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You call this a debate?

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  • Steve M
    Saturday, September 29, 2012 Debate? What debate? Wow! Are you fired up about the Obama v. Romney debate? Yeah baby! Obama is going to give Romney a body
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2012
      Saturday, September 29, 2012

      Debate? What debate?

      Wow! Are you fired up about the Obama v. Romney debate?
      Yeah baby! Obama is going to give Romney a body slam!

      UhÂ…not really. What will take place at the University of
      Denver will be so punctilious that there will be a massive soporific
      reaction. Over the years, presidential debates have been so altered and
      fine-tuned that you have to ask yourself, "why bother to show up at
      all?" These events are over-regulated and tightly regimented. Why
      don't they just use pre-recorded answers? The American people
      deserve to be treated like brainless voters! They'll sit on their
      collective ass, slack-jawed, and make inane remarks like, "I like
      Mitt's tie."

      Every 4 years, we get these so-called presidential debates. They are
      corporate- directed and usually held in a hall or auditorium at some
      college so they appear to have some scholarly virtue. These debates
      should be held at some oil company's conference room, or maybe at
      Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles! That would be more honest.

      Candidates' debates used to be slightly better when The
      League of Women Voters conducted them. But the campaign managers made
      demands, and more demands, until a debate became nothing but two rival
      candidates standing next to one another. The panel usually consists of
      writers who are at the end of their careers. Some are (sic) news
      reporters who spent almost their entire careers reading teleprompters.
      They are seated behind a desk, asking pre-scripted questions that both
      candidates previously agreed upon. Each candidate already knows what
      the other will say during his/her rebuttal time. This is not a debate,
      it's an info-mercial! Hundreds, if not thousands of people have
      made the same compliant as I! Does anything change? Hell, no!

      I wish Obama had resigned from the Democratic Party to be an
      independent, like George Washington did. The Dems treat politics like a
      Broadway play and professional sports. Politics is all about
      entertainment. Do you really believe that!? When you hear a
      four-year-old voice say, "Mommy, I'm hungry," do you think
      politics is about winners and losers? You see your husband past out
      drunk on your couch.

      What the U.S. Americans want to see is a panel of
      presidential candidates from different political parties, standing
      behind podiums defending their parties' agenda. I am so fucking
      sick of the excuse that these so-called third parties do not have a
      certain percentage of registered voters to deserve a seat at the table!
      The only thing Democrats and Republicans ever agreed on was is to keep
      third parties off of the ballots! Now, that's bipartisanship! The
      two-party system consists of cowards who are afraid of third parties!

      A real debate is an atmosphere of invectiveness, not a tea
      party for well-dressed gentlemen! We are not British dignitaries! I
      want to see Obama call Romney names and accuse him of being an asshole!
      Which he is! I want to see yelling and rudeness! I want to hear one
      candidate interrupt the other in mid sentence! I want to hear Romney
      yell out, "Let me finish! Let me finish! You had your turn! Let
      me have mine!" I want to hear the candidate from the Green Party
      call Obama a corporate Uncle Tom! I love to hear the Constitution Party
      candidate call Romney an anti-American Mormon, while Romney gives him a
      copy of the Watchtower! I would really love to hear the candidate from
      the Communist Party USA denounce both candidates as being agents of the
      ruling class!

      And, "So," you ask, "What would this
      accomplish?" A great deal more than what you will be witnessing
      this Wednesday!

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