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Worldwide Declaration in Support of Zapatistas

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  • Dan Clore
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      News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

      Dozens of indigenous Chiapans flee from paramilitary aggression
      Posted by Jessica Davies - September 27, 2012 at 4:03 am
      Dozens of indigenous Chiapans flee from paramilitary aggression

      ** The situation in La Dignidad autonomous municipality is grave: Frayba

      ** The firing of shots forced EZLN supporters to take refuge in other

      Hermann Bellinghausen

      Around one hundred indigenous support bases of the Zapatista Army of
      National Liberation (EZLN) from Comandante Abel and Unión Hidalgo
      communities, La Dignidad autonomous municipality, in Chiapas, are taking
      refuge in other communities. The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human
      Rights Center (Frayba) considers the situation “grave.”

      As the Good Government Junta (JBG) of Roberto Barrios denounced last
      September 8, 73 people from Comandante Abel were displaced by shots from
      a paramilitary group, linked to what is known as Desarrollo, Paz y
      Justicia (Development, Peace and Justice), and with the PRI. From
      September 6 to 19, the number of aggressors rose from 55 to 150, and
      they have constructed a camp 500 metres from the community. Other
      Zapatista families have had to abandon Unión Hidalgo, in Sabanilla.

      An observation brigade formed by Other Campaign civil organisations and
      collectives visited the zone to meet with the displaced, and released a
      comprehensive report. It was able to verify several bullet impact holes
      in the autonomous school and the cooperative stores, “as well as the
      digging of foundation trenches 200 metres from the village.” According
      to the refugees, they have identified AR-15 weapons. During the night,
      the entrenched aggressors pointed their weapons at them.

      Two days before starting their attacks, the paramilitaries met in San
      Patricio with the officials Eduardo Montoya, Maximiliano Narváez and Noé
      Castañón León, the latter being the (state) Interior Minister, and
      agents from Public Security, the report says. Armed individuals in
      military clothing arrived afterwards. Less that 30 residents remain in
      the community. Half of the 147 hectares of the village are “occupied” by
      the invaders. Some women escaped towards the river. “The children went
      into the woods and mountains without knowing where they were going. The
      shots came from very close by, buzzing above us, touching the wall of
      the house,” the women said. One explained: “I was serving customers in
      the shop; suddenly shots were let loose and the compañeras scattered. We
      went three days without eating or drinking.” Another relates: “the
      compañeras hid under rocks and trees; we had two compañeras disappeared.
      They appeared three days later in San Marcos.”

      Since September 16, the state Public Security has had a control (post)
      at the entrance, which seems to be for protecting the invaders. On
      September 18, the police fired shots.

      The paramilitaries have occupied the autonomous health clinic (casa de
      salud). “They want to evict the support bases; many cornfields have been
      invaded. Animals and pastures are being laid waste, the paramilitaries
      cut the wire fences, and destroy the crops.” They place responsibility
      on the government: “It is their policy of war and attrition to make us
      surrender. We will not stop our struggle and we are not going to give up.”

      In San Marcos autonomous community, the observers found those displaced
      from Comandante Abel in “precarious conditions.” Four women are pregnant
      and there is a “fear of spontaneous abortions.” One of the women who
      went missing after the attack says: “they chased us with bullets, and
      when we arrived in this place we were already sick. We did not follow
      the path, but went through the canyon. I felt like there was a jaguar
      after me, I was lost and terrified, I felt as if I was no longer in the
      world.” Now the health promoters and midwives of San Marcos are looking
      after them.

      In Zaquitel Ojo de Agua, there are another twelve people, displaced from
      Unión Hidalgo, where some young people remain to care for the chickens,
      pigs and turkeys, without being able to leave. They are threatened by
      members of the PRI, who hide to shoot at them. Through a loudspeaker the
      paramilitaries are announcing, “day and night, that they are going to
      ‘eat’ us, because we are outlaws, we are beyond the reach of justice and
      the law,” they say. “If the paramilitaries do not succeed in taking over
      Comandante Abel community, they say that they are going to massacre us.”
      Members of the Junta declared in their turn: “the government buys
      people, and then persuades them to take our land.”


      Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

      Wednesday, September 26, 2012

      En español: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2012/09/26/politica/023n1pol


      Posted by Jessica Davies - September 27, 2012 at 3:49 am

      “Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas”


      In a recent statement the world-renowned writer, linguist, and political
      commentator, Noam Chomsky, issues his public support for the campaign
      “Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas.” The campaign, which has
      rapidly spread throughout cities and communities around the globe, seeks
      to mobilize support and solidarity for the Zapatista support bases of
      the Comandante Abel, Unión Hidalgo, San Marcos Avilés and Moisés Gandhi
      communities currently suffering severe aggression at the hands of local,
      government-backed attack groups - and the Zapatista political prisoner,
      Francisco Sántiz López, who has remained unjustly imprisoned since
      December 2011 under false charges. These attacks stem from the current
      wave of government repression against the Zapatista movement, which
      encompasses thousands of indigenous communities in resistance throughout
      the Mexican state of Chiapas. As Chomsky writes:

      “It is very disturbing to learn of the attacks underway, and planned,
      against the Autonomous Zapatista Community of San Marcos Avilés and in
      particular against the Zapatista political prisoner Francisco Sántiz
      López. I would like to join in support of the campaign “Worldwide Echo
      in Support of the Zapatistas,” and of all of those who are standing up
      courageously to oppose the repression, and who are calling for justice
      and freedom for the endangered communities and individuals subjected to
      persecution and serious threats.”

      To find out how to support the “Worldwide Echo” campaign, and for the
      latest on the situation:

      1. Write to

      2. Visit the San Worldwide Echo Campaign website at

      3. Watch the video-message from the Zapatistas of San Marcos Avilés:


      Worldwide Declaration in support of the Zapatistas
      Posted by Jessica Davies - September 27, 2012 at 12:46 pm



      From Truth to Action, Stopping the Repression

      October 12th until November 17th

      To our sisters and brothers of Comandante Abel:

      To our sisters and brothers of Unión Hidalgo:

      To our sisters and brothers of Moisés Gandhi:

      To our sisters and brothers of San Marcos Avilés:

      To our sisters and brothers, the family members and allies of Francisco
      Sántiz López:

      To our Zapatista sisters and brothers:

      To the Committees of the True Word in Mexico and the World:

      To our compañer@s of The Other Campaign:

      To our compañer@s of the Zezta Internazional:

      To our compañer@s, adherents to the International Campaign in Defense of
      El Barrio and all our allies from around the world:

      To Civil Society in Mexico and in the world:

      The following is an urgent call to action from Movement for Justice in
      El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, to carry out the:

      Second Phase:

      From Truth to Action, Stopping the Repression

      “Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas”

      Sisters and brothers:

      To all our compañer@s, we send warm greetings and embraces on behalf of
      Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York.

      In response to the global demand for justice incited by the recent
      attacks on the Zapatista Support Base Communities (BAZ) carried out by
      the bad government and its armed death packs, it is with anguished and
      troubled hearts that we write these words, which are for your immediate

      The most recent acts of repression against the Zapatista Support Base
      communities of Comandante Abel, Unión Hidalgo, and Moisés Gandhi, in
      addition to the ongoing terror and threats of displacement endured by
      the San Marcos Avilés community, have been alarmingly violent. As a
      direct consequence of the invasions and violence of the attack groups
      “Peace and Justice” and the Regional Coffee Growers Organization of
      Ocosingo (Orcao), which operate in paramilitary fashion and as coyotes
      of the bad government, there are displaced BAZ populations, destruction
      and theft of food and personal belongings, and profound suffering.

      As such, our compas from the Juntas de Buen Gobierno (Good Government
      Councils) and the affected communities have issued numerous
      denouncements and have urgently called for the mobilization of global
      solidarity actions targeting all levels of the bad government of Mexico.

      In light of this, and given the continued threat of forced displacement
      hanging over San Marcos Avilés, it is incumbent upon us to add and bring
      together all of our hands and voices to prevent another act of
      aggression from happening against our compas from San Marcos Avilés.

      If those from above believe that they can continue waging their violent
      war against our Zapatista sisters and brothers without repercussions,
      they are deeply mistaken. This time around, the dignified peoples of the
      world will have their say.

      Before the growing global demand for justice and an end to the current
      and possible attacks, and in order to expand the reach of the ongoing
      activities taking place as part of the current First Phase of our
      Campaign: “Walking the True Word”, which will continue until October 11,
      we are writing to you to propose that we join forces once more to carry
      out the Second Phase: “From Truth to Action, Stopping the Repression.”
      This new phase will be different from the current first one – which aims
      to raise awareness in our communities about the dire situation that our
      Zapatista compas of Comandante Abel, Unión Hidalgo, San Marcos Avilés,
      and Moisés Gandhi, and the Zapatista political prisoner, Francisco
      Sántiz López, are facing – in that it will be a period of direct action
      and protest from October 12 to November 17. As you will understand,
      these dates were chosen for their great significance in the history of
      indigenous struggles throughout the world: the Day of Indigenous
      Resistance and the anniversary of the Birth of the Zapatista Army of
      National Liberation (EZLN).

      If you would like to join our efforts and accept our proposal, please
      let us know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to:


      For further background and to keep up-to-date with the phases and
      developments in this campaign, we invite everyone to read the first call
      to action, released on July 25, which is available here:




      First and foremost, we would like to thank all the people who are
      continuing to give light and life to this worldwide campaign, which for
      over a month now we have been creating and shaping together. Thank you
      for sharing this path with us and for continuing to walk alongside us.

      Since its beginning at the end of July, when the first call to action
      was released, the “Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas”
      International Campaign has been a meeting point for thousands of people
      of good heart who have responded to the call of the Zapatistas for
      support and solidarity.

      In addition, in many countries, solidarity cells called “Committees of
      the True Word” have been organized around this meeting point, and are
      continuing to build support networks and raise public awareness about
      the repression currently being faced by the Zapatista communities and
      the Zapatista political prisoner Sántiz López.

      More of these “Committees” continue to be set up every day, as more
      groups and people of good conscience join the campaign.

      Together, we have all started the work of, to borrow a phrase from the
      wise Old Antonio, “walking the true word”, by organizing in our
      respective communities, ejidos, towns, neighborhoods, and countries to
      sow the words of San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López like seeds
      which will grow, in their turn, into a struggle to support them.

      More and more people are finding each other every day, seeking and
      meeting in the darkness and obscurity of lies and indifference which
      those from above have constructed in order to keep us divided. Fumbling
      in the dark, we continue to meet each other, and searching, day after
      day, for a way to break through into the light. As our ancestors say,
      our collective words contain the essence of life on this planet: memory
      – and, once spoken and shared, our words become fire.

      We remember that this darkness was both born in and gave rise to, that
      time the EZLN describe as “the long night of those 500 years.” While the
      political, economic, cultural, and social systems of those from above
      continue to move our lives and Mother Earth closer towards total
      extinction, the resistances of those from below continue to build other
      exits to escape this obscurity.

      To prevent us from joining hands and rising from this darkness, those
      from above have committed to douse out all the lights radiating from
      dignified people. This is why they are deploying their strategies of
      violence and destruction, and are attacking, imprisoning, repressing,
      assaulting, violating, robbing, silencing, and lying to us.

      This is also why those from above, those who have created this long
      night, have chosen as their main target the indigenous peoples of the
      world, who have made such significant contributions to the struggle
      against the darkness.

      Faced with this threat of planetary extinction, we must mobilize
      urgently to defend each and every light that illuminates our path
      towards the construction of another possible world. And as the True Word
      was and is the first form of light, it is vital that we defend those
      words which Old Antonio tells us were the first three in every language:
      “democracy, freedom, justice.”

      It is no coincidence that these three words cannot be found in the
      governments, jails, schools, mass media, or the other institutions
      serving the privileges of those from above. Nor is it a coincidence that
      these same three words are alive, in many different ways, among the
      dignified people from below, especially the indigenous people of Mexico
      and the world. While those from above continue to attack and destroy
      these lights, we will continue to defend and create more lights, more
      solutions, more worlds.

      Even though those from above are using the lies which give the night its
      darkness to keep us divided, in our hearts we carry that which makes the
      light shine…This is called truth.

      In order to actively support the defense of the light that shines from
      the Zapatistas, an exemplary indigenous movement, whose struggle has
      always been for and with both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples
      alike, we call on and invite everyone once again to join this campaign,
      and to carry out its second phase, which will consist of a month of
      strategic and direct actions.

      Beginning on October 12, the Day of Indigenous Resistance, and lasting
      until November 17, the Anniversary of the Birth of the EZLN, we invite
      everyone to organize actions – according to our own ways and abilities –
      in our respective communities and countries during this period, so as to
      echo the call of the indigenous Zapatista communities of Comandante
      Abel, Unión Hidalgo, San Marcos Avilés, and Moisés Gandhi, and the
      indigenous Zapatista political prisoner Francisco Sántiz López.

      During these days of action, compas, let us unite, honor, remember, and
      support all the Zapatista communities and in particular, the following
      ones, as they are presently under siege:

      · Comandante Abel: Beginning on September 6th and 7th, and until the
      present, the paramilitary group “Peace and Justice” has carried out an
      armed invasion into Zapatista territory in the Comandante Abel ejido
      (BAZ). As a result, the entire community was violently displaced and
      several people were missing for some time while they sought refuge from
      the violence. Many remain severely ill. The Zapatistas' land remains
      occupied by the aggressors, who are currently constructing their own
      houses as a way to perpetuate the occupation.

      · Unión Hidalgo: Similarly, this Zapatista community was displaced by
      the violent aggressions of “Peace and Justice.” With the use of
      firearms, the aggressors have managed to occupy and expand their
      invasion throughout a significant section of the community. The
      situation is made worse because many compas are ill.

      · Moisés Gandhi: Throughout the month of August, the Zapatista Support
      Base members of this community have suffered violent attacks and threats
      of forced displacement by the group of “coyotes” called the Regional
      Coffee Growers Organization of Ocosingo (Orcao).

      · As our compas from San Marcos Avilés detail in their video-message,
      available below, they have lived in a constant nightmare at the hands of
      a local attack group, with backing from political party members, for
      having opened their own autonomous school “Emiliano Zapata” in 2010.
      From forced displacement to sexual assault, these compas have suffered
      numerous forms of violence and repression solely for wanting to live
      with dignity and freedom as indigenous peoples.

      Their video-message, which has already had over 30,000 views, can be
      viewed here:


      At the same time, our compañero Francisco Sántiz López, a Zapatisa
      Support Base member and indigenous Tzeltal, has been imprisoned since
      December 2011 for crimes that he did not commit. His only offense, as
      has been stated over and over again, is that of being a Zapatista
      Support Base member. For this reason, he is being held as a hostage of
      the Mexican State.

      For more background, please consult the video-message from the
      Zapatistas about Francisco Sántiz López here:


      For those who wish to learn more about the background and progress of
      this campaign, we invite you to visit the San Marcos Avilés website,
      which also features information on Comandante Abel, here:


      We hope that the videos and website continue to be useful tools in this
      struggle, which is already spoken in 10 languages and is seen in dozens
      of countries the world over. Hopefully it will continue to grow,
      reaching new places and peoples.

      In closing, if you accept this proposal and will participate in the
      Second Phase, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible by
      sending an email to:


      From our brown and dignified hearts, from this Barrio of migrants, we
      send you our warmest greetings and embraces.




      With love and solidarity,

      Movement for Justice in Barrio

      The Other Campaign New York


      Dan Clore

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