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Rise of Egypt's Young Anarchists Inevitable

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  • Dan Clore
    News & Views for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo [Chinese story on Egyptian Black Bloc.] http://www.mysinchew.com/node/83037?tid=37
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2013
      News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

      [Chinese story on Egyptian Black Bloc.]

      Rise of Egypt's young anarchists inevitable: analysts
      Middle East/N Africa turmoil
      2013-02-17 11:35
      By Marwa Yahia

      CAIRO, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- The emergence of youth violent groups, and
      possibly their rising frequency on camera, are likely to create more
      social troubles and further hinder Egypt's way back to stability,
      analysts said.

      The Black Bloc, a new anarchist group, along with other undeclared
      Egypt's youth groups, are getting addicted to vandalism to express their
      opinions, press the government to respond to their demands, while
      claiming that they are protecting protesters against the Muslim
      Brotherhood (MB) and security forces' oppressing practices.

      "Violence VS violence," the Black Bloc wrote on its Facebook page. The
      group made its first appearance in the second anniversary of the Jan.
      25, 2011 "revolution," by setting ablaze four buses belonging to the MB
      near the iconic Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo.

      Masked and dressed in black from head to toe, members of the bloc resort
      to the "blackism" ideology based on chaotic and anarchic actions, said
      Samir Ghatas, chief of Cairo-based Maqdes Centre for Political Studies.

      As the expert puts it, two main reasons contribute to their emergence:
      first of all, the blurry political prospect in Egypt makes merely
      demonstrations unable to meet citizens' aspirations. "Violence is the
      key for youth who believed using peaceful political methods to make
      political change is no longer working," he said.

      The second factor is the security forces' violent acts against the
      political activists, either by assassination or torture -- as some
      people claimed, as well as the involvement of the civil MB members with
      the security forces during harsh investigations with protesters, said

      On their Twitter page, the Black Bloc claimed responsibility for setting
      fire to police stations in Alexandria and Gharbiya governances and
      destroying the front walls of the security building in Beheira during
      "Checkmate" Friday, stating that they would target the presidential
      palace at Hada'eq al-Qubba in Cairo in different marches on Saturday

      For the anarchic acts, officials and state media depict them as
      conspiratorial saboteurs, but the opposition holds that the authorities
      are using the group as a scapegoat to justify a crackdown.

      "Black Bloc or Ultras or other existed undeclared groups are not seeking
      political fruits, they are rejecting all state institutions, demanding
      revenge for their fellows and fight against fascist tyrants, the MB and
      their military wing," Ghatas said.

      They even oppose the opposition Front for signing the "Azhar document"
      which bans protesters from using violence, a tactic they claimed very
      basic in face of aggressive security acts.

      The Black Bloc appeared to "defend" the protesters and " continue the
      revolution," describing themselves as "armour and sword" of the
      revolters, according to their statement. They also said that Sharia
      "Islamic rules" which the MB and the Salafists have asked to strictly
      apply, is a method for organizing life and spread freedom.

      As for Mamdouh Attyah, a strategic expert, the youth groups are not
      merely "groups or pages on the internet," they are resisting the
      administration by resorting to violence to "protect the citizens'
      rights" in reality.

      Attyah said although its members are enjoying enthusiastic youth soul,
      they lack the weapons and funding that might help in building groups
      with organizational structure or militias.

      He went on to attribute the shaping of such youth "pressures groups" to
      the tense political conditions, the lack of trust, and poor employment.

      "Those groups are dangerous because their actions, numbers, tactics are
      not predicted," Attyah warned.

      "The evolution of youth groups has become inevitable," Sameh Seif Al
      Yazal, a strategic and security expert said.

      Such groups are aspired by those who had lost their confidence both in
      the rulers of the country and the opposition movement who pursues solely
      individual benefits, he said, adding "These groups, whether Black Bloc
      or Ultras, are hard to be underestimated as one of the most important
      factors for the political work in Egypt."

      Dan Clore

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      News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

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