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Jello Biafra Shaking Things Up

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  • Clore Daniel C
    hursday, August 31, 2000 Jam! Music Jello shaking things up Former punk rocker remains true to his anti-corporate roots By DENIS ARMSTRONG Ottawa Sun
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      hursday, August 31, 2000

      Jam! Music

      Jello shaking things up

      Former punk rocker remains true to
      his anti-corporate roots

      By DENIS ARMSTRONG Ottawa Sun

      CONTROVERSY and anarchy are Jello
      Biafra's mojo these days.

      The former frontman of the seminal west coast
      punk surfers The Dead Kennedys practically
      revived the censorship issue in the United States
      with his nasty sense of humour and provocative
      political lyrics.

      For 15 years, Biafra insulted, provoked, amused,
      and embarrassed authority and this Saturday at
      the National Gallery Auditorium at 8 p.m., he
      wants your $12 to experience his "An Evening of
      Social and Political Spoken Word" at Alternafest.

      One of alternative music's holy trinity of spoken
      word artists -- along with Black Flag's Henry
      Rollins and The Swan's Michael Gira -- Biafra
      will be performing from his recordings including I
      Blow Minds For A Living.

      It should prove to be an eye-opening evening of
      underground politics, conspiracy theories and
      generous dollops of irreverent attitude from the
      wannabe president with a squeegee-kid's attitude.
      Especially now that his former bandmates are
      suing him for rights to sell their hit Holiday in
      Cambodia for a Levi's ad.

      "Corporate media is designed to make people
      stupid," says Biafra from his home in San
      Francisco. "Corporate America wants us
      preoccupied with meaningless news like who wins
      Survivor rather than will we survive an ozone
      layer that looks like Swiss cheese."

      'Makes me sick'

      Speaking in neat sound bites, the articulate
      Biafra, 42, who has spent his performing career
      crusading against capitalism, mass media and
      corporate culture, hasn't lost any edge since The
      Kennedys disbanded in 1986, six years after their
      first release Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables.

      "It makes me sick what those guys have turned
      into," he laments. "They've hired a corporate
      lawyer who handles bands like Boston, Journey
      and the Doobie Brothers, who turned the
      Kennedys into a big money whore. They're totally
      obsessed with money now. I really regret being
      mixed up with those guys."

      Biafra has openly courted a political career,
      running for mayor of San Francisco in the early
      1980s and the presidential primary as the Green
      Party candidate in 1999 before losing to
      consumer advocate Ralph Nader. He has
      indicated interest in running for the Green Party in
      the 2004 primary.

      "There's no difference between the Democrats
      and the Republicans," said Biafra. "They aren't
      separate parties anymore, they're one party -- the
      corporate party."

      -- With files from Ian Nathanson

      Dan Clore

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      night of Sun-chan and Yong-grub (Parinishpanna),
      &c., &c.,"
      -- The Book of Dzyan.
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