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Toronto, Feb. 15 anti-war march: join the 'No One Is Illegal' contingent

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  • Mick
    February 15 is the next international day of protest against the looming war of aggression on the people of Iraq. We call on all anarchists,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      February 15 is the next international day of protest against the looming
      war of aggression on the people of Iraq.

      We call on all anarchists, anti-authoritarians & libertarian socialists to
      join the "No One Is Illegal!" contingent at the Toronto anti-war

      The attacks on immigrants are a direct attack on all working people. The
      state doesn't seek to actually close the borders to immigrants (including
      those without status). It seeks to make immigrant workers in Canada even
      more vulnerable ensuring that the bosses and landlords are in a better
      position to exploit their labour (and drive down the wages and working
      conditions of other workers).

      We oppose the threats of a national ID card here in Canada, the mass
      deportations already underway, and the reporting & detention centres
      springing up across North America.

      We have had enough of living in fear & perpetual war. We want a borderless
      world without bosses, governments, jails, police, detention centres,
      professional militaries, and other oppressors of the international working
      class. We want a world workers run for ourselves and where we all enjoy
      full freedom of movement.

      No to capitalist war! No to capitalist peace!

      No War But The Class War (Toronto), Northeastern Federation of
      Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) Toronto, Red & Black Notes.

      The rally will begin at 1pm at Dundas Square (Yonge & Dundas). The No
      One Is Illegal contingent of the march will be meeting at 12:30 on the
      western perimeter of the square. Look for the No One Is Illegal banners
      and flags. Please feel free to bring your own placards, banners and flags.

      Note: The No One Is Illegal contingent is open to anyone, regardless of
      political identification, who agrees with a broad based anti-racist
      campaign in defense of non-status people in Toronto with links to a
      cross-country campaign. To contact the No One Is Illegal campaign in
      Toronto please email nooneisillegal@...

      We are calling for an anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist presence within
      the broader contingent.

      Contact Information:

      No War But The Class War (Toronto)
      c/o Uprising Books Without Borders
      685 Queen St W., Toronto ON, M6J 1E6, Canada
      email: classwar@...
      Our statement: http://ca.geocities.com/red_black_ca/acwacpt.htm
      Not ours but we like it a lot:

      NEFAC Toronto: toronto@...

      Red & Black Notes
      POB 47643 , Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3S7, Canada
      Email: red_black_ca@...

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