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Fwd: Friday August 9 at the Pope Squat : Anti-Fascist Info Nite

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  • Mick
    Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 12:07:42 -0400 To: ara@web.net From: Anti-Racist Action - Toronto Subject: Friday August 9 at the Pope Squat :
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      Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 12:07:42 -0400
      To: ara@...
      From: "Anti-Racist Action - Toronto" <ara@...>
      Subject: Friday August 9 at the Pope Squat : Anti-Fascist Info Nite

      After several years of stagnation, Toronto's white supremacist scene is
      making moves again.

      Independent youth are organizing concerts and recruiting drives, and are
      showing their faces downtown. The Heritage Front is attempting to
      reorganize on a cross-Canada basis. In the United States, the National
      Alliance has rallied in several Eastern cities, particularly in Washington

      Come out to a teach-in about North America's fascist movement, and
      strategies for resistance.

      FRIDAY AUGUST 9 7:30PM
      Movies at 9pm, including "Invisible Revolution", a U.S. documentary by
      Beverly Petersen about the youth recruitment into the neo-nazi scene --
      youth resistance.

      At the POPE SQUAT!
      1510 King Street West (just east of Roncesvalles)
      The Pope Squat is a rooming house abandoned two years ago by a landlord
      defaulted on taxes and ignored city work orders, leaving tenants without
      water or heat. Two weeks ago, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
      occupied the building and is demanding that it be converted to social

      * * * * *
      Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) came together and 1992 to expose, oppose and
      confront organized racism and the far-right agenda, through education,
      action and support for broader anti-racist struggles. We are part of the
      ARA Network, active throughout North America and with links to
      youth in South and Central America, Europe and Asia.

      Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)
      P.O. Box 291, Station B
      Toronto ON M5T 2T2

      Fighting tha fash since '92.

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