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The True Story of the Diaz School Raid

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  • Dan Clore
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      Genoa - The true tale of Diaz school raid
      Date: Wednesday January 08, @08:41AM
      Posted by: Uncle Fluffy
      Topic: News
      From the this-little-piggie-lied-to-the-world dept.

      hydrarchist writes:"The true tale of Diaz school raid by
      alessandro mantovani (trad by blicero, some further editing
      by hydrarchist)

      translation of the article from Il Manifesto of January 7th
      2002, on the developments of Diaz school raid
      responsabilities investigation.

      The true tale of the Diaz school raid

      Responsibilities in the raid on the part of head police
      officers emerge clearly from the latest investigations and
      questions of the attorneys in Genoa. The Rome riot police
      squad are responsible for 61 badly injured people, and the
      head officers are being hold responsible of providing false
      evidence and witness for the fake molotov cocktails bottles
      found in the Diaz school: they all risk being kicked out of
      the police forces. Two vicequestori brought them to
      Caldarozzi and Luperi, vices of the Sco and of the
      anti-terrorism divisions. Gratteri, La Barbera and Murgolo
      were there but didn't notice anything. And behind the scenes
      of the "spy" and "Judas" we can see the shadow of the real
      head of the riot police corps, Valerio Donnini, the one who
      first organized the special riot police corps.

      by Alessandro Mantovani

      They injured 61 persons that were sleeping, breaking open
      heads and smashing bodies without remorse. They manufactured
      evidence, such as the two famous fake molotov cocktails, to
      arrest 93 innocent people. And now the investigation on the
      Diaz school raid, that has brought the attorneys to
      interrogate even Gianni De Gennaro (head of the italian
      police, ndt), delivers us the supercops who deny any
      evidence, changing versions of the facts every second,
      trampling on the penal procedure laws, and passing
      responsibility for what happened to the riot police squad
      led by Vincenzo Canterini as long as they can. Not one of
      them saw a tonfa [baton] being used. From Canterini to the
      prefect La Barbera, they all claim to have entered the
      school "afterwards", "in a retreating position", "among the
      last ones", "when the situation was already stable". And
      it's incredible the behaviour of some big name like Gianni
      Luperi, number two of the antiterrorism squad (former
      UCIGOS) and responsible during the g8 for the international
      police coordination room: in July Luperi refused to answer
      the attorneys, a right of private citizens but hardly
      acceptable behaviour for a police head officer that is to be
      shown by judges a video depicting him handing around a
      plastic bag with two fake molotov cocktails in the courtyard
      of the diaz school. The vicequestore who brought that bag to
      the school, the 37-years-old Pietro Troiani, who admitted
      the fact after the testimony of the former policeman, now
      key witness, Michele Burgio (34 years old), which nailed him
      to his responsibilities, refuses to meet face to face the
      person he has addressed as the one who took the two bottles
      from him, Massimiliano De Bernardini. The latter, 36 years
      old, is the same person who had to admit never having faced
      the famous stone-throwing that supposedly, and officially,
      was the cause of the Diaz school raid on July 21st 2001. And
      there's more to all this. The head officer of the Central
      Operations Service (Sco), Franco Gratteri, one of the most
      renowned policeman working in the struggle against mafia and
      De Gennaro's "pupil", turns out as one who was there but was
      kind of sleeping, totally unaware of what was happening:
      it's all the riot police fault, Gratteri said, spending time
      explaining the "mistake" he made sending a small squad in
      the media center in the school opposite the Diaz school
      (destroyed computers, stolen hard disks...) and trying to
      make up a possible story when he is shown in a video talking
      to Luperi with the plastic bag in his hands some meters away
      from his vice, Gilberto Caldarozzi.

      It's better to know exactly what they told because no one
      can say at the moment where the main enquiry on 2001 G8
      events will go. In Genoa the first step of the procedures
      are beginning and it's all internal to the tribunal. The
      lawyers Francesco Albini Cardona, Monica Parentini, Vittorio
      Ranieri Miniati, Francesco Pinto and Enrico Zucca have to
      protect their investigation from the main attorney Francesco
      Lalla, since the beginning the most "understanding" towards
      the police actions. Since it's not possible to allocate
      individual responsibility for the abuses, since all of them
      operated with their faces covered and hidden, the
      investigation for injuries and abuses will unfold under art.
      40 of the penal procedure code, which can be used to punish
      policeman who did not act to prevent an abuse. This
      possibility has precedents in the Italian law cases, but
      Lalla could try to undermine all the investigation by using
      a different interpretation. After all, the more or less one
      hundred people under investigation for the Diaz school raid
      would already be free of all charges if the fake molotov
      were not discovered and used to extend the charges on the
      head of the 13 people who filed the report on the arrest and
      the other people present during the operation (19 in total).

      Donnini, the ghost "general"

      Also in this case we have to start from the two molotov
      cocktails found in the afternoon during the riots in Corso
      Italia by the vicequestore Pasquale Guaglione, who
      afterwards declared to the attorneys to recognize them as
      the same one found in the Diaz school. From the
      interrogation report we know that Guaglione gave the bottles
      to Valerio Donnini, head officer of the Ministry of the
      Interior, former head of the Rome riot police before
      Canterini's time, and true father of the riot corps. As a
      kind of honour to the memory of the old military school some
      policeman still calls hiim "general". During the G8, General
      Donnini had the role of "coordinating the mobile riot squad
      operations and logistics, as well as the air- and sea-borne
      squads and the special forces" (from the Interior Ministry
      order about G8 security). He was a sort of head of the
      heads, a sort of "ghost commander" as Il Manifesto called
      him on august 12th 2001, when for the first time his name
      came to light.

      Guaglione stated that Donnini said: "I will take care of
      these, since they are important". The "general" denies all
      this, but admits to having put the bottles in the in which
      jeep he was moving, along with his driver Brugio. The boy
      has then told of a unpolite answer: "When Mr. Donnini came I
      pointed out that we still had the bottles in the back of the
      car, and he responded to me very angrily and impolitely, as
      if I had asked a stupid question or something I should not
      have asked" says Brugio in his testimony on July 4th 2002.
      Donnini, the same day, hs denied all of it: "I can say I
      never made such an ambiguous observation, and an observation
      born of a malicious prejudice, ie that i did not intended to
      bring the bottles to the police headwuarters. It was
      Burgio's duty".

      Burgio was a driver for a logistic structure. He drove
      around Donnini first and Troiani afterwards up to the diaz
      school. On July 10th he confirmed: "I remeber having talked
      of the bottles to Mr. Donnini and he answered to me angrily
      and impolitely." He further explained: "I was worried about
      the bottles. I could have brought them to the headquarters
      myself, but I have been trained to ask orders to the highest
      official in the car when I am working in a mobile squad.
      Having asked for orders to Mr. Donnini first and to Mr.
      Troiani afterwards and not having received any reply, I
      decided not to take any personal initiative". A personal
      initiative that will be taken by Troiani (alone ?).

      Burgio the "witness", Troiani the "Traitor"

      That night is Donnini himself who mobilize the riot squad
      for the "search", even if parteging with other that
      unexplained use of the riot forces. The molotov cocktails
      are still on the jeep; Brugio only moved them in the back of
      the car. It's at this point that Troiani enters the scene,
      using the same driver because he is part of the same
      structure as Donnini (by the way being also Donnini grateful
      pupil). Troiani should not even be at the Diaz school. In
      the first documents, his name is not mentioned: it's Burgio
      who mentions him first. When he is questioned as a witness
      on July 1st 2002, Troiani denies at first, claiming that the
      bottles were found outside the school: "My driver Burgio
      came near me and tells me that in the car or near the car
      have been found, by him or by someone else, two molotov
      cocktails. (...) I have brought them right away to Di
      Bernardini and went away.". Then when the attorney notes
      that this is "different from Di Bernardini declarations",
      Troiani adds: " I know. I told Di Bernardini that my men had
      found the bottles in the courtyard of the school or on the
      entrance staircase." The judge then stresses out that "in
      the report we find another version of the finding of the
      bottles", (it reports in the school, not outside of it,
      nda). Troiani at this point says: " I understand I am being
      imprecise; my problem was to get rid of those bottles",
      admitting candidly that the same rome riot squad where Di
      Bernardini works, when came to give him the call as a
      witness, put him in contact with the collegue: "Mrs Manti
      gave me the telephone number of the colleague; she dialed
      the numeber for me. Then I talked with Burgio as well." At
      that point Troiani is under investigation and for the police
      he becomes the "Traitor": the report of Genoa DIGOS squad
      (political police) published in september 2002 with a
      picture of Giotto's Judas on the frontpage makes one think
      of him. Di Bernardini says he diverted Troiani directly to
      Caldarozzi without asking anything of the origins of the
      molotov cocktails. The two are former students in teh same
      police course and seem to look for a joint version of the
      facts, with lots of phonecalls and sms. When Di Bernardini
      ask to meet Troiani, the latter refuses. And in any case the
      molotov bottles end up in Caldarozzi's hand for real,
      another big name who denied any responsibility and who after
      the video says: "I acknowledge that Troiani and Di
      Bernardini declarations are supported by the video evidence.
      I confirm that I don't remember having handled the plastic

      The video nails the number 2s to the ground

      Half past midnight. The slaughter is done. It's the moment
      filmed by Primocanale (in the judges' papers as Blue sky 1
      and 2) and shown to the people being investigated on July
      30th 2002. At the entrance of the school we see Luperi and
      Caldarozzi with a bag; some meters away there is the head of
      the Genoa DIGOS division, Spartaco Mortola, as well as
      Canterini, Gratteri and Giovanni Murgolo, that was
      representing the prefect Ansoino Andreassi, who stayed
      behind in the Police Headquarters due to his "doubts" on the
      operation. Murgolo from the courtyard talks to him by phone.
      Both the current number 2 of the Sisde (secret service, ndt)
      Andreassi and Bologna vice Murgolo are coming from the same
      school, the Communist Party anti-terrorism squad, while all
      the rest of the people involved comes from a riot police
      suqad background (and De Gennaro). But among all these "fine
      heads" and expert investigators, no one worries about where
      the molotov comes from, that if are not blamed on anyone are
      only propaganda.

      Murgolo anyway tries to get out of the thing in the cleanest
      way, as well as Gratteri and the prefect Arnaldo La Barbera,
      the former head of UCIGOS who died some months ago. They
      manage to setup a very miserable scene though. Gratteri has
      to say feebly: "I would not make that mistake again; I would
      not go again to the diaz school". Far worse are the
      positions of Calderozzi, Luperi and Mortola : the latter is
      the one who carries on the overview of the place and who
      will start the operation, saying that he had learnt from the
      GSF that no-one knew in whose hands the school now was.
      Heavy allegations for Filippo Ferri and Fabio Ciccimarra,
      the two young vicequestore pointed out by Di Bernardini and
      MOrtola as the one who actually wrote the official report
      then signed by 13 people. Ferri, (born in the year 1968) is
      the head of La Spezia mobile squad; Ciccimarra was leading
      the anti-robbery squad in Naples and was the head of the
      police squad accused of the abuses carried on in Raniero
      barracks during the Global forum of March 14th 2001 [in
      Naples]. They both tell that the charges for association
      aimed at committing crimes were decided by them after the
      raid in the Police Headquarters, with all the other head
      officers, charging the responsability of the molotov
      cocktails on all of the 93 persons. The judge and the
      tribunal will reject their report: the arrest won't be
      validated and the investigation will start from there.

      Franco Gratteri's accusation

      Donnini was not at the Diaz school. The "general" is a
      witness, not one of the people investigated. Nonetheless it
      is quite scary the shadow he casts over all the operation,
      and even Gratteri seems to point his suggestion in this
      direction. On July 3rd 2002 he says to the judges: "To
      determine the chaos in the school could have been someone
      from the mobile squad or from other squads, as the episode
      of the simulated knife stabbing could have been used to
      justify the abuses towards some of the people squatting the
      place; I think that the molotov cocktail episode itself
      could have been arranged to justify what happened. I think
      it's important to determine who told Troiani to go to the
      school, insists Gratteri, since it is possible that he got
      involved in the operation with all the others and he tried
      afterwards to cover the facts. Many could have been the
      things carried on by a faction of the police I don't deem
      representative of all the police forces body.". This is the
      line for the heads of the police: it's all Canterini squad
      fault, the slaugter, the fake stabbing, the molotov. And if
      Troiani, even not being part of the same squad, still
      defines himself as one of the squad ("we of the squad", he
      says in a declaration), his head Donnini is the soul, memory
      and current top man of the riot police.

      A reaction to the "stone-throwing"?

      Aside from the stabbing of the policeman Massimo Nucera,
      that will be further investigated from February 18th on, the
      attorney are evaluating the position of the different head
      officiers. Considering the molotov cocktail episode, they
      have to prove that it was actually a planned action, and
      this is rarely easy to prove. Also because the fake evidence
      seems to have been conceived only after the operation, to
      cover the bloodshed.

      On the contrary the search was a planned operation since the
      beginning, drawing on a supposed "stone-throwing" episode
      against one of the mixed squads organized the 21st night by
      Caldarozzi following the order by Andreassi and Gratteri and
      in collaboration with Donnini. No one has spelled out the
      name of a single person who was victim of the
      stone-throwing. Not even Di Bernardini, who wrote a first
      report as if he had been present during the episode and then
      changed his version: "I don't know what to say; I reported
      what I had been told"; no one know who told him so. As if it
      was nothing everybody talks of the search as a "reaction" to
      the "stone-throwing". Even Gratteri says something about
      responding to the "aggression". And from there to
      "retaliation" is a very short step, particularly for that
      "part" of the police force for whom the head of the Sco has
      no love."

      Dan Clore

      Now available: _The Unspeakable and Others_
      All my fiction through 2001 and more. Intro by S.T. Joshi.

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