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Republicans, who needs them?

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  • Steve M
    Print - Close Window Subject: [Enronscam] Is it time to put the republican Party to sleep? 8/30/2012 G.O.P. on Life Support Machines! Watching
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2012
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      Subject: [Enronscam] Is it time to put the republican Party to sleep?

      8/30/2012 G.O.P. on Life Support Machines! Watching the
      GOP convention is kind of sad. Listening to one paean after another,
      rally for Free Enterprise was a lot like hearing testimony from members
      of the Amway Corporation. This was what the new wave band, Devo, was
      satirizing in the 70's: pure evidence of devolution in the USA. All
      of the speakers' igneous rhetoric fell flat on its ass, coming from
      the podium. This begs the question: If the Republican Party is so
      individualistic, then why do its members resemble robots in Halloween
      costumes? Individualism does mean collective stupidity. Sorry! Plus,
      repeating talking points is extremely collective! Now,
      here's another analogy! No—make that two analogies. The first:
      The Republican Party is like an abandoned building, where various
      squatters have taken over. In one room, you have your Protestant
      fundamentalist Christian crackpots. In another, your
      Libertarian/Conservative dingbats. In the penthouse, you have your rich
      corporations. In the basement, old Militia members, Neo-Nazis,
      skinheads, Patriots, and Nationalists! Sleeping in the garage are a
      few Tea Party members. So who really owns the building? Nobody really
      knows! The second: The Republican Party is Terri Schiavo.
      The party has been dead since 2007. Political schism has taken hold of
      the corpse. Can the oil companies save the decaying party? Year after
      year, the party has been on life support machines. The party would
      benefit from the Affordable Heath Care Act, referred to in Right wing
      circles as "Obama Care." If they rely on free market medicine,
      then they will spend billions upon billions of dollars, just to keep
      those machines working. Any logical human being would employ political
      Euthanasia. "Calling Jack Kevorkian! Calling Dr. Kevorkian! You
      are needed in Washington!" Is this party worth saving?
      So whom can we blame for this factionalism? Is it a Communist plot out
      of Red China? No! It was started by the Neo-cons during the Bush
      administration. The definition of "Conservative" has gotten more
      convoluted over the years. All of its different ideologies clash with
      one another. Ayn Rand's beliefs contradict with those of
      Christianity. Not only did she advocate "Godless Capitalism,"
      she was pro-abortion! Plus, she was opposed to sacrifice! The GOP
      worships soldiers sacrificing their lives for the Republic! They have a
      military fetish, plus they love U.S. imperialism! So, what
      happens when you mix Nationalism, Libertarianism, Christianity and
      Capitalism? Answer: You get political vomit! In order for the GOP to
      survive, they need to find an ideology and stick to it!
      When the Republican Party finally dies, the two-party system will not
      die! Another right wing party will take its place! What party will it
      be? It might be the Libertarian Party—they have been in a coma
      since 1972. Maybe this is their time? How about the Constitution Party?
      Nah—they are too John Bitchy for the general public. The American
      Independent could make a come back—they love that "States
      Rights" crap! Will somebody pull the plug on the
      Republic Party? Let them die in dignity!

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