net posted)



      01) Introduction:

      Recently some Republican ideologues have launched a campaign against the
      various "lying liberals" who claimed that hate-crimes against perceived
      Muslims in the US had increased. We reprint one example of these rants as
      story five, below. Immediately, below this introductory note, however is a
      statement by Larry Medfford, one of the FBI's counterterrorism managers who
      gives the figure of 173 convictions. Please note that this is number is
      only for convictions, not for reports, acquittals after trial in a
      atmosphere of anti-Muslim hysteria, or equally anti-Mulsim officials who
      simply declined to prosecute the criminals.

      - - - - -

      02) Inside the FBI: FBI's Counterterrorism Unit
      Larry Mefford (FBI: Assistant Director of Counterterrorism)
      Washington Post
      12 Jun 03


      Larry Mefford: The FBI has the dual mission of combatting terrorism and
      protecting the rights of all inhabitants, including Arab/ Muslim-Americans.
      The terrorist acts of 9/11 were committed by a handful of terrorists and is
      not reflective of Islam or our Arab/Muslim citizens. The Director has met
      with Arab/Muslim leadership on numerous ocassions, and the FBI is forming
      partnerships with Arab/Muslim communities nationwide. Since 9/11, the FBI
      has investigated 484 "backlash hate crimes" against Arab/Muslim citizens.
      To date, the FBI in concert with state and local authorities have convicted
      173 subjects responsible for those heinous "backlash hate crimes." With the
      support of all Americans, including the Arab/Muslim community, the FBI will
      continue to successfully combat terrorism and protect the rights of all



      03) Gruesome Details Revealed During Migrant-Beating Trial
      KGTV San Diego
      5 Jun 03

      The details of the migrant-beating case are gruesome. Prosecutors said two
      teenagers, accused of putting a brick in a man's mouth and stomping on the
      back of his head, are racists who were looking for kicks.

      San Diego Deputy District Attorney Wendy Patrick said, "The attack was
      brutal ... they intended to kill."

      The prosecution's case against 18-year-old James Grlicky, (pictured, left),
      is mostly taken from his own statements to police.

      Grlicky and a friend found 42-year-old Jose Luis Cisneros hiding from the
      border patrol. Prosecutors said the teens either coaxed or chased him from
      his hiding place and then stomped and kicked Cisneros into unconsciousness.

      "The victim suffered a complex skull fracture and his nasal bones were
      turned to dust," Patrick said.

      The deputy district attorney said the teens are skinheads and white pride
      racists who were hunting for a "beaner" that they could mess with.

      Prosecutors believe Grlicky held the victim while 18-year-old Waylon Kennel
      pounded his boot into Cisneros' skull.

      Patrick said the teens beat Cisneros, (pictured, right) for fun.

      Grlicky is being tried alone. A separate jury is hearing a similar case
      against Kennel.

      Grlicky's defense is that he did not strike the blows and was not part of a
      racist conspiracy.

      Defense attorney William Burnell said, "He's young. He's stupid. He's not
      out there hunting for someone because he wanted to hurt them."

      Burnell told jurors that at one point in the evening of Sept. 24 Grlicky
      and his friends may have been looking for Mexican migrants. However, the
      defense claimed that Grlicky believed they were going to turn the man over
      to the border patrol.

      "There's no intent. There's no premeditation. Mr. Grlicky was (a) laughing,
      stupid 17-year-old at the time this took place," Burnell said.

      The districy attorney said Grlicky and Kennel could be looking at life in
      prison if the jury finds them guilty.

      Cisneros is still recovering from injuries.

      - - - - -

      04) Verdicts Differ In Migrant-Beating Case
      KGTV San Diego
      11 Jun 03

      Two different verdicts were announced Wednesday in the trials of two
      teenagers who beat an undocumented Mexican immigrant, 10News reported.

      James Grlicky, 18, was convicted of attempted murder and hate crime
      allegations in the beating last fall of 42-year-old Jose Luis Cisneros in
      Boulevard. His co-defendant, Waylon Kennell, 18, was found not guilty.

      Grlicky faces up to 14 years in state prison when he is sentenced July 8.

      Grlicky was also convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery,
      assault by force likely to produce great bodily injury and battery with
      serious bodily injury.

      The jury determined that Grlicky beat and robbed Cisneros because he was an
      undocumented Mexican immigrant.

      Cisneros, who lives in Tijuana, suffered a fractured skull, lacerated brain
      and broken bones in his face during the attack last September.

      Following the verdicts, jury foreman Joe Nestor stood in the jury box and
      read a letter to Grlicky's parents, admonishing them for a poor job raising
      their son.

      "We felt very strongly that the parents let the kid down in the first
      place. We really wanted to address the parents to take more responsibility
      in the upbringing of their children," Nester said outside the courtroom.

      Defense lawyers objected to the reading.

      "I've never seen that. I objected to the reading, but I understand why the
      jury wanted to do that and respect them for that," defense attorney William
      Burnell said.

      Burnell told 10News he plans to appeal, adding that one of the witnesses
      for the prosecution "outright lied" on the stand.

      In the next courtroom, a separate jury acquitted Kennell of attempted
      murder, robbery, conspiracy, torture and hate crime charges, but found him
      guilty of assault and battery.

      He faces four years in prison when he is sentenced.

      Nestor said he was shocked by the verdicts handed down by the Kennell jury.

      "I think we're all very, very disappointed, to be honest with you," the
      Grlicky foreman said outside the courthouse.

      The Grlicky jury reached its verdicts Friday, but had to wait until the
      Kennell jury reached verdicts before both sets of decisions were unsealed.

      After the verdicts against Grlicky, that jury came back into the courtroom
      to hear the verdicts announced against Kennell.

      The two juries heard much of the same evidence against the defendants,
      prosecutor Wendy Patrick said.

      "I have faith in our jury system and the jury has rendered their verdicts.
      Inconsistent as they may be, you know, I think that's why we have the jury
      system," Patrick said.

      Cisneros said he still has faith in the American justice system, but is
      confused by the conflicting verdicts, according to 10News.

      A third defendant, Justin Smith, is scheduled to stand trial later this



      05) Myth of the Muslim hate crime epidemic
      Michelle Malkin
      8 Jun 03 (net posted)

      Do you believe that a "post-September 11 backlash" has resulted in a
      nationwide wave of violence and bigotry against Muslims in America? The
      hype artists and book-cookers at the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination
      Committee (ADC) want you to think so. The group's new report purports to
      document "a massive increase" of hate crimes targeting Arab-Americans.

      But in order to concoct a Muslim hate crime epidemic, the ADC report lumps
      together faulty citations, dubious anecdotes and grossly overinflated

      As an example of a typical post-September 11 campus hate crime, the ADC
      report highlights an alleged incident in Tempe, Ariz., where "a Muslim
      student was pelted with eggs at Arizona State University." Where did the
      information about the incident come from? The ADC refers to a student op-ed
      piece in the Sept. 17, 2001, edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, which
      attributes the egg-pelting incident to a "National Public Radio report."

      What the ADC is not telling you: Of two egg-pelting incidents involving ASU
      students logged by campus police, one was a complete hoax and the other was
      a non-racial, non-religious juvenile prank.

      As I reported in a column back in October 2001, ASU student Ahmad Saad
      Nasim lied to cops about being assaulted and pelted with eggs in a parking
      lot while assailants screamed "Die, Muslim, die!" Nasim confessed to
      fabricating the attack when cops interviewed him after he attempted a
      second hate crime hoax -- in which he locked himself in a library restroom
      with the word "Die" written on his forehead, a plastic bag tied over his
      head and a racist note stuffed in his mouth.

      Bill Fitzgerald, spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, told
      me last week that Nasim recently pled guilty to two counts of providing
      false information to police. His punishment? A measly one year's probation,
      50 hours of community service and an order to seek psychological

      The other egg-pelting incident at ASU involved two 18-year-olds and two
      juveniles who threw an egg at an unidentified, 31-year-old ASU student. ASU
      spokeswoman Nancy Neff told me it was never classified as a hate crime by
      police. No racial or ethnic slurs were allegedly uttered, according to a
      police account. "It was a bunch of guys on a joy ride," Neff said.

      The ADC researchers' approach to creating the myth of the Muslim hate crime
      epidemic is simple: throw in everything plus the kitchen sink. The ADC
      report trivializes a few truly heinous, violent attacks -- such as the
      post-September 11 murder of Sikh gas station owner Balbir Singh Sodhi in
      Mesa, Ariz. -- by mixing in unverified reports by school kids who say
      classmates made fun of their Arabic names, gave them "dirty looks" or
      pulled off their head coverings. Obnoxious behavior, for sure. But "hate

      The report cites a female student complaining that someone told her to "go
      back to wherever she came from." I get one or two idiotic e-mails
      expressing the same sentiment every week. Small-mindedness can sting. But
      should it be a reportable physical offense?

      To further pad the hate crimes report, the ADC decries the "hostile
      commentary" of Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes, terrorism expert Steven
      Emerson, syndicated columnists Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg and Ann Coulter,
      Washington Post columnists Richard Cohen and Charles Krauthammer, the Wall
      Street Journal editorial page, the Weekly Standard, National Review, and
      jewishworldreview.com, not to mention talk radio and the entertainment
      industry, as part of an orchestrated "campaign of racism."

      The ADC report suggests that every expression of support for law
      enforcement profiling, every analysis of how the Muslim terrorist network
      infiltrated American universities, mosques, prisons and charities, and
      every condemnation of radical Islam, qualifies as "defamation" that leads
      to widespread anti-Muslim crimes.

      Herein lies the real agenda of the ADC and other apologists for Islamic
      extremism: to liken outspoken critics to murderers, to equate speech with
      violence and to exploit victimhood status in a cynical attempt to distract
      attention from the true sources of terror in America.

      * * * * *

      In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is
      distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior
      interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and
      educational purposes only.


      We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.
      (No permission required for noncommercial reproduction)

      - - - - -

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