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Leaked Hill & Knowlton Memo on S11

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  • Clore Daniel C
    Help at hand for protest violence By Guy Healy 06sep00 Australian News Network THE International Olympic Committee s spin doctor, Hill & Knowlton, is spruiking
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2000
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      Help at hand for protest violence

      By Guy Healy


      Australian News Network

      THE International Olympic Committee's spin
      doctor, Hill & Knowlton, is spruiking its crisis
      management services to multinational
      corporations attending the World Economic
      Forum, which starts in Melbourne on Monday.

      A leaked Hill & Knowlton memo to clients who are
      forum members warns that the Melbourne meeting
      could face the same violent protest that engulfed
      the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle
      in December.

      The memo claims that S11, the alliance of unions
      and left-wing protest organisations aiming to shut
      down next week's forum, has close links to the
      anarchists that "organised and ran" the WTO riots
      and caused the property damage in Seattle.

      "Protesters know this WEF meeting presents a
      great opportunity to make a significant global
      impact – if the protest action is dramatic
      enough," the memo warns.

      Hill & Knowlton also revealed Victorian police
      planned to provide 1700 officers to reinforce
      security at Crown Casino, which is hosting the forum.

      Senior S11 sources expect their protest to be controlled
      by 350 police and 300 specialist riot police who will be
      reinforced at Crown by a further 300 private security

      The S11 alliance insists that the protest will be peaceful.

      Hill & Knowlton Australia chairman Brian West yesterday
      confirmed the authenticity of the letters and advisories
      to its clients who are forum members, "a number of which
      had welcomed the advisory about activities planned around
      the WEF meeting".

      Victorian police yesterday confirmed some of their preparations
      for the forum, warning of significant disruption to traffic
      flows around the Melbourne central business district for the
      three days of the event.

      Crown Casino will be sealed off along at least three sides
      except for casino guests and accredited VIPs and media, a
      Victorian police spokesman said.

      Crown was unable to advise yesterday whether, during the forum,
      the casino would be open to customers other than those staying
      at its hotel. But police confirmed that media without
      accreditation would not be allowed access to the casino.

      Public and vehicle access to the front entrance of the casino –
      a main focus of the protest – will also be blocked as will the
      street that runs the length of the rear of the casino, police

      Victorian police denied reports that the mothballed Geelong jail
      could be temporarily reopened to cope with the possibility of
      mass arrests.

      Dan Clore

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      Dharmakaya ceased; Tgenchang not become; Barnang
      and Ssa in Ngovonyidj; alone Tho-og Yinsin in
      night of Sun-chan and Yong-grub (Parinishpanna),
      &c., &c.,"
      -- The Book of Dzyan.
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