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    Found this in alt.fan.jello-biafra. It is a transcript of Jello s spoken word piece Wake Up And Smell The Noise , which was on his last spoken word album If
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      Found this in alt.fan.jello-biafra. It is a transcript of Jello's
      spoken word piece "Wake Up And Smell The Noise", which was on his
      last spoken word album "If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will


      This is called "Wake up and Smell the Noise." The corporate lords, their
      loyal opposition, and that vast majority known as "the rest of us" all
      agree on one thing: America has gone to hell. The whole world seems damn
      near ruined. We might have been a great country once, but we sure as hell
      ain't anymore. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. Everyone asks,
      for?" Hospitals close cause there ain't no money. Playgrounds close cause
      there ain't no money. Schools can't teach cause there ain't no money.
      Roads and bridges fall apart cause there ain't no money. People sleeping in
      the street cause there ain't no money. And every time it's the same old
      story, "gotta make due without cause there ain't no money." There ain't
      no money cause we've run out of money. Where did that money go? The money
      ain't gone, it's just been stolen. By the kind of people who already have so
      much money, they can't think of anything better to do than plot and scheme
      ways to make even more money. If that means screwing everyone else, so much
      the better. At least that way someone wins. If you ask me, that kind of
      greed is the most dangerous drug on earth. What really does more damage to
      the earth: drug addiction or wealth addiction? As Noam Chomsky said
      recently, Just open up Fortune magazine, who reports, corporate profits dazzling
      last year, even more splendid this year. Profits will keep
      booming til the end of the century, right? Read down their list of the
      Fortune 500. That's who stole the money. Wake up and smell the noise.
      As the Japanese radical group in the sixties once said, "We are being
      farmed." We thought we'd be so much further along into the dazzling,
      limitless future, like those snazzy ads from the old magazines at the dawn of the
      atomic age, where appliances reigned like magic from heaven as we flew
      through the air in our bubble-topped cars. Bigger, better technology is the
      magic key to more fun, more leisure time, less degrading busy work. Why, with
      more and more work in the hands of technology, we might not have to work
      anymore at all. There will be plenty for everyone and enough time to buy it.
      Instead, the people that stole the money have aimed technology in a
      different direction, investing that stolen money in the development of
      ever-nastier ways and ever-nastier tools for treating the rest of us like
      slaves. Survey after buried survey shows people everywhere are less
      happy, working harder, getting less, more frightened, and less able to
      take care of themselves. 2001: a space odyssey? It's looking more and more
      like a one-way ticket to Rwanda. Wake up and smell the noise.

      The brave new world is a cyber plantation where, thanks to so-called free
      trade, under the NAFTA and GATT treaties and the upcoming MAI, it is now
      officially sealed in writing that global corporations can act as their own
      sovereign nations. Laws don't apply to them anymore, and every human
      being on every country on earth must now compete against each other for
      who will work for the lowest wage. According to Jeremy Rifkin in his book
      "The End of Work", three-quarters of all the jobs in America, that's 90 million
      of 124 million existing jobs, are slowly being made extinct by technology.
      A lot of people who've reviewed that book say Jeremy Rifkin is
      So let's cut that figure in half. Cut it by two-thirds. That's still 30
      million more people unemployed cause of computers, downsizing and the
      NAFTA-GATT swindle. Aren't at least some of them going to be a little
      upset? The Wall Street robber barons are so caught up in their dirty
      little game to suck up and control more and more and more and more money,
      they forgot one thing: who's gonna buy all their snazzy new techno-toys
      when no one has a job anymore? And when meaningful work is gone and there
      ain't no future, and the soon-to-be-former middle class kids are dropping out
      and shoe-gazing, while the poor people who know it and feel it are ready to
      kill, where does Wall Street expect all these people to go? What are we all
      supposed to do? Die? There's no way this can last. There's no way this can
      last. On a lot of smashed horizons, the future is gone, and people are
      already getting desperate enough to do something stupid.

      Oklahoma City's only happened once cause we're damn lucky, that's all. As
      the veneer of democracy fades away, as the world's downsized until it
      explodes, as the shantytowns piled behind the mall become visible, as the
      savages on the other side of the wall break through, and everybody from
      gun-crazy militias to gangsta rappers to community activists to working
      families just struggling to put food on the table all mad at the same
      thing, you'd think there'd be a widespread united opposition, right?
      Instead, America is on the verge of civil war. No. It's already here.
      Unspoken, unacknowledged and mostly, on the surface, bloodless civil war. A class
      war marketed as a race war of sensationalized sound bites and tabloid
      images, where people who used to say "nigger" now get away with saying "welfare
      cheats." Where someone used to say "spic" they can now say "illegal
      immigrants." And it's become downright trendy to bash black single
      mothers, at a time when most teenage mothers in America are white. While
      over half the mothers in a low crime paradise like Sweden are not married.
      It's almost as though the message between the lines here is: we don't want
      their kind to reproduce. I first saw welfare cheat used as the code word for
      nigger when Ku Klux Klan wizard David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana
      and got the Republican nomination. Next I saw it move on over to Jesse
      Helmes's 1990 Senate campaign, where the new nigger word for affirmative action
      was "quotas." "Preferences." From there it spread like a virus, finding its
      way into the venomous fang-dripping mouth of George Bush, followed eagerly
      by Clinton and Gore promising to end welfare as we know it, multiplied by a
      hundred by the "Contract On America" thugs, made respectable by magazine
      cover story hype of white supremacist-funded research, sold in book form as "The
      Bell Curve." And now, Californians egged on by that grumpy little Marine,
      Pete Wilson, once again come out of the closet and reveal themselves as
      Mickey Mouses with a white hood on and vote to ban affirmative action and ready
      themselves to ban bilingual education.

      Sometimes when you look at this, it's very revealing to trace back who's
      been mentally networking with whom. As usual, the real conflict is not
      what they say it is. It's not the left versus the right, but the top
      the bottom, a class war marketed as a race war. That we are being
      manipulated and programmed to fight, to keep us all from turning our most potent
      weapons -- our time, our energy and our souls -- against the real enemy and
      taking back what is rightfully ours. We are living in the new dark ages. Only
      if we let ourselves.

      I repeat, there's no way this can last. It never does. That's the best,
      and most dangerous, part. Throughout history, seemingly invincible
      dictatorial death regimes in Germany, Russia, South Africa,
      Czechoslovakia, Nicaragua, Chile all had one thing in common. They all
      failed. They all collapsed. They all destroyed themselves. The question
      isn't will there be an uprising, but, what form will it take? Will it be
      violent? Will it be peaceful? Will it be humane enough to work? Will people
      fight long and intelligently enough to make it work? Wake up and smell the
      noise. Out of nowhere, when we least expect it, the piƱata is finally smashed
      to bits and out of its guts sprays all that power that's held us down for
      so long. What happens when that door does open? Will we all be too scared
      to go in? Will we all sit on our butts and wait for somebody else to do the
      work for us, until something more horrible
      than what we've got now beats us to it? Newt Gingrich, eyes gouged out,
      hanging from a tree, corpse pelted with rocks and bottles. The crowd
      dances with glee. But in the long run what will that solve in daily life
      for you and me? Most important of all is after the fall. That's when we
      must be ready. Who would have guessed that the white apartheid regime in
      South Africa would go as relatively peacefully as they did, and all hell didn't
      break loose right afterwards? Someone was ready. Who would have guessed
      that a playwright, best known for being thrown in jail for his beliefs, would
      wind up becoming president of Czechoslovakia? A brutal communist
      dictatorship replaced by an elected Parliament with rock musicians in it. And
      filmmakers, actors, and long-time front line anti-government activists. Someone was
      ready. Like any government, the Czech Republic turned out far from
      perfect, but what's now called the Velvet Revolution is still, to me, inspiring.
      It took a painfully long time, but in the long run, all the Russian tanks in
      Prague couldn't stop the will of the people, so fed up with being screwed,
      they brought 'em down by word of mouth.

      Ever thought about what you would do if that went down here? Really
      thought about what would I do if I suddenly found myself in the position
      to start taking the bull by the horns and fixing what was wrong? What would
      I do if I found myself in charge cause the pigs in charge weren't there
      anymore? Where would I wanna be? What would I wanna do first? What would I
      wanna do second if I was in charge? Would I just wanna kick butt? It's easy
      to stop and complain about what's wrong, but how would you make it right? We
      go on and on about the big takeover. What will you do if you do take over?
      Is my American-size ego run amok yet again, when I ask myself, from time
      to time, what I would do if I was in the President's shoes right now? Not
      necessarily. Today's mind expansion can be tomorrow's key to survival, if not
      salvation. To think for ourself, what would I do if I was mayor of this
      town right now? What would I do if I had the power to clean up a violent,
      corrupt police department? What would I do if I was in the place of the boss I
      hate so much at work? Or school board? School teacher? Doctor, lawyer,
      union representative, machinist, farmer, mother, father, idea man in some
      situation I hear about right now.
      If I put myself in their place what would I do? What am I good at? What
      can I do best? What would I most wanna do that's different from the rest?
      What hole can I fill with what I know how to do? It's an ongoing thing
      that takes years of bouncing stuff like this around in your head when you
      feel like it, putting it back on the shelf when you don't, just so long as
      you use it. Develop it. Keep getting better at it. Cause like in any
      contact sport, in crisis-mode brain wrestling, practice makes perfect.
      The more I delve into this myself, the more I know how much I don't know. And
      that's half the fun. If someone does have to step in from the
      anti-government community, I hope to hell it ain't me. But it never hurts to start
      gettin' ready. Just in case it is you. Which would you rather burn: a flag or
      a bank? It's not that easy!

      We're all gonna need each other, if we do have to run things someday. No
      problem that affects a lot of people is simple to solve. Not everyone who
      feels the same pain agrees on where it comes from or what to do about it.
      There's always someone who wants to change it all back, afraid of the
      cause they're just trying to survive. Most people don't hate the rich
      people screwin' 'em, half as much as they wish they were one of them. How
      do you reach them?

      Some things change slowly, some things never do, and as I've said before,
      nothing's ever going to change until we who want the change understand why
      different kinds of people want what they want and think the way they do.
      When they wake up and smell the noise but hear it differently, do we hear
      them too? There's nothing cops and corporations love more than to sit
      and watch us turn off everyone we think we're trying to help by splitting
      into nitpicky, backbiting, power-hungry factions and tearing each other
      apart. "I wanna be leader." "No, I wanna be leader." "No, I wanna be
      leader." "No, I wanna be leader." Bla, bla, backstab, backstab. If you
      don't agree with me on everything than you must be against me. That's
      poison. Anyone who's not a vegetarian is automatically evil. All hip-hop
      is bad because some gangstas are sexist. If you don't believe every word
      the Bible, you're a devil
      worshipper. If you're not gay, you must be homophobic. Look at me wrong,
      you're racist. Criticize Israel, oh, you hate Jews. Wear lipstick, you
      can't be a feminist. Divide, divide, divide. Let the powerful few keep
      quarreling majority from sharing in what is rightfully everyone's. And
      speaking of divide, most pathetic of all: "The only important thing in
      whole world is the punk rock scene." And you're a sell-out traitor to the
      whole punk rock scene if you so much as disagree with me in any way,
      to music I don't like, dress funny, dress normal, laugh without
      or even so much as speak to any artist who made a dime off their years of
      hard work, without at least beating them up first. Wake up and smell the
      noise. In these days we can't afford to get caught up in blind
      fundamentalism of any kind. There's too many different kinds of people in
      this world, in this country, in this building, to hide behind one-issue
      isolationist chickenshit anymore.

      Here we are in the richest country in the world and it's getting as
      now as it was in the Great Depression of the 1930's. It rips me up inside
      seeing broken men and women on street corners in the rain, holding up
      saying, "Homeless: Will work for food." Hard as it may be for some
      crybabies to believe, people in that situation couldn't care less if Green
      Day and The Offspring sold out when they signed to major labels. Other
      things and other truths are more important. The cutthroats that run
      cheat and kill to get where they are. We got nothing but our hearts, our
      souls, and our energy. But look what that's done, as a simple spark
      starting fires throughout history all over the world. Even in America.
      stopped the Vietnam War. We got rid of
      the first Nixon. The whole Berkeley free speech movement wasn't planned,
      just happened. When the cops were trying to drag a protester away from
      campus in a police car, first one protester stood in front of the car,
      Chinese style, then another one, then another, then by the dozen, then by
      the hundreds they surrounded that cop car and wouldn't let it leave for 32
      hours. That got on TV and the whole world was watching, and a movement,
      two, was born. Half a million people block a dam in India. A dam gets
      canceled in Tasmania because the people just wouldn't stop chaining
      themselves to construction equipment. March 25th, 1995, 10,000 people
      walked outta school and marched on city hall in New York City. Not just
      students, but teachers and principals and parents, all
      united against Republican budget cuts. No surprise that got blacked out
      the national news. Education benefits slashed by right-wingers in Italy,
      even five year old kids walked out on strike. Schools and universities in
      Rome stayed virtually empty until budget cuts were restored. When the
      French government tried American-style budget cuts, the workers didn't sit
      there and grumble about it like a bunch of Americans. They went on strike
      and shut the whole country down for a month. And, in Mexico, kidnapping
      millionaires has become what the business world likes to refer to as "a
      growth industry." One more thing the corporate media doesn't dare tell
      is that a few thousand rebels, if that, in Chiapas in Mexico, have
      such a nationwide outpouring of rage that people by the thousands are
      demonstrating against the government, inequality and corruption somewhere
      Mexico every damn day. Will Mexico dare allow its people genuine,
      change? Will the people there be ready, or will it be the other kind?
      up and smell the noise. The unified, wealthy, powerful few are only as
      strong as their weakest link. A well thought-out surgical strike is all
      can take to cut off the tail that's wagging the dog. Then it will be our
      turn to deal with the dog. Or, should I say, porcupine. If we each
      grab a quill, we'll be strong enough to drive. No more lifetimes
      for death. No more "give me lithium or give me meth". No more "can't fix
      nothing cause everything's ruined already. Why try?" No more being a
      spectator in our own lives. Even thinking about this stuff can't help but
      make you smarter, help break out of "no I can't" to "yes I can" to "now I
      must." We're not equal til we're equal. We're not free until we're free.
      I'd rather work for something I want and not get it than work or vote for
      something I don't want and get it. And what we got now, I repeat, there's
      no way this can last. Wake up and smell the noise. Corporate
      is headed for a train wreck. And that train
      wreck will happen in our lifetime. Not right away, but in our lifetime,
      if we aren't ready to cut the crap, and know how to work with each other,
      zero in and focus on what's really important, and have an idea of what we
      each have got to do to be ready to do it right, we will get fooled again.

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