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Re: [smygo] Globalizing Resistance to Corporate Power

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  • Clore Daniel C
    ... and ... David, I started this list to create an alternative source for the things I post on the Usenet groups. I didn t intend it to be a discussion list,
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2000
      David Graeber wrote:

      > Dan, why on earth do you want to waste my time
      > with this? I don't appreciate it. If you want to put up
      > a discussion list and then place people who utterly disagree
      > with the premises or even version of reality of those
      > to whom the group is mainly directed, this is what's going
      > to happen. Me, I want off.


      > Now if I have to deal with the same tedious
      > free-market ideology here as on the net I'm going to
      > have to ask Dan to take me off the list. This shit is
      > tiresome and I have _much_ better things to do with
      > my day. Mr. Fast is obviously a nice guy personally,
      > but for whatever psychological reasons he seems to have
      > decided to become an apologist for brutality - mainly,
      > it would seem, because of a wishful-thinking desire not
      > to have to face up to the ugliness of what really goes on
      > in the world. Whatever the reason, I don't want to know.
      > I am tired of debating with such people. Could this
      > please be the last?

      David, I started this list to create an alternative source for the
      things I post on the Usenet groups. I didn't intend it to be a
      discussion list, though I did approve the first few responses (I have to
      approve all messages for them to be sent). For now I'll ask that
      everyone limit responses to factual issues and things of that sort
      (David's response to the Anarkids post is I think I fairly good
      example). I don't think egroups.com provides a way to set up a separate
      list for discussion, which would be the ideal option. So for now,
      everyone please try to keep responses limited. Some of John Fast's
      responses might have better gone to me by direct e-mail.

      PS: Do however feel free to send news items, communiqués, articles,
      essays, and things of that sort that you think would be of interest to
      those on the list. Also be aware that messages also go to the moderators
      at misc.activism.progressive and may be posted there.

      Dan Clore

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      Dharmakaya ceased; Tgenchang not become; Barnang
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      night of Sun-chan and Yong-grub (Parinishpanna),
      &c., &c.,"
      -- The Book of Dzyan.
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