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Spock Bloc Manifesto

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  • Clore Daniel C
    [Minor nitpick: the term stardate does not refer to a date, but to a position in space. Oh well: Live long and prosper. --DC] Spock Bloc Manifesto by The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2000
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      [Minor nitpick: the term "stardate" does not refer to a date, but
      to a position in space. Oh well: Live long and prosper. --DC]

      Spock Bloc Manifesto
      by The Spock Bloc 3:30pm Wed Aug 30 '00
      address: 2110 Humboldt St. Bellingham WA 98225

      Hierarchy is Illogical. Freedom is rational. The Revolution must
      be Vulcanized... The manifesto of the Revolutionary Anarchist
      Spock Bloc.

      Captain's Log
      Stardate August 2000:

      "Captain, she can't take much more of this!" Scotty's prophetic
      warning rings just as true when applied to the movement that
      has emerged from the streets of Seattle, DC, Philly and now LA.
      If we are to keep the momentum generated by last year's events,
      we can longer stand to be defined by endless protests that
      merely react to the plethora of negative forces acting upon our
      world. It would serve us well to learn two important lessons not
      lost on our favorite chief science officer on the Starship
      Enterprise, Spock. First, we need to look to the future and
      second, to use logic in reaching our destination.

      Knowing what we are against is the easy part. It is now time we
      put forth our VISION of the future, to understand what we are
      fighting for. Without this there is very little to compel people
      to rally against the existing system. There must be a viable
      alternative ready to take its place. Yes, peace, justice,
      equality and freedom are good places to start, but what does
      the bigger picture look like? This question is of critical
      importance for activists and revolutionaries to answer for

      Which brings us to how we get there. Once we know what we truly
      want, how do we go about bringing it into existence? By using
      the obvious yet often neglected method: LOGIC. The actions we
      take must proceed logically from the vision we are working to
      achieve. This then begs the question: Is what we are currently
      doing -- filling the streets with mass protest and direct action
      -- moving us toward the goal of a society where all individuals
      are free to blossom to their fullest potential?

      There is a tide of anti-rationalism washing over radical movements
      today, where ideas are evaluated not by rational criteria but
      according to pure emotional responses and romantic notions of
      'militant' struggle that ignore present social realities. To build
      a mass-based movement we must pursue a strategy that makes sence
      to those that are not already on our side. Do our current tactics,
      be it operating a puppet, breaking a window, or simply holding a
      sign, speak to the concerns of the unconveted? The truth is, we
      don't know because we are not event thinking about these issues.
      We are working from narrow assumptions about what works, which do
      not logically follow from our vision, and our movement is
      stagnating as a result.

      It is time for a dialogue: we need to go back to our communities
      to discuss and reflect on how to connect with the world we are
      trying to change. We need to figure out ways to meet the needs
      and desires of our communities while simultaneously exposing the
      contradictions of the present system. Our organizing should be
      above all logical: practical in that seeks to solve real daily
      problems, but radical in that it recognizes the need to transcend
      those structures that prevent us from being truly free.

      No more superficial protest politics and uncreative strategizing...

      It is time to go where no revolutionaries have gone before...

      The revolution must be Vulcanized.

      Dan Clore

      The Website of Lord We├┐rdgliffe:
      The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page:

      "Tho-ag in Zhi-gyu slept seven Khorlo. Zodmanas
      zhiba. All Nyug bosom. Konch-hog not; Thyan-Kam
      not; Lha-Chohan not; Tenbrel Chugnyi not;
      Dharmakaya ceased; Tgenchang not become; Barnang
      and Ssa in Ngovonyidj; alone Tho-og Yinsin in
      night of Sun-chan and Yong-grub (Parinishpanna),
      &c., &c.,"
      -- The Book of Dzyan.
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