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RIP: Bruce Baechler

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  • Clore Daniel C
    September 2, 2000 Bruce Baechler - RIP by Carol Moore I’m sure Bruce Baechler’s many friends spread all over the country will be sad to hear that Bruce
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      September 2, 2000

      Bruce Baechler - RIP

      by Carol Moore

      I’m sure Bruce Baechler’s many friends spread all over the country
      will be sad to hear that Bruce died on September 2, 2000, after an
      automobile accident and subsequent heart attack, in Ohio. Bruce was
      49 years old. He is survived by family in Connecticut.

      Bruce grew up in Connecticut. A Quaker and pacifist who came to
      Washington, D.C. right after high school to join in anti-Vietnam
      War activism, Bruce refused to register for the draft. After a
      dramatic arrest at a Quaker meeting, Bruce was convicted of draft
      evasion and spent two years in a federal prison. Bruce later
      became a war tax resister and has resisted paying federal income
      tax since the 1970s.

      Bruce was a long time member and organizer with both the Libertarian
      Party and the International Workers of the World (IWW). I used to
      tell him he was the only “Wobbly Quaker” I’d ever known–but he assured
      me he knew others. Bruce could always be depended on for help during a
      libertarian petition drive any where from Alaska to the District of
      Columbia, to help manage a local, state or even Presidential campaign,
      or to help with accounting or database help for any of the libertarian
      or IWW groups he worked with.

      While Bruce spent much of the last twenty years in Texas, he also lived
      for several years in North Carolina and Washington, D.C. He made his
      living as a computer programmer. Currently, he was taking time off from
      working on his Masters in Political Management from George Washington
      University, with the goal of becoming a professional campaign manager.
      He was working on various year 2000 election projects and had just
      helped two local D.C. candidates get on the ballot in D.C.

      I first met Bruce in 1987 when we both supported Russell Means for the
      presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. We discovered we both
      were War Tax Resisters. We kept in touch over the years and hung out
      together when he lived in D.C. in the late eighties and the late
      nineties. I also visited Bruce in September of 1993 when he was living
      in Austin and we went up together to the ruins of the Branch Davidians
      church outside of Waco. Bruce was a committed supporter of the Waco
      Justice work.

      I’m sure that many people receiving this e-mail will have fond memories
      of Bruce, and stories to share about him. He will be missed.

      Carol Moore

      Dan Clore

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