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Indy Media Conference

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    On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:33:03 EDT MavMedia@aol.com wrote: If you haven t seen this, I thought you d be interested. Regards, Greg Guma The Independent Media
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      On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:33:03 EDT MavMedia@... wrote:
      If you haven't seen this, I thought you'd be interested.
      Regards, Greg Guma

      The Independent Media Convergence Project presents

      Building Independent Media: Strategies for Change

      A Conference in Vermont
      October 13-14, 2000

      Burlington, Vermont
      at Trinity College

      Join journalists and activists to discuss how independent
      and alternative media can promote global justice and democracy

      Explore the role of newspapers, radio, the Internet, video,
      and new technologies in the age of mergers and convergence

      Invited speakers include Michael Parenti, Amy Goodman, Danny Schechter, David
      Barsamian, Manse Jacobi, Michel Chossudovsky, Barbara Nimri Aziz,
      and many more

      Registration fees:

      Before September 30:
      October 13, Opening Night (reserved seats): $10
      October 14, Conference: $20

      After September 30:
      Opening Night: $15
      Conference Admission: $30

      Limited scholarships available

      For details and pre-registration, write:
      Independent Media Convergence Project
      c/o Toward Freedom, PO Box 468, Burlington, VT 05402
      (802) 654-8024 * IMCVT@...

      Conference co-sponsors: Toward Freedom, American Friends Service
      Committee-Vermont, Vermont Local-National Writers Union, Green Mountain Fund
      for Popular Struggle, Peace and Justice Center, Inc., the Media Channel,
      Project Censored, Between the Lines, Citizens for Independent Public
      Broadcasting, Alternative Radio, Green Mountain Veterans for Peace, Green
      Mountain Circle Works, Old North End Rag, The Watchman, Peacework, New
      Hampshire Peace Action, Real Democracy Project, New Hampshire Social Justice


      October 13, 2000

      Opening Night - 8 p.m.
      Media Crimes & Misdemeanors, with Michael Parenti (and others TBA)

      October 14, 2000

      Registration - 8:45-9:45

      Opening Session - 9:45 a.m.
      Welcome & Keynote Focus: Independent Media - Now More Than Ever

      Workshops (10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.)

      Re-Imagining Media

      Connecting with Audiences
      Foreign Affairs, Content & Technology
      Low Power and Short Wave Radio
      What Does a Sustainable Newspaper Look Like?
      Video Access/Public Access
      Web Based Media Potential and Resources

      Problems & Prospects

      Questioning Objectivity
      Examining Vermont Media
      Public Affairs & Labor Issues
      Globalization and the Mass Media
      Indy Media and Party Politics
      Overcoming Roadblocks for Indy Media

      Organizing a Movement

      Breaking through Censorship
      Cooperative Models and the IMCs
      Media as Community Building
      Online Networking and Distribution
      Alternative Media: The College-Community Connection
      Seizing the Momentum: Activist Opportunities


      Roundtable Discussions (2 - 4 p.m.)

      1) Creating Effective, Alternative Enterprises
      2) Using Media to Promote Peace, Democracy, and Social Change
      3) Problems and Challenges for Independent Professionals
      4) Improving Access and Promoting Change in Mainstream Media

      These moderated, open discussions will promote broad exchange of experiences
      and insights. Groups will try to reach some conclusions, and present them
      later in the schedule.

      Plenary Panel (4 - 5:30 p.m.)
      "Getting Media Alternatives off the Ground"

      Dinner and Social Hour (5:30-7 p.m.)

      Roundtable Reports (7 p.m.)

      Entertainment (8 p.m.) -- The George Shrub Comeback Tour, plus Dave Lippman

      Call for Comments
      In order to broaden and deepen our discussion, we urge those planning to
      attend, as well as anyone interested but unable to get to Vermont, to write
      commentaries that will be distributed during the conference and compiled for
      subsequent publication. Commentaries should be no more than 2000 words, and
      submitted to either the IndyConvergence egroup list or IMCVT@... by
      September 30. Address any topic on our workshop and roundtable list. Be as
      bold, creative, and concrete as you can.


      Location: In northwestern Vermont's Champlain Valley, Burlington is the
      state's largest city and center of its strong progressive movement. Bernie
      Sanders, the only Independent US congressman, was Burlington Mayor from
      1981-89, and the Progressive Party, with current Mayor Peter Clavelle, city
      council members, and several state representatives, continue the tradition.
      The city offers an accessible waterfront, many restaurants, and diverse
      cultural fare.

      Getting here: Burlington has an airport served by Continental, United, Delta,
      US Airways, and Jet Blue, a new airline providing low-cost flights from New
      York. Downtown Burlington is less than three miles from the airport. If you
      are driving, Burlington can be reached via Interstate 89 and Vermont Route 7.
      Amtrak has service to nearby Essex Junction. Trinity College is located on
      Colchester Avenue, directly across from the University of Vermont campus.

      Accommodations: Conferees planning to stay at area hotels and motels are
      urged to make early reservation, since Vermont's famous foliage season can
      limit availability. Affordable, but basic overnight accommodations are
      available at Trinity College (see below). A limited number of participants
      can be hosted in area homes, on a first come basis.

      Registration Form

      Pre-registration deadline: Sept. 30
      (for discount prices, form and payment must be received by the above date)

      Daytime Phone:

      By September 30:
      Opening night (reserved seating) ____($10/person) For how many?____
      Conference admission ____($20/person) For how many?____

      After September 30:
      Opening night ____($15/person) For how many?____
      Conference admission ____($30/person) For how many?____

      Lunch & dinner will be available on October 14 for a reasonable price, but we
      must know how many meals to prepare. If you want meals, please respond below.
      Price not yet set.
      ___ Lunch reservation for ____ people. ___ Dinner reservation for ____ people.

      ___I want lodging at Trinity College ($ /night/person)
      ___Friday, October 13 for ____ people
      ___Saturday, October 14 for ___ people
      ___I would like to stay in an area home (spaces limited).
      ___I am a vegetarian
      ___I am a non-smoker

      Call me at _______________to confirm.

      Total amount enclosed: _________

      Will you need:
      Child care services? ___ For how many?____
      Handicap access?___
      Sign language services?___
      Display space?____ (call to make arrangements)


      Which roundtable discussion are you most likely to attend (check only one):
      __ Creating Effective, Alternative Enterprises
      __ Using Media to Promote Peace, Democracy, and Social Change
      __ Problems and Challenges for Independent Professionals
      __ Improving Access and Promoting Change in Mainstream Media

      Please mail this form with check or money order payable to Toward Freedom.
      Toward Freedom, PO Box 468, Burlington, VT 05402 Att: IMCVT.

      "Telecommunications, computers, and the digital revolution could help to
      democratize information, making it accessible to all. They could even spur a
      shift in values from uniformity to diversity, from centralization to local
      democracy, and from domination of nature and human beings to cooperative

      -- from the Conference Call

      Independent Media Convergence Project

      The Independent Media Convergence Project brings together activists,
      advocates, and progressive media workers to share experiences, look at the
      current media environment, discuss alternatives, develop a common agenda, and
      take concrete steps to build a sustainable movement for media democracy.

      Our Goals

      1) To develop principles and proposals that promote alternatives and improve
      access to all media,
      2) To create a regional media coalition that supports fundamental social
      change, and
      3) To launch a new publication, station, or independent media center or

      An Independent Media Conference

      In October -- just as activists return from a season of global protests and
      the national elections move into overdrive -- progressive media professionals
      and activists will gather to share experiences and attempt to develop a
      common agenda. We'll examine the current environment, discuss the
      alternatives, and take concrete steps to help build a movement for media
      democracy. Workshops will cover theory, organizing strategies, and the
      practical side of creating and sustaining new media.

      Why Now?

      Media merger madness is clearly upon us. At the same time, however,
      computers, the Internet, video, community radio, independent newspapers, and
      related new technologies offer opportunities for democratization and
      empowerment. Activists resisting globalization across borders are already
      using independent radio, online, and print outlets to help build a movement
      for global justice and democracy. We believe the time is right for a
      resurgence of media advocacy.

      Coverage of recent events -- from distorting the message of protests in
      Seattle, Washington, and around the world, to disinforming the public about
      interventions in Colombia, Kosovo, and Iraq, as well as the true impacts of
      "free market" capitalism -- demonstrates that we need more powerful ways to
      counteract the corporate agenda. With so many possibilities, issues, and
      potential strategies -- but limited resources -- we also need a clearer set
      of priorities.

      A detailed schedule and speakers list will be available prior to the
      conference. To learn more or get involved, join the IndyConvergence egroup
      (just send a message to IndyConvergence-subscribe@egroups,com), write to
      Toward Freedom, PO Box 468, Burlington, Vermont. 05402, Att: Media
      Conference; call (802) 654-8024, or e-mail IMCVT@....

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