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Bad Customers: New Boycott Techniques

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  • Dan Clore
    The following was posting in misc.activism.progressive by myguess@Deja.com: Boycott = Masses of Bad Customers A new boycott pressure tactic takes 1/3 fewer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000
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      The following was posting in misc.activism.progressive by

      Boycott = Masses of Bad Customers

      A new boycott pressure tactic takes 1/3 fewer participants
      and is 3 times faster in achieving the political demand.
      This new boycott pressure tactic is: being a bad customer.
      Masses of bad customers.

      Profit = Revenue - Costs.

      A bad customer boycott focuses on raising costs to deny a
      business a profit. A bad customer caters to a business
      while raising cost so high that the business loses money.

      A bad customer consumes time and waste money without making
      a profit for a group.

      A regular boycott denies profit to an organization limited
      to what you normally spend. If you normally spend $200
      annually on a boycotted group, they will lose just $200.
      A bad customer boycott can create limitless losses until a
      group meets the demands.

      Here are some bad habits of masses of bad customers.

      BUY/RETURN on a weekly basis. Return an item at another
      store across the city. Too shy? Have a friend return it!

      bad habit takes the products off the shelf so that other
      customers cannot buy them on sale. This bad habit is really
      annoying during Christmas. Masses of bad customers buy out
      a store in mid-December. All the items are returned after
      Chrismas. Buy everything in a store on Friday afternoon and
      return them on Monday?

      COMPELLED DISCONTINUATION - Masses of bad customers
      buy/return a particular product for a long time. The store
      owner loses money, and he or she discontinue selling the
      product at all. If the boycott target is a service like a
      vacation, make the customer rep do the sales pitch a
      thousand times without a sale. Then the service will be

      AND INFORMATION - Masses of bad customers just browsing
      consume all the time and waste the money of employees by
      asking for customer service and common questions like: What's
      your return policy? What are your store hours? Please give me
      directions to the store. Can you show me how this product
      works? If the group puts up signs answering the questions,
      ignore the signs and ask anyway. Don't you just hate to shop
      in a crowded store? Asking for detailed information is
      especially good while calling on a toll-free 800 number (you
      don't pay, but they do!)

      HIGH EMPLOYEE TURNOVER - While bad customers make the employees
      miserable these workers suddenly encounter better-paying job
      opportunities by chance. It is in human nature to take a
      better-paying job if your current job is lousy. Of course,
      people make an effort to find these employees better-paying
      job opportunities.

      customers can also apply for a job just to consume time and
      waste money. Imagine how much money it takes to review 500
      applications for every job opening! Who knows, you may be such
      a good applicant that the manager showers all the attention on
      you while mistreating an applicant who would have gotten the
      job if you had never applied. If you get the job and have the
      time, take the job! Do the expensive training and quit!

      MOVE MERCHANDISE AROUND - Fill a cart full of merchandise. Leave
      it in the aisle for an employee to waste 1-2 hours putting all
      the merchandise back. Imagine masses of bad customers doing this
      50-100 times a night. Maybe you could also go through the check
      out line, wait until every item is bagged and then realize that
      you forgot your checkbook! Darn! I hate it when that happens!

      RUIN THE INTENDED ATMOSPHERE - A place of business tries to
      create a particular social atmosphere. Bad customers ruin the
      intended atmosphere. They converse in a foreign language. They
      dress in inappropriate clothing (wearing too little, too much or
      geeky clothes). They could be senior citizens always shopping at
      a store targetted at young people. They tell raunchy stories (an
      overheard conversation - "My spouse and I and the neighbor were
      taking a shower together last night ...") They bad mouth the
      store loudly.

      FORMING LONG LINES - Masses of bad customers form long lines
      during rush hour (like lunch or after work). Busy customers will
      walk out of the store to patronize another establishment. These
      bad customers may buy very little. They may just ask a common
      question like: Can you give me directions or what are your store
      hours? They may just buy a cheap cup of coffee with a friend and
      occupy a table for 1-2 hours. They may try on 5-10 clothes without
      buying anything. Pay with pennies or a large bill. A $20 bill for
      a 99 cents purchase sound good.

      WASTE WHAT'S FREE - Toll-free 800 numbers. Call them daily to get
      information. Free brochures and production information. Take a
      handful to give to friends. Request a free catalog for 20 friends.
      Get your friend's address from the phone book (postal regulation -
      catalog mailing list must be 100% real addresses). Mail those
      business reply cards where you don't have to pay the postage; the
      business will pay the postage. What a horribly big telephone bill
      a group would get if masses of bad customers call a toll-free 800
      number! Get on a mailing list, and let the group spend $100/year
      sending you catalogs you recycle immediately.

      30 minutes for a 1 hour meeting and still insist on meeting for 1
      hour (Total time wasted is 1-1/2 hours)

      PRODUCTS CHEAPER OR FREE - Ebay.com sells everything cheaper for
      some reason. No revenue, no business.

      MAKE THEIR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES FREE - Create a way to make their
      business or service free and obsolete.

      BAD MOUTH THEIR BRANDS - Distribute millions of bumper stickers
      that say "THIS COMPANY SUCKS" or "I had a horrible time at ..."

      The art of being a bad customer involves being low-key to avoid
      complaint and using perfectly legitimate customer habits to waste
      all the time and money of a boycotted group. You are an expert bad
      customer if you can do it for months without any complaint from
      the employees (in fact, you are a bad customer guru if the
      employees wait on you hand and foot despite your bad habits!) Keep
      in mind that you are a real customer that the group must provide
      good customer service. You do buy a product. Of course, you will
      also return it because it does not suit your needs. However, that
      is your right as a customer. The customer is royalty!
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